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Buy IHG Points - 80% More and 10% Off Promo

When To Buy

IHG Points are on sale. Earn 80% more and a 10% discount when buying IHG Points this holiday season. Get the details on when to buy IHG Points.

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IHG Rewards Club members can currently buy points and get 80% more along with a 10% discount until December 30, 2019. This allows you to purchase IHG points for as cheap as 0.55 cents per point.

In order to get the 80% bonus points and 10% discounted price, you will need to buy at least 3,000 IHG Points. For the best rate of 0.5 cents per point, you will need to buy at least 26,000 points.

Buy IHG Points Promo
80% More + 10% Discount
Points Purchased Cost Per Point In Cents
1,000-2,000 1.35¢
3,000-10,000 0.675¢
11,000-25,000 0.575¢
26,000-100,000 0.5¢

You can purchase up to a maximum of 100,000 IHG Points for $900 which will earn you a bonus 80,000 IHG Points. For those who frequently stay at IHG properties, this can be a solid deal and actually save you money when booking hotel nights.

Expensive IHG Properties

If you plan on staying at any expensive IHG properties in the near future, I recommend checking to see how much the property costs in points. IHG's most expensive properties usually fall under the InterContinental brand and costs around 70,000 points per night.

IHG Bora Bora Points

Purchasing points can save you quite a few dollars depending on the price of the hotel. IHG's popular InterContinental Le Moana Bora Bora will cost you either 70,000 points per night or around an average of $450 per night (depending on the season).

IHG Bora Bora Cash

In this case, you could buy 39,000 IHG Points for $351. This would give you 31,200 bonus points for a total of 70,200 IHG Points and save you almost $100 per night!

Buy 39000 IHG Points

If you wanted another discounted night, you could buy 78,000 IHG Points for $702 and receive a total of 140,400 after the bonus. This would net you around $200 in savings.

4th Night Free Benefit

Another way to take advantage of buying IHG Points is by partaking in their 4th night free benefit. This benefit allows you to book a four night award stay for the price of three nights and is available to those who hold either the IHG Premier or IHG Traveler.

Let's look at the first two hotels that pops up for a search in Columbus, Ohio. With respect to the 4th night free benefit, the Holiday Inn Columbus Dwtn-Capitol Square would cost you a total of 60,000 IHG Points and the Crowne Plaza Columbus Downtown would cost 90,000 points.

Columbus hotels point cost
Cost of each hotel per night in points.

In terms of cash (after taxes), a 4-night stay will run you $577.10 at Holiday Inn Columbus Dwtn-Capitol Square and $821.56 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus Downtown.

Columbus hotels point cost
Cost per night for Capitol Square before fees/taxes.

For the Holiday Inn Columbus Dwtn-Capitol Square, you can get 60,000 points through this promotion for $306 which would save you $271. This is done by purchasing 34,000 points and earning 27,200 bonus points are part of the 80% promo.

For the Crowne Plaza Columbus Downtown, you can purchase 90,000 points for a total of $500 and save $321. This is done by purchasing 50,000 points and earning a 40,000 point bonus.

Point Purchase Table

All IHG properties are in multiples of 5,000 points. You can use the table below to see how many points you would have to purchase for a 4-night stay with the 4th night free benefit.

So if a hotel costs 40,000 per night, you can look at the table below to see that you would need a total of 120,000 points to book 4 nights. It shows you that you can do this by choosing the 'Buy 67,000 Points' option to receive a bonus of 53,600 points which would give you enough for a 120,000 point redemption, costing you $603. If that 4-night stay would cost you more than $603, then buying points would be the better option.

Remember that the 4th night free benefit only applies to those with an IHG credit card.

IHG Cost In Points
Cost in Cash/Points Per Night
Cost Per Night Cost Of 4-Night Stay
w/ 4th Night Free Benefit
Cost To Buy Points
5,000 15,000 $109.35
Buy 9,000; Get 7,200 Bonus
10,000 30,000 $175.95
Buy 17,000; Get 13,600 Bonus
15,000 45,000 $258.75
Buy 25,000; Get 20,000 Bonus
20,000 60,000 $306
Buy 34,000; Get 27,200 Bonus
25,000 75,000 $378
Buy 42,000; Get 33,600 Bonus
30,000 90,000 $500
Buy 50,000; Get 40,000 Bonus
35,000 105,000 $531
Buy 59,000; Get 47,200 Bonus
40,000 120,000 $603
Buy 67,000; Get 53,600 Bonus
45,000 135,000 $675
Buy 75,000; Get 60,000 Bonus
50,000 150,000 $756
Buy 84,000; Get 67,200 Bonus
55,000 165,000 $828
Buy 92,000; Get 73,600 Bonus
60,000 180,000 $900
Buy 100,000; Get 80,000 Bonus

IHG PointBreaks Properties

IHG PointBreaks allows you to book select IHG properties for as little as 5,000 IHG Points. For PointBreaks properties, you can book up to two award nights.

Book select properties between 5,000 and 15,000 points.

If you happen to have an upcoming stay at a PointBreaks property, this promotion can offer you stays at these properties for as little as $36.45.

Stay at select 5,000-point PointBreaks properties for under $40.

Want to book two nights at a 5,000-point property? You can purchase 6,000 points to earn a bonus 4,800 and it will only cost you $72.90 for two rewards nights.

Other Ways To Earn IHG Points

Before you run off with your wallet open to purchase points, be aware that a few rewards programs allow you to transfer points directly to your IHG Rewards Club account. Depending on what you're transferring, this could be the better option as it would have no cost to you.

The IHG Points Transfer calculator below shows all of the programs that transfer directly to IHG as well as how many points you will need in that partner program to equal the IHG Points specified. You can enter any (reasonable) value in the field below to calculate the transfer.

You can learn more about transferring points to and from the IHG Rewards Club program (as well as calculate the transfer) by checking out our Ultimate IHG Points Transfer Calculator.

Buy IHG Points

If you're ready to purchase IHG Points, it's pretty easy to do and only requires a few steps.

  1. Visit IHG's Buy Points page.
  2. Sign into your IHG Rewards Club account.
  3. Select how many points you wish to purchase.
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. Review your order and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Click Pay Now.

Points will usually post within a few minutes, but IHG states that it can take up to 72 hours so be aware of that.

Summary & Other Tidbits

As always, make sure that you have a redemption in mind before purchasing IHG Points or any other type of rewards. It's never a good idea to sit on top of stacks of points and miles as they could devalue at any time. Be sure to run the calculations and never buy points/miles just to buy them... even if it's a good deal.

If you want to keep up with points and promos, be sure to check out our Buying Points & Miles Guide which lists out the prices for buying rewards with various programs.

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