Best Credit Cards For Earning Emirates Skywards Miles

Enter your monthly spend across several categories to get a list of the best credit cards for earning Emirates Skywards miles that fits your spend habit.

If you're looking to build your Skywards Miles with Emirates, the Emirates Citi World Mastercard will typically be the best option since you'll earn a solid return on your spend. Outside of the co-branded credit card, your main two options are American Express Membership Rewards and the Citi Rewards programs.

Emirates Citi World Mastercard

If you're a heavy spender directly with Emirates (as in and/or you want to earn a steady return of miles on everyady purchases, the co-branded Emirates Citi World Mastercard is going to be the best option. Not only will you receive benefits that can make your travel with Emirates better, you'll be earning 1.5 Skywards Miles per $1 spent with Emirates as well as 1 Skywards Mile per $1 spent on the first $3,000 in purchases made during the statement period.

AMEX Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards Points transfers to Emirates at a 2:1 ratio meaning 2,000 Membership Rewards Points is equal to 1,000 Skywards Miles. With that in mind, you'll be able to earn a solid amount of miles depending on the card you use. You can use the AMEX Platinum Edge Card to earn 1.5 miles on supermarket and petrol station purchases or pick up the AMEX Explorer Credit Card to earn 1 Emirates Mile on all purchases. If you're a heavy David Jones spender, you can use the David Jones Platinum Card to earn 2 miles per $1 spent at David Jones.

While the earnings aren't as great as the Emirates co-branded card, earning rewards with American Express gives you additional options to transfer your points to including Virgin Atlantic, Singapore KrisFlyer, Air New Zealand, and many more.

Citi Rewards

Citi Rewards Points transfers to Emirates at a 3 to 1 ratio for those with the Citi Rewards Card and a 2.5 to 1 ratio for those with the Citi Premier or Citi Prestige. This isn't as good as a ratio as the American Express Cards, but the plus to Citi is that their cards come with a linked Diners Club Card that has no foreign transaction fee and earns 2 Citi Rewards Points per $1 spent on all purchases. This makes the Citi Rewards program a great option for those looking to earn Skywards Miles on internationally spend.

As with the Membership Rewards Program, earning Citi Rewards Points will give you more flexibility when it comes to redeeming with partner airlines. This includes Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia. If you have the Citi Prestige, you be able to transfer to many more partners including Cathay Pacific, Flybuys, and IHG hotels to name a few.

Best Credit Card Calculator

This calculator will give you a list of the best credit cards for earning Emirates Skywards Miles based on your monthly, yearly, or quarterly spend across different categories. Results will include credit cards that earn Skywards Miles directly and credit cards that earn rewards that are transferable to your Skywards Miles account.

Credit Card Search Types

Best Cards By Estimated Return - Get a list of credit cards that gives you the best return. This is based on spend, currency value, annual credits, and annual fees.

Best Cards By Total Points - Get a list of credit cards that earns you the most points/miles based on spend. Currency value, annual credits, and annual fees are not factored into this search. Great for those who get waived fees (i.e. military).

After your results are displayed, I recommend clicking on a card's Rewards Calculator. This allows you to come up with a more accurate number by adjusting the cash value of perk, being able to calculate spend bonuses & other savings, add in sign up bonuses, toggle annual fees and authorized user fees, and much more. You'll also be able to compare the results side by side any credit card featured on the site!

Click on Rewards Calculator to compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits, and fees. You can also change any credit card to reflect transfer partner ratios (when applicable).
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The percentage of fees you'll pay on the dollar (or local currency) when you use the card outside of it's region.


Do note that results may take a few seconds to generate after doing a search. For more accurate results, I recommend using the Rewards Calculator. Some credit cards may appear in this list more than once if there's more than one path to transferring rewards. Credit cards with negative returns may also appear in this list, but be sure to consider the perks of the card before canceling it out as an option!
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