Accor Points Value

Accor Points are worth 2 pence each when redeemed for free nights. Calculate the cash value for all redemptions. Details on how to get the max value.

The best value of Accor Points will come from redeeming them towards free nights at Accor brand hotels. This will give you an exact value of 2p per point (€0.02) which is great! Overall, Accor Points can be redeemed towards:

  • Free Nights at Accor Properties
  • Free Nights at Onefinestay Properties
  • Dining Credits at participating restaurants
  • Accor Experiences
  • Charity Donations
  • Transfers To Partners

This page will cover the cash value you can obtain from these redemptions as well as brief details on each option.

Accor Points Value Calculator

Use the Accor Points Value Calculator to calculate the average cash value of Accor Points to dollars for all redemption options listed. These values are based on the average point per pence value when redeeming your AccorHotels Points. 100 Pence (100p) is equal to €1.

Accor Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Accor Hotel Properties
2,000 Points = €40
Dining Out
0.4p - 0.6p on average
0 - €0

Redeem For Free Nights

Redeeming your Accor Points for free nights will give your points a value of 2p per point which is the best consistent value you can obtain. Points can be redeemed in 2,000-point increments, so every 2,000 Accor Points you redeem towards your stay will be worth €40.

If you're staying at an Accor Hotel in Europe in which the currency is in Euros, this is a relatively simple redemption. If you're staying at an Accor Hotel in which the currency is not in Euros, you'll be at the mercy of the local currency exchange rate. This will not make a big difference in value, but it's something you'll want to be aware of.

accor points free night
Easily get a 2p value (€) when you apply your points towards the bill.

Another good thing about using your Accor Points for stays is that your points will be refunded if you cancel your booking prior to your stay. This is not something that many rewards programs allow. Usually booking with rewards is final or have penalties under most conditions, so this is a nice benefit.

Other Redemptions

Accor Points can be used for free nights at Onefinestay properties, dining out, and experiences. Points can also be donated to charity. These redemptions will give you less than the 2p value you would obtain redeeming them for free nights at Accor brand hotels.


Outside of staying at Accor brand hotels, you can also use Accor Points towards stays at luxury private homes and villas through OneFineStay. Redemptions for OneFineStay will be in the form of a OneFineStay gift card which will give your points a value of 1.38p each (€). Redemptions for OneFineStay starts at 7,200 Accor Points for a €100 gift card.

onefinestay award cost
OneFineStay redemptions will give you a decent value.

Dining Out

Accor Points can be used a participating restaurants and bars around the world for a value of 1p per point. You can apply Accor Points to your bill using the Accor All app. Every 1,000 Accor Points you use will give you a €10 credit towards your bill. If you don't have enough points to settle the full amount, you can still earn rewards points using the app at the rate of 1 Accor Point per €1 spent.

Accor Limitless Experiences

Accor Points can be used towards experiences and merchandise through the Accor Limitless Experiences Portal. In this portal you will find vibes, travel, sports, and shopping/merchandise.


Vibes will consist of experiences that you can enjoy using your Accor Points. This will be things like concerts, dinner + shows, and other events. The value of your points will more depend on you for these type of redemptions.

Accor Vibes
Enjoy various experiences using your Accor Points.

Travel (Dream Stays)

Under travel you will find experiences that has to do with enjoying very nice hotel packages. This includes multi-night stays at high-end hotels that comes with food, drinks, and other various perks. The experiences listed under travel changes time to time, so you'll want to take a peak at what they have available. Typically, you'll get superb value when it comes to redeeming your points for these packages. I've found some of these redemptions to offer as much as 3p-4p per point at times.


Under sports you will find experience that has to do with attending sporting events. This includes hockey, basketball, football, and just about everything else that ties to sports. If you've been wanting to attend a certain sporting event, this could be an easy way to do such. The value you get out of your points for these kind of redemptions will vary, but if it's for an event you enjoy then it may be worth it regardless.

Accor Sports Experiences
Enjoy some great sporting events with your Accor Points.


If you're looking to buy merchandise with your Accor Points, you'll find that under Shopping within the Limitless Experiences portal. There's over 1,000 different items available for you to use your points on in the portal. This includes electronics, healthy & beauty, fashion, home & garden, and leisure & entertainment. Most of these redemptions produced a value of 0.4p to 0.6p per point, though I'm sure it's possible to get both lower and slightly higher values.

This portal also allows you to use your points to purchase bedding and spa merchandise from the Thalassa Sea & Spa and Sofitel Boutique brands. This will still give your points a relatively low value, but it can be worth it if you're more willing to throw points at it versus cash.

Accor Points can be donated towards a good cause which includes AccorHotels Solidarity and Plant for the Planet.

Accor Solidarity Endowment Fund is involved in the fight against the economic and social exclusion of people at risk of poverty by improving their employability. Every 2,000 points contributed will equal out to €40 in donations.

Plant for the Planet plants trees on cocoa production sites and support small fair-trade and organic farmers who live by the Huayabamba river. Every 2,000 points contributed will equal 8 tress planted.

Other Ways To Redeem

Outside of the redemptions listed above, you can redeem Accor Points in the following ways:

  • Europcar Car Rentals (2,000 Points = €20)
  • Delsey (2,000 Points = €20)
  • Paris Saint-Germain Football Club
  • Skinjay Paris
  • Thalassa Sea & Spa - Aquascience (2,000 Points = €19)
  • Barbara Rihl (2,000 Points = €20)
  • Letestu (2,000 Points = €20)
  • Sofitel (2,000 Points = €20)

Transfer Accor Points To Partners

Accor Points can be transferred to more than 30 transfer partners which consists of airlines and transportation partners. Most transfers are at a 2:1 ratio which allows you to transfer 4,000 Accor Points for 2,000 miles/points with their partners. This can be a useful route to take if you need to top off an airline or transportation account due to being a few points shy of travel.

You can get the details on Accor's transfer partners as well as calculate the transfer of Accor Points to partners using the Accor Transfer Partners Calculator.


Accor Points are best used for free nights at Accor Properties thanks to the solid 2p you'll get out of your points. Other redemptions don't offer too bad of value either such as free nights at Onefinestay or redeeming your points for travel packages through the Accor Limitless Experiences portal.

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