Credit Card Finder: Search For Cards Based Your Spend

The best credit cards for others, may not be the best for you. Find cards that earn you the most rewards and the best return based on your spend habits.

If you're trying to get an idea of what credit card you're looking for, this Credit Card Finder tool can help. Select the type of rewards you're looking for and enter how much you spend across up to 20 categories. Once you do that, click on Get Best Credit Cards to get a list of 10 top-rated credit cards that will offer you a great return on your spend based on how much we value the rewards earned with the card.

Search For Cards Based On Your Spend

Use the Search For Cards By Spend tool to get a list of up to 10 credit cards that will give you the best return based on your spend. You can add categories, select the type of rewards you're looking to earn, and whether you're looking for a personal or business card.

There's also advanced options in which you can adjust the spending duration (how many months out of the year you're going to use the card) and adjust the cash value of transferable rewards points from AMEX Membership Rewards, Amplify Rewards, Citi Rewards, and Westpac Altitude.

Add Categories
Search for categories and click 'Add Category' to add it to the calculator. If you want to be more specific, you can specify domestic or international spend.
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1. Enter How Much You Plan On Spending.

Enter your spend per month, year, or quarter for the listed categories. You can click 'Add Categories' to add additional spending categories to the calculator.

2. What Type of Rewards Are You Trying To Earn?

Select the type(s) of rewards you're looking to earn when using credit cards and we will grab the top-rated cards for that type. De-selecting all options will pull from all available credit cards available on the site.
Travel rewards allow you to book a wide range of travel options including flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals and more. This may include booking travel directly through the bank's travel portal, transferring rewards to travel programs, or using rewards to wipe out travel purchases made to your card.
Airline miles are great if you're looking to book free flights. They can be earned using co-branded airline credit cards or by using transfer partners.
Qantas offers more than 30 credit cards you can use to earn points redeemable for flights and more.
Virgin Australia offers a handful of credit cards you can use to points redeemable for flights and more.
Hotel rewards points can be used to book free nights at hotels. They can be earned using co-branded hotel credit cards or by using transfer partners.
General rewards can be used for just about anything. This includes gift cards, statement credits, travel, cash back, and more.

3. Income Requirements

Some credit cards require certain income requirements to be met either based on your individual income or the income of the entire household. You can set a max income to limit which cards are listed in the result. Cards that require an income limit over the amount selected will not be included in the results.
Income Type
Income Maximum

Spend Duration

You can set the duration of the spend for the categories listed above. If you're looking for the best card for only n-months worth of spend, this is where you change the option. If you want to calculate based on a full year of spending, you can leave it set to a duration of '1 Year'.

Adjust Transferable Points

Some rewards programs allow you to transfer your earned points to airline, hotel, and other loyalty programs. These programs will generally have higher point values when doing such.

Since these matter so much when choosing a credit card, you can enter your own point value for these programs to include in the calculations.

When set to zero (0), they will calculate based on The Point Calculator's valuations. Any non-zero value you enter will be used in the calculations.

You can click on the to learn more about the value of the currency when applicable (opens in a new tab/window). Depending on the calculations, all programs listed below may not be featured in the results.

4. View The Results

Note: Results may take a few seconds to generate after doing a search. The results and values listed are estimates to help guide you towards making the best decision. They are for illustrative purposes only.
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