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Airline Miles Calculators
Calculate airline credit card rewards for Canada based on spend and compare results side by side to find which airline cards are best for you. Also includes calculators for calculating the cash value of airline miles based on redemption and the transfer of rewards to and from frequent flyer programs.

Airline miles are great if you're looking to earn rewards that you can redeem towards award flights on your favorite airlines. They can also typically be used for seat upgrades, lounge access, and much more.

Most major airlines offer co-branded credit cards that allows you to earn a certain amount of miles per $1 spent. These cards can also grant additional benefits with the airline such as a free checked bag and priority boarding.

If you're looking to maximize your earnings, several travel rewards programs allow you to transfer your earned points directly to frequent flyer programs. In many cases this can earn you airline miles faster than using a co-branded airline credit card.

If you're loyal to a specific airline or two, I recommend considering an airline credit card. If you're not loyal to any given airline, you'll more than likely be better off with a travel rewards card.

Best Airline Credit Cards

When it comes to maximizing your airline rewards, there's a great amount of cards to choose from. Listed below are our top picks for the best airline credit cards.

Find out which Canada credit cards can earn you the most travel rewards based on your spend and get our list of top picks.

Airport Services

If you frequently find yourself at the airport, you may want to consider the airport services listed below. Review the benefits of each service and find out which credit cards offer discounts or complimentary access to these airport services.

Priority Pass is a network of over 1,300 lounges around the world. Access to Priority Pass can be gained through select credit cards that offers membership, credit cards that offer complimentary passes, or you can pay for membership through

Air Canada Aeroplan Credit Cards

Aeroplan offers 10 credit cards between American Express, CIBC, and TD Bank. For the most part, each bank offers three tiers of Aeroplan credit cards with the highest tier offering the most rewards and benefits.

The Aeroplan Program is a direct transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards. This opens up several additional credit cards you can use to maximize your Aeroplan earnings.

Best For Maximum Aeroplan Benefits
Best Well-Rounded Aeroplan Card
Best Small Business Aeroplan Card

WestJet Dollars Credit Cards

WestJet offers two credit cards through Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Both cards allow you to earn WestJet Dollars on everyday spend which can be redeemed for face value towards award flights with WestJet and their partners.

Points earned in the RBC Avion Rewards and RBC Rewards programs can be converted into WestJet Dollars. This opens up a large handful of additional credit cards you can use to top off your WestJet account.

Best Overall WestJet Credit Card
Best For No Annual Fee

Alaska Airlines Credit Cards

Alaska Airlines offers two credit cards through MBNA. Both cards are identical with the World Elite Mastercard offering additional Mastercard-related benefits.

Alaska is not a direct transfer partner of any major rewards program, so your best bet for building your balance of Alaska Miles will be using their two co-branded credit cards.

Point Transfers To Frequent Flyer Programs

There aren't many co-branded credit cards available in Canada, so earning airline miles can be challenging if you don't fly a lot. Luckily, both the American Express Membership Rewards and RBC Rewards programs allow you to transfer your hard earned points to frequent flyer miles (and hotel rewards points in some cases).

If you're looking to build miles with any of the airlines listed below, you'll want to consider picking up credit cards from each respective program.

American Express Membership Rewards

The American Express Membership Rewards is a popular rewards program known worldwide. They are the best option in Canada when it comes to earning flexible rewards and I highly recommend considering the program if you enjoy traveling.

Points earned in the American Express Membership Rewards Program can be transferred to the programs in the table listed below.

American Express Membership Rewards Transfer Partners
Partner Ratio
Air Canada Aeroplan 1:1
Alitalia MilleMiglia 5:4
British Airways Executive Club 1:1
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles 5:4
Delta Air Lines SkyMiles 5:4
Etihad Guest 5:4
Hilton Honors 1:1
Marriott Bonvoy 5:6
Best Flexible Rewards Card In Canada
Best For Lounge Access & Luxury Travel
Best For Lounge Access & Luxury Business Travel

RBC Avion Rewards & RBC Rewards

The RBC Avion Rewards and RBC Rewards programs allows you to transfer your rewards to a handful of airline and retail rewards programs.

Points earned in the program can be transferred to the programs listed in the table below. Programs with a (*) are transfer partners specific to RBC Avion Rewards.

RBC Rewards Transfer Partners
Partner Ratio
Hudson Bay Rewards 1:2
WestJet Dollars 100:$1
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles* 1:1
British Airways Executive Club* 1:1
American Airlines AAdvantage* 10:7
Best Travel Card For Heavy Spenders
Best Low-Fee Option
Best Business Travel Card

Calculate Airline Credit Card Rewards

Calculate which credit cards will earn you the most rewards and best return based on your spend when it comes to airline redemptions.

Results will consist of both airline and travel rewards credit cards from our partners and will be sorted by net return which is the average value of the rewards earned, plus annual credits, and minus annual fees.

Add Categories
Search for categories and click 'Add Category' to add it to the calculator. If you want to be more specific, you can specify domestic or international spend.
Loading Categories...
Currently Selected:

Category Spend

Enter your spend per month, year, or quarter for the listed categories. You can then click Get The Best Cards to get the list of results.

Income Requirements

Some credit cards require certain income requirements to be met either based on your individual income or the income of the entire household. You can set a max income to limit which cards are listed in the result. Cards that require an income limit over the amount selected will not be included in the results.
Income Type
Income Maximum

Spend Duration

You can set the duration of the spend for the categories listed above. If you're looking for the best card for only n-months worth of spend, this is where you change the option.

If you want to calculate based on a full year of spending, you can leave it set to a duration of '1 Year'.

Adjust Transferable Points

Some rewards programs allow you to transfer your earned points to airline, hotel, and other loyalty programs. These programs will generally have higher point values when doing such.

Since these matter so much when choosing a credit card, you can enter your own point value for these programs to include in the calculations.

When set to zero (0), they will calculate based on The Point Calculator's valuations. Any non-zero value you enter will be used in the calculations.

You can click on the to learn more about the value of the currency when applicable (opens in a new tab/window). Depending on the calculations, all programs listed below may not be featured in the results.


Note: Results may take a few seconds to generate after doing a search. The results and values listed are estimates to help guide you towards making the best decision. They are for illustrative purposes only.
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