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Travel Insurance
Having baggage insurance can save you from the costs associated with lost, stolen, or delayed baggage. Get the list of cards that offer this benefit.
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Baggage insurance reimburses you for the costs of stolen, lost, damaged or delayed baggage while traveling. With most providers, this is split up between lost/stolen baggage insurance and baggage delay insurance.

Regardless of the type of insurance, being eligible will typically require you to pay the full cost of travel on the credit card offering the benefit.

Lost or Stolen Baggage Insurance

Lost or stolen baggage insurance covers your checked-in or carry-on baggage and personal effects while in transit.

If you travel often, having this kind of insurance can be a lifesaver. With how hectic baggage pick-up can be at times, it's very easy for someone to mistake your bag as their own.

With most providers, this will also cover damaged baggage and personal effects. Your baggage may take a beating traveling from Point A to Point B and having this kind of insurance can help cover the cost of repairs or be put towards brand new luggage.

Baggage Delay Insurance

Baggage delay insurance covers you for reasonable and necessary emergency purchases for essential clothing and sundry items due to your checked-in bags being delayed.

If you're running late or you have a short connection flight (layovers/stopovers), there is a chance that you bag might catch the next flight out. With this insurance, you'll be covered for purchases such as clothes, toiletries, and more to last you until your baggage makes it back to you.

Credit Cards With Baggage Insurance

Listed below are all credit cards in our database that are marked as having some type of baggage insurance.

These results are meant to be used as a reference. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of credit cards before applying as benefit and perk changes may not be reflected immediately on this website.

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