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Mastercard Airport Experience Provided by Loungekey offers lounge access to 1,000+ lounges worldwide. Find out which cards offer complimentary membership.

Mastercard Airport Experiences Provided by LoungeKey is a lounge network that grants access to over 1,000 lounges across 400 airports in more than 120 countries. Access is gained by having a Mastercard that features LoungeKey as a benefit. This allows you to show your Mastercard to get in versus having to worry about an additional membership card.

Benefits of LoungeKey Membership

With the LoungeKey network, you'll be able to escape the normal airport traffic and relax in a lounge that offers your standard benefits such as:

  • Complimentary Drinks and Refreshments
  • Stocked Bars
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms
  • Complimentary Secure Wi-Fi
  • Showers (at select locations)
  • Charging Stations

Along with your lounge benefits, you'll also receive dining, retail, and spa offers that can save you a little money and make your travel a bit more enjoyable.

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Access To Lounges

Accessing lounges through LoungeKey is limited to whether or not you hold an eligible Mastercard that grants you access to Mastercard Airport Experience lounges. You cannot pay for membership like you can with Priority Pass.

Unless you have a card that offers complimentary passes, it will cost US$32 for you and any guests that you bring into the lounge. This charge will be put on the eligible Mastercard you use to enter the lounge. Do note that different lounges will have different rules about guests, so be sure to note that when bring guests along.

Credit Cards With LoungeKey Access

Do note that this list may take a few seconds to search the database. Once the results are listed, you can click on the More Info to get more details and calculate rewards.
These results are meant to be used as a reference. The name of some benefits may be slightly altered when compared to what the card provider's website lists. In addition to that, benefits and perks on some of the listed cards may change before I'm able to update them. You'll want to check the terms, conditions, and full summary of any rewards card that you apply for to make sure that it features the perks and benefits that you're looking for.

Bank (Holder)

The bank issuing the card.


The network the card is tied to.

Card Type

The type of card such as co-branded airline cards, hotel cards, cruise line cards, and bank rewards cards.

Rewards Type

The type of rewards the card earns.


Toggle the showing of personal/consumer and business credit cards.

Annual Fee (Range)

The range of fees you're willing to pay to wield such cards.

Foreign Transaction Fee

The percentage of fees you'll pay on the dollar when you use the card outside of it's region.
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