Medical Travel Insurance

Medical travel insurance can help you avoid the expensive costs of emergency health care while traveling. Details & cards that offer this insurance.
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Medical travel insurance is an international insurance that covers the cost of emergency health care costs while traveling or vacationing outside of the country. Medical costs can be expensive at home so running into these kind of expenses while on out of country can be a lot worse.

What's covered by medical travel insurance will vary by card provider. You'll want to carefully see who qualifies and what type of expenses will be covered. Some plans offered on travel credit cards may only cover those up to a certain age. More than most also will not cover you if you have per-exisiting conditions, routine medical examinations/care, mental health disorders, and other medical issues.

Another that you'll want to note is that medical travel insurance can feature a bunch of subcategories. Not every card will give you the whole package, so again, you'll want to review what type of medical insurance comes with your card. Common types include:

  • Medical Evacuation Coverage
  • Accidental Death or Dismemberment
  • Kidnapping/Terrorism/Mugging/etc. Coverage
  • Travel Assistance Services

There's a lot more subcategories of medical travel insurance, so be sure to find out which ones you need and which ones your card provider is offering.

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