SCENE Points Transfer: Partners & Calculators

SCENE Points can be transferred to the Scotia Rewards and Scotia Rewards Points can be transferred to SCENE Rewards. Calculate the point transfers.

SCENE Rewards Points can be transferred to Scotia Rewards at a 1,000:950 ratio while Scotia Rewards Points can be transferred to SCENE Rewards at a 1,000:700 ratio. This page covers transferring points to and from the SCENE Rewards program using Scotia Rewards.

Transfer SCENE Points

SCENE Points can be transferred directly to the Scotia Rewards program. For every 1,000 SCENE Points you transfer, you'll receive 950 Scotia Rewards Points. The table below shows the average value of these values.

Transfer SCENE Points To Partners
Rewards Average Value
1,000 SCENE Points $12
950 Scotia Rewards Points $9.50

Since SCENE Points have an average value of around $0.012 per point, transferring your points to Scotia Rewards will generally not benefit you... especially if you frequently purchase movie tickets at Cineplex. The only time I would really recommend transferring SCENE Points to Scotia Rewards is if you're a few Scotia Rewards shy of a redemption and need to top of your account -OR- if you're trying to empty your SCENE Rewards account. Otherwise, if you want to maximize your value, you'll want to redeem your points directly with Cineplex and their partners which will typically give you $0.01 to $0.012 or more in value.

SCENE Points Transfer Calculator

Use the SCENE Points Transfer Calculator to calculate the transfer of SCENE Points to the Scotia Rewards Program.


Transfer Points To SCENE Rewards

You can earn SCENE Rewards Points by transferring points earned in the Scotia Rewards Program directly to your SCENE account. For every 1,000 Scotia Rewards Points you transfer, you'll receive 770 SCENE Points. In terms of cash value, the table below breaks it down.

Transfer Points To SCENE
Rewards Average Value
1,000 Scotia Rewards Points $10
770 SCENE Points $9.24 (average)

All-in-all, this is not a bad transfer if you're trying to redeem your rewards towards a free movie ticket. Scotia Rewards Points only have a value of 1 cent each when redeemed towards travel. The second best option for redeeming points would be transferring them to your SCENE Rewards account which can give you close to the same value and a better value than redeeming them for cash.

Transfer Points To SCENE Calculator

Use the Transfer Points To SCENE Rewards Calculator to calculate the transfer of points from Scotia Rewards to your SCENE Rewards account. Enter any value of SCENE Points in the field. The table will output how many points you'll need to transfer to SCENE from partners to get the amount you entered in the field.



Transferring Scotia Rewards Points to your SCENE Rewards account can benefit you if you typically buy movie tickets with Cineplex. On the other hand, transferring SCENE Points to your Scotia Rewards account will be the complete opposite and you'll generally lose value since it's not a 1:1 transfer and since SCENE Points can be worth a tad bit more than Scotia Rewards Points.

Credit Card Point Calculators

Want to know how many SCENE Points you can earn with the SCENE Visa Card or Scotia Rewards credit cards? Check out the point calculators below. For Scotia Rewards credit cards, you can change the points to reflect SCENE Reward transfers.

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