SCENE Points Value

Cash Value & Redemption Options

Get the list of ways to redeem your SCENE Points and calculate the cash value of your SCENE Points for each redemption.

SCENE Rewards Points are worth 1 cent on average for most redemptions. They can be redeemed for movie tickets, dining cards, and food and drinks with Cineplex and select restaurants. You can use the SCENE Points Value Calculator to calculate the average cash value of your SCENE Points based on each redemption. You can then read on to learn a little more about each redemption option.

SCENE Points Value Calculator

Use the SCENE Points Value Calculator to get the cash value of your points based on each redemption. You can enter any amount of SCENE Points in the calculator

SCENE Points Cash Value Calculator
Movie Tickets
~ 0.8 To 1.4 Cents
$0 - $0
Food & Dining
1 Cent
Ultimate Dining Gift Cards
2,500pts For $25
The Rec Room & Playdium
1 Cent

Movie Ticket Redemptions

There's several different movie ticket redemptions that you can use your SCENE Points for which will give you an average value of between 0.8 to 1.4 cents per point. Movie ticket types include general admission and 3D movie tickets, enhanced movie tickets (UltraAVX, IMAX, and D-Box), and VIP Cinemas movie tickets. The prices for Cineplex theaters will vary depending on which theatre you're visiting. I listed a few ticket examples below using the prices for Cineplex Cinemas Park Royal and VIP in West Vancouver, BC.

General Admission

General admission tickets will generally cost around $14.50. You can redeem 1,250 SCENE Points to pay for general admission tickets which can give your SCENE Points 1.16 cents in value per point.

3D Movies

3D movie tickets will cost you about $17.50. You can redeem your SCENE Points at the same redemption rate as a general admission ticket which means it will still cost you 1,250 SCENE Points. This gives you a slightly better value of 1.4 cents per SCENE Point.

redeem SCENE points for tickets, food, drink


UltraAVX is considered to be an Enhanced Movie which will cost you 2,000 SCENE Points per ticket. General AVX tickets are $17.50 which means you'll get a value of 0.875 cents per SCENE Point out of this redemption.


UltraAVX D-Box also falls under the Enhanced Movie category. These tickets cost $25.50 each and you can redeem 2,000 SCENE Points to cover the ticket which gives you 1.275 cents in value per point.


VIP gives you access to in-seat dining in comfy reserved leather chairs. VIP Tickets will cost you $19.99 or 2,500 SCENE Points which will give you tickets a value of 0.8 cents per point.

Movies From Home

If you can redeem your SCENE Points to enjoy movies from home. Every 100 SCENE Points will give you $1 to spend in the Cineplex Store which gives your points a value of 1 cent each. You'll need to select the 'Redeem SCENE pts to save' checkbox when checking out in order to apply your SCENE Points to the order.

Food & Dining Redemptions

You can use your SCENE Points towards food at participating restaurants. Every 1,000 SCENE Points redeemed will give you $10 off your bill which is a value of 1 cent per point. Restaurant options include:

  • Swiss Chalet
  • Harvey's (Redemptions Start @ 500pts = $5 Off)
  • Montana's BBQ & Bar
  • East Side Mario's
  • Milestones
  • Bier Markt
  • Kelseys Original Roadhouse
  • Fionn MacCool's
  • D'Arcy McGee's
  • Paddy Flaherty's
  • Tir nan Òg

You can receive your discount by presenting your black SCENE Membership Card, temporary SCENE Card, or mobile card at the time of payment.

Save In-Theatare

You can also redeem your SCENE Points at the movies. You can redeem 500 SCENE Points for $5 off your food or drink at Cineplex theaters. This gives you 1 cent per point and is a great way to shave down the cost of your snacks while enjoying your movie.

montana bar and grill

Dining Cards

SCENE Points can be redeemed for Ultimate Dining Cards starting at $25 for 2,500 SCENE Points which means you'll get 1 cent per point out of these redemptions. Denominations of $50 and $100 are also available. Ultimate Dining cards consists of all of the restaurant brands that falls under Recipe Unlimited (the 11 brands are listed in the food/dining redemptions section above).

Other Redemptions

SCENE Points can be redeemed towards meals, gaming credits, and event tickets at The Rec Room and Playdium. The Rec Room redemptions can be redeemed in 1,000 SCENE Point redemptions starting at 1,000 SCENE Points for $10 and Playdium redemptions can be redeemed in 500 SCENE Point redemptions starting at 500 SCENE Points for $5. Both of these redemptions give you a value of 1 cent per point.


Overall, you can easily squeeze out a minimum of 1 cent per point when redeeming your SCENE Points. If you want to get the most value, you can aim for redeeming your points for general admission and 3D movie tickets. Be sure to run the calculations to make sure you're getting at least 1 cent per SCENE Point.

If you're looking to build your SCENE Points, the SCENE Visa is the best option. You can use the Scotiabank SCENE Visa Card Calculator to calculate how many SCENE Points you can earn and compare the results side by side top cards.

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