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Calculate total rewards with different store credit cards based on monthly/yearly spend, card benefits, and annual fees. Compare results!

Store Credit Cards can be very rewarding for those that spend a lot of money at a specific retailer. The plus to store cards usually comes in the form of high returns, lots of coupons, additional perks, special financing, early access to sales/events, and much more. The drawback to store cards is that they are unforgiving when it comes to interest rates. Store cards offer some of the highest rates this side of the galaxy and failing to pay your cards every month will eat away your rewards faster than you can earn them.

If you're not down with paying off your statement IN FULL every month, I do not recommend that you pick up a store card since the interest collected will cancel out your rewards.

Store Rewards Programs

Listed below are store rewards programs that are covered on the site. Store rewards programs are typically pretty simple and straightforward so most of these pages just cover earning and redeeming rewards as well as earning status in the program if possible. All available store rewards credit card calculators with the program will also be listed.


Amazon has one credit card through MBNA which is called the Rewards Mastercard which features and Whole Foods Market as bonus categories. Those with Amazon Prime will earn rewards at a higher rate on and Whole Foods Market purchases and also earn 2.5% back on foreign currency purchases which negates the foreign currency conversion fee the card has making it a good option for international spending/travel.

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Canadian Tire / Triange Rewards

Canadian Tire offers Canadian Tire Money for those who want to maximize their rewards spending at Canadian Tire owned stores as well as spending at some gas stations. You can earn additional Canadian Tire Money using the Triangle Mastercard which earns 4% back at Canadian Tire owned stores (pre-tax only) and 1.5% back on

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Triangle Mastercard Triangle Mastercard Calculator


Costco has one credit card with Capital One merely called the Capital One Mastercard which earns a high return on dining and gas spending. It also grants increased earnings on non-category purchases after running $3,000 through the card within the calendar year.

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Costco Capital One Mastercard Costco Capital One Mastercard Calculator

Loblaw's / PC Optimum

PC Financial offers three Mastercards that you can use to earn PC Optimum points when spending at Loblaw Companies, Esso, and Mobil. All three cards have no annual fee and offers between 1% and 3% back on your spend.

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PC Financial Mastercard PC Financial Mastercard Calculator

SCENE Rewards

Cineplex and Scotiabank offers one SCENE Rewards card called the Scotiabank SCENE Visa Card. It earns 5x SCENE Points on purchases at Cineplex and 1x SCENE Point everywhere else. SCENE Rewards Points can be redeemed for free movie tickets, food & dining, dining gift cards, and more.

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Walmart Financial offers a Walmart Rewards Mastercard and World Mastercard. Both cards are great options for anyone who frequently spends money at Walmart, but the World Mastercard is best option due to the 3% back at along with the bonus earnings of 1.25% back on gas station spend.

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Walmart Rewards Mastercard Walmart Rewards Mastercard Calculator

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