Credit Card Finder Tools

The Point Calculator credit card finder tools searches for cards by spend, benefits, type of rewards, fees, bonus categories, transfer partners and more.

We have a handful of different credit card finding tools to help you find the best credit card for your spend habits. You can search for credit based based on a number of options include how much you spend across categories, the cash value of benefits offered on cards, and annual fees. Once you find the card (or cards) that fit your profile, you can then dive in deeper by using that credit card's Rewards Calculator. With the rewards calculator you'll be able to:

  • Specify Welcome & Sign Up Bonuses
  • Compare Any Credit Card Side By Side
  • Specify # of Authorized Users for cards that charge a fee to add them
  • View rewards as if they've been transferred to a partner
  • Select Hotel Elite Status to include point bonuses from hotel status.
  • Specify how much you value the reward currency

This gives you the ability to set up cards how you would use them. Find the cards that best fits your profile and not the profile of others.

Listed below are several credit card finder tools along with the comparison tool which you can use to compare groups of credit cards.

Credit Card Finder Tool: Search By Spend

The Search By Spend Credit Card Finder Tool allows you to enter your spend across up to 20 different categories. You can specific your spend per month, per year, or you can do a set amount of months such as 4 months or even 11 months. You can then apply filters to include or not include:

  • Issuing Banks
  • Card Network
  • Card Type
  • Rewards Type
  • Personal / Business Cards
  • Foreign Transaction Fee
  • Annual Bonuses
Add up to 20 categories and search for credit cards based off of your spend.

The results will list out up to 50 credit cards that offer you the best return and meets the criteria you specified. Each result will show total points, miles, or cash back earned in each category on the card, the average value of the rewards based on how much The Point Calculator values them on average, the annual fee, and the return the card offers both before and after the annual fee is factored in. You can then use the 'Rewards Calculator' to dive deeper into customization including changing the value of the rewards, adding authorized users, more categories (no cap), and much more.

Credit Card Finder Tool: Search By Bonus Categories

The Search By Bonus Categories Credit Card Finder Tool allows you to find credit cards based on the bonus categories you select. It will first list the cards that match the most categories and trickle down from there, listing up to 50 credit cards.

Select the bonus categories you care about the most in a card.

Each results will show you all the categories featured on the card and highlight the matching categories. You can then click on the 'Rewards Calculator' to calculate total rewards and compare results side by side other credit cards featured on the site.

Credit Card Finder Tool: Search By Keyword

If you have an idea of the card you're looking for you can use the Search By Keyword Credit Card Finder Tool. You can search by:

  • Card Name
  • Currency Name
  • Bank Name
  • Card Network
  • Rewards Program Name
Enter keywords and find the credit card you're looking for. You can then calculate total rewards.

The results will list up to 50 matching credit cards in alphabetical order by card name. You can then click on the 'Rewards Calculator' to calculate total rewards based on your spend.

Credit Card Finder Tool: Search By Transfer Partners

The Search By Transfer Partners Credit Card Finder Tool allows you to search for credit cards based on the transfer partners that a program has. If example, if you're trying to earn rewards with the Marriott Bonvoy hotel rewards program, you can earn points directly using co-branded Marriott credit cards or you can earn points with programs like AMEX Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards and transfer those rewards to your Marriott Bonvoy account. This tool lists all credit cards that you can use to earn rewards with a specific program.

Choose from a long list of rewards programs to get list of credit cards earned rewards directly or via point transfers.

The results will first display all of the credit cards that earns rewards directly. It will them list out all of the credit cards that earns rewards via point/mile transfers. The earning rates listed will reflect the transfer ratio to the program you selected. This allows you to find credit cards that can help you maximize the rewards listed.

Get a list of transfer partner credit cards and find out which cards earn you a solid amount of points on your spend.

Note: If you find a program that has a bunch of credit cards options to earn rewards with, you can use the Best Credit Cards For Tool to enter your spend and find out which cards earns you the most rewards with any given partner.

You can then select the 'Rewards Calculator' to calculate how many points you can earn. You can set rewards to reflect transfer partners by going into the options on a card's calculator and selecting the transfer partner under the 'View Rewards As' option. This will change the earning values of all categories to reflect the transfer ratio.

Credit Card Finder Tool: Search By Perks & Benefits

The Search By Perks & Benefits Credit Card Finder Tool allows you to search for credit cards based on travel insurance, purchase insurance, and popular travel perks (e.g. LoungeKey, Priority Pass, etc). You can select any amount of benefits and find the cards that best matches the benefits you've selected. You can then calculate total rewards and compare the results side by side top cards per the usual.

Credit Card Comparison Tool

The Credit Card Comparison Tool allows you to compare groups of credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits, fees, and much more. It's basically an advanced version of the Rewards Calculators scattered throughout the site, but with the ability to compare groups of cards. This is the best tool for trying to find the best credit card combination for your wallet.

You can also enter the credit cards you currently have to see if there's possible dead weight you can remove from your wallet by getting a break down of the return that each card gives you based on spend, benefits, and fees.

Issues, Questions, and Requests

If you run into any problems with or have any questions on any of the credit card finder tools or the credit card comparison tool, feel free to reach out to me via Facebook, Twitter or via email at [email protected]

If there's a credit card missing that you want me to consider adding, you can email me the name of the card(s) at [email protected].com and I'll check on trying to add them.

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