HSBC Points Value UK: Redemptions & Value Calculator

HSBC Premier Points have a value of 0.33p while standard HSBC Points are worth around 0.2p. Get the list of redemption options and calculate the value.

HSBC offers credit cards that earn normal HSBC Points and credit cards that earn HSBC Premier Points. HSBC Points are worth around 0.2p each while HSBC Premier Points have a slightly higher value of 0.33p.

HSBC Points & Premier Points Value Calculator

Use the HSBC Points Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of HSBC Points and HSBC Premier Points based on redemption. You can enter any amount of points in the calculator below.

HSBC Points & Premier Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
HSBC Points
Pay w/ Rewards
HSBC Premier Points
Retail Vouchers, Charity

HSBC Points

HSBC Points can be earned with the following HSBC credit card(s):

The only redemption option for HSBC Points is to apply them towards purchases made on the card. Every 500 points earned is worth £1 meaning that you'll get 0.2p in value per point redeemed. Points can be redeemed on the HSBC website or via the Pay with Rewards app. That's the only redemption option for HSBC Points.

HSBC Premier Points

HSBC Premier Points can be earned with the following HSBC credit card(s):

HSBC Premier Points offer more redemption options than standard HSBC Points. Those options include:

  • Transferring To Partners
  • Redeeming For Vouchers
  • Ordering Laithwate's Wine
  • Donate To Charity

Retail Vouchers & Charity

When redeeming HSBC Premier Points for retail vouchers and charity, your points will be worth 0.33p each. Every 1,500 points redeemed will give you £5 towards either option.

Transferring HSBC Premier Points

HSBC Premier Points can be transferred to 4 airline partners. Those partners are:

  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Etihad
  • Singapore Airlines

HSBC Premier Points transfers 2:1 to all partners meaning that transferring 2,000 points will give you 1,000 airline miles with any of their partners. Since 2 HSBC Premier Points have a value of 0.66p when redeemed directly with HSBC, transferring your points to partners will almost always yield a better value since 1 airline mile is typically worth more than 0.66p. If you have interest in any of the above frequent flyer programs, I highly recommend transferring points to obtain the best value out of your HSBC Premier Points.

Use the HSBC Premier Points Transfer Calculator below to calculate the transfer of HSBC Premier Points to airline miles with each partner.



There's not a lot of redemption options for HSBC Points and the only card that offers them will earn you a low 1 HSBC Rewards Point per £5 spent. If you're really looking to earn some valuable rewards, you'll want to divert your attention towards the HSBC Premier cards which offers higher earning rates, better point value when redeeming with HSBC, and of course the option to transfer to airline partners.

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