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Accor Hotels Points Calculators UK

Accor Hotel Point Calculators for calculating the cash value based on redemption and the transfer of points from Accor Live Limitless.
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Quick Overview

Earning Accor Points

Accor Hotels points are primarily earned booking stays. You can also earn points booking flights & hotel packages, booking other forms of travel, renting cars, dining out, and shopping online.

Redeeming Accor Points

Accor Hotels points can be redeemed for hotel stays, luxury package stays, car rentals, train rides, activities, online shopping, meetings & events, and charitable donations.

Accor Points Value

Based on our valuations, Accor Hotel points are worth 2p each. This means that 2,000 Accor Hotel points are worth €40 in value when redeemed towards stays at Accor brand hotels.

Accor Transfer Partners

Accor Hotels points can be transferred to over 30 partners.

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Accor Hotels Points Calculators & Guides

Accor Transfer Partners

Calculate the conversion of Accor Hotel Points into rewards with Accor's 30+ transfer partners and get the details on how to transfer Accor points.

Conversion Calculator
How Much Are Accor Points Worth?

Wondering how much your Accor points are worth? Use our calculator to find out the value of your points and make the most of your rewards!

Point Value Calculator