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Choice Privileges Points UK

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Quick Overview

Earning Choice Hotels Points

Choice Hotels points can be earned booking stays at Choice brand hotels, spending with travel partners, cruising, dining out, and golfing. You can also buy points to top off your account.

Redeeming Choice Hotels Points

Choice Hotels points can be redeemed for free nights and be transferred to partners.

Choice Hotel Points Value

Based on our valuations, Choice Hotels points have a value of about 0.4p each. This means that 10,000 points are equal to about Β£40 in value.

Choice Transfer Partners

Choice Hotels points can be transferred to 10 travel partners.

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Choice Hotels UK Points Calculators & Guides

Choice Hotels Transfer Partners

View the full list of Choice transfer partners and calculate the conversion of rewards to airline miles and rewards points with Choice's partners.

Conversion Calculator
What's The Value of Choice Hotels Points?

Curious about the value of your Choice Hotel points? Use our calculator to determine how much they're worth and get the most out of your rewards.

Point Value Calculator