Boots Advantage Card Value & Points Calculator

Boots Advantage Card

The Boots Advantage Card offers the ability to earn 4 points per Β£1 spent on more purchases in-store and online with Boots. It's free to sign up for and I highly recommend doing so if you frequently shop with them.

Rewards Rates

Earn 4 points per Β£1 spent on most purchases made in-store or online with Boots.

When you sign up for the Boots Advantage Scheme, you'll be able to earn Boots Points on your purchases.

As a Boots Advantage Member, you'll earn 4 Boots Points per Β£1 spent on most purchases. These purchases can be made in-store or online.

When in-store, you'll need to show your Boots Advantage card to the cashier who will need to scan it in order for you to receive points for your purchase.

When you're shopping online, you'll want to link your Boots Advantage Card to your account so that it will automatically give you credit when you make your online purchase.

You can enter it manually every time if you wish, but it's easier to just sign into your account and have everything set up and ready to go.

Key Cardholder Benefits

Boots App

Most loyalty schemes have an app now-a-days and Boots is no different. Boots allows you to sign up for deals and promos through the app that you can use in store.

It's worth going through the app to see what sales or promotions are going on before you actually shop at Boots.

This way you can load the offer to your card, use your card in-store or online for the offer, and be rewarded properly.

Boots Events

Boots has events from time to time that can earn you additional points or net you some great value on your purchases.

These events are typically the best time to make purchases since you can earn significantly higher than the normal 4% return you would normally get.

Again, you'll want to focus your attention on the Boots App or sign up for the Boots Advantage newsletter which will keep you informed!

Boots Clubs

The Boots Advantage Scheme offers two clubs called the Parenting Club and the Over-60s Rewards club.

Boots Parenting Club

The Boots Parenting Club is exclusive to Boots Advantage Cardholders that have a newborn child on the way and for any child up until the day they turn five years of age. The club offers:

  • 8 Boots Points Per Β£1 spend on baby products
  • Free gifts at key stages of your baby's development
  • Expert parenting advice
  • Parenting Club offers via the Boots app

This is a great way to get the baby products you need while getting a superb 8p back on your purchases.

Over 60 Rewards

The Over 60 Rewards program offers additional points for being 60 years or older. This scheme offers:

  • 8 Boots Points Per Β£1 spend on Boots brands & selected exclusives
  • Exclusive club benefits and shopper points benefits
  • The ability to collect 200 points when you take a Boots Hearing Health Check

The bonus points alone makes this program worth signing up for since you'll earn a high 8% return on select purchases.

Student Discount

As a student with a Boots Advantage Card, you'll receive a 10% discount on thousands of products. You can visit a Boots store and head to the till to link your Boots Advantage Card with your NUS/TOTUM card or student ID to activate your discount.

Annual Fees

The Boots Advantage Card does not have an annual fee.

Boots Advantage Card Calculator

Input your monthly and yearly spend amounts into the calculator to find out how many Boots points you can earn as a Boots Advantage member. You can select if you're part of a club to calculate bonus points on select purchases.

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How many points do you earn per pound with the Boots Advantage Card?

All Boots Advantage Card members earn 4 points per Β£1 spent on in-store and online purchases with Boots.

What is the value of Boots Advantage Card points?

Boots Advantage points are worth Β£0.01 each. Every 100 points you earn has a cash value of Β£1 in-store and online with Boots.

What is Boots Advantage Over 60 Rewards?

If you're over 60 years of age, you can sign up for Over 60 Rewards and get 8 Boots points per Β£1 spent on Boots brand items and selected exclusives.

What is Boots Parenting Club?

Boots Advantage Cardholders that have a newborn child on the way or any child five years of age and younger can sign up for the Boots Parenting Club. It offers 8 points per Β£1 spent on baby products and several other benefits.

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