Marks & Spencer (M&S) Rewards Calculators

Marks and Spencer Calculators for earning M&S credit card points based on spend and calculating the cash value of M&S points based on redemption.

Mark and Spencer is a British multinational retailer headquartered out of London, England. They offer a rewards program that allows you to earn points when spending at M&S and also offer a credit card that can help you build your points even faster, especially if you're an M&S Premium Club Customer.

M&S Credit Cards

M&S offers one credit card that can earn you M&S Points on everyday spending. It's a great card to have if you frequent Marks & Spencer and an even better card if you are a M&S Premium Club Customer.

M&S Credit Card
M&S Credit Card
Intro Bonus
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Rewards Rate
Earn 1 point for every £1 you spend in M&S
Earn 1 point for every £5 you spend elsewhere
Earn an additional 2 points for every £1 spent in M&S an M&S Premium Club Customer
Main Card Highlights
  • Collect M&S points every time you shop anywhere in the world with your M&S Credit Card. We'll give you one point for every £1 you spend in M&S and one point for every £5 you spend elsewhere.
  • With the M&S Credit Card, you’ll receive up to 55 days' interest-free credit when you pay your balance in full and on time each month.
  • You can add an additional cardholder over the age of 18 to your account, so you can both enjoy the same card benefits and earn M&S points on all your shopping.
  • Manage and monitor your card anytime through Internet Banking and the M&S Banking App.
  • Use your M&S Credit Card and Sparks card together when you shop at M&S and earn even more rewards.
  • No annual fee.
Annual Fee
Supplementary Cards
Non-Sterling Transaction Fee

How Much Are M&S Points Worth?

M&S Points are worth 1p each meaning every 100 points you earn is worth £1. If you have over 200 points, your points will be converted into vouchers and mailed out to you. These are sent quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

Use the M&S Points Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of M&S Points based on the redemption value of 1p per point.

M&S Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
1p | 100 = £1

M&S Premium Club

Mark and Spencer offers their Premium Club membership for £10 a month. With this membership, you'll receive:

  • Triple Points for every £1 you spend at M&S using the M&S Credit Card
  • 48 hot drink vouchers per year (£132 in value)
  • Quarterly treats and delights vouchers (£45 in value)
  • A birthday gift worth at least £10
  • Vouchers worth £40 to spend in sotre on clothing and home every year

Overall, you're paying £120 per year to receive about £227 in vouchers if value everything at the values they list. You'll also be earning the additional 2 points per £1 spent if you have the M&S Credit Card which is an extra 2% on your spending.

M&S Premium Club can easily be worth it if you frequently shop at Marks & Spencer and will especially be worth it if you have the M&S Credit Card.


How much are M&S Points worth?

M&S Points have a value of 1p each meaning that every 100 points you earn will be worth £1.

Is M&S Premium Club worth joining?

M&S Premium Club is worth joining if you frequently shop at Marks and Spencer. The program offers bonus points when using the M&S Credit Card and about £227 in vouchers annually.

How many M&S credit card points can you earn?

You'll earn 1 point per £1 spent with Mark and Spencer and 1 point per £5 spent everywhere else. Use the M&S Credit Card Points Calculator to find out how many you can earn based on spend.

How much are 2,000 M&S Points worth?

2,000 M&S Points has a value of £20.

When are M&S Points converted to vouchers?

M&S Points are automatically converted to vouchers once you have earned at least 200 points.

Can you earn bonus cash back with TopCashback shopping at M&S?

Yes. You can earn cash back or British Airways Avios on top of your M&S Points when using TopCashback.

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