Maximiles: Earning Points and Point Value (Calculators)

Maximiles Rewards Calculators for earning with the Maximiles Credit Card based on spend and calculating cash value of Maximiles Points based on redemption.

The Maximiles Rewards program allows you to earn points taking surveys, responding to emails, and doing other engaging stuff online and on mobile. You can then redeem your Maximiles Points towards rewards in their catalog. The Maximiles program offers the Maximiles Credit Card to help you build your rewards in the program faster.

Maximiles Credit Cards

Earns 1 Maximiles Point per £1 spent on all purchases. No annual fee.

Maximiles Points Value

The value of Maximiles Points will vary depending on what you redeem them for, but they seem to average around 0.37 cents per point. They have a relatively large catalogue. You would have to see what the retail price of an item is and divide that by the cost in Maximiles points. To give you an idea of the value of points, the Maximiles catalogue offers some gift cards. A £25 Argos Gift Card will cost you 6,460 points. This particular redemption would give your points a value of 0.38 cents per point.

Another example is the Nintendo Switch Lite. At the time of writing this, I can find this handheld system for £199 on most popular sites. This item will cost you 53,440 Maximiles points to obtain through their catalogue which gives your points a value of 0.37 cents per point.

You can use the Points & Miles Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of any purchase as long as you know the cost in points and the cost in cash.

Use the Maximiles Points Value Calculator below to calculate the cash value of points based on the redemption value of 0.37p.

Maximiles Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Avg. Value

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