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Credit Card Search Tool

Search for the best credit cards by bonus category. Select categories, hit search, and get a list of matches from a database of top credit cards.

This credit card search tool searches for credit cards based on the categories you select. There's almost 200 different categories to choose from.

Select the categories, hit search, and you'll be given a list of credit cards sorted by the most matches in the categories you selected. It will list the bonus categories for each match as well as highlight the categories that match. You'll also be given some details on the fees and the rewards the card earns.

You can use the Filter Options to filter the through the results. You can filter by bank, network, annual fee, rewards type, and more.

compare credit cards side by side
Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits, and fees.

You can click the Rewards Calculator button to be taken to that card's credit card calculator page. On that page you find the details on the card's bonus categories, perks and benefits, standard sign up bonus, and annual fee. You will also be able to calculate total rewards based on your spend and calculate the cash value of the card based on spend, how much each card benefit is worth to you, and any fees the card may have. You can then compare the results side by side any card featured on the site.

Add/Remove Categories

Select the bonus categories that you're looking for to be on a rewards card. Once you hit search, you'll be given a list of results. You can then filter those results.
Type At Least 3 Letters.
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Show Exact Matches

Show only the cards that feature the exact categories selected. Subcategories will not be shown. Example: If you select British Airways, cards that earn on general travel or airline spend will not be shown. Only cards that earn specifically with British Airways will be displayed.

Bank (Holder)

The bank issuing the card. [Populates after search]


The network the card is tied to. [Populates after search]

Card Type

The type of card such as co-branded airline cards, hotel cards, cruise line cards, and bank rewards cards. [Populates after search]

Rewards Type

The type of rewards the card earns. [Populates after search]


Toggle the showing of personal/consumer and business credit cards. [Populates after search]

Annual Fee (Range)

The range of fees you're willing to pay to wield such cards.

Foreign Transaction Fee

The percentage of fees you'll pay on the dollar when you use the card outside of it's region.


Do note that results may take a few seconds to generate after doing a search. For more accurate results, I recommend using the Rewards Calculator. Some credit cards may appear in this list more than once if there's more than one path to transferring rewards.
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