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Find the credit cards you're looking for by keyword and calculate how many rewards you can earn based on spend. Compare results side by side top cards.

If you want to find the card of your dreams by keyword, you've reached the right spot. You can search by keyword typing any of the following into the search box below:

  • Card Name (e.g. Platinum Card, Preferred Rewards Gold)
  • Currency (e.g. Membership Rewards, Cash Back)
  • Bank Name (e.g. Capital One, AMEX, Santander)
  • Network (e.g. VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX)
  • Program (e.g. Aer Lingus, Marriott, Costco)

Keywords need to be separated by spaces. Once you hit search, you'll be given a list of cards that match the keywords you entered. You can then click on a card to learn more about it's bonus categories, perks & benefits, standard sign up bonus, and fees. You'll also be able to calculate total rewards based on spend and calculate the cash value of the card based on spend, how much you value benefits, and any annual fees. You can then compare the results side-by-side any credit card featured on the site.

compare credit cards side by side
Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits, and fees.

Do note that all cards that have credit card calculator pages will appear in the list. That means that cards that are no longer available will also appear. Cards that are no longer available to apply for or cards that no longer exist are typically marked with "(N/A)".


Enter in keywords separated by spaces in the search box below. Once you hit the search button, you'll get a list of results.


Do note that results may take a few seconds to generate after doing a search. For more accurate results, I recommend using the Rewards Calculator. Some credit cards may appear in this list more than once if there's more than one path to transferring rewards.
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