Points and Miles Cash Value Calculators

Calculate the average cash value of points and miles across loyalty rewards programs. Find out if a redemption is worth using points/miles or cash.

If you're someone that enjoys earnings points and miles with loyalty programs, you probably also enjoy great redemptions. One of the best perks of earning rewards is knowing that you scored a redemption that higher than the average cash value of what most sites peg the points/miles as.

It can be hard to know when to use points, miles, or cash when booking travel. These calculators will help you determine if you're getting a great deal on a redemption. This includes redeeming your rewards for free nights and flights as well as redeeming your rewards for other things such as gift cards, merchandise, and more.

Do note that:

  • I do not have all the redemption values for every reward currency
  • The average values I have pegged rewards at are my own and may be different for you
  • The values of rewards can change at any time so be sure to check on that before committing to a redemption

If there's anything else you want to be added to this page in terms of calculators, feel free to reach out to me on social media.

Points and Miles Cash Value Calculator

If you want to know how much your points and miles are worth for any redemption, the Points and Miles Cash Value Calculator can help. This calculator will give you the cash value of your points or miles based on the cash price of the redemption. You can calculate the cash value of up to three different redemptions. For this calculator you will need:

  • The cost of the redemption in cash
  • The cost of the redemption in points/miles
  • Any taxes/fees/costs assoicated with the cost in points/miles (optional)

Below the calculator is an example of how you can use this calculator to calculate the cash value of your points/miles.

Cash Value Calculator

The cash value calculator can be used for airline miles, hotel points, car rental rewards, and all other types of rewards.

Points and Miles Cash Value Calculator
Rate 1
Cost In Cash
Cost In Rewards (pt/mi)
Rewards Taxes/Fees
Rewards Cash Value: - cents
Per Point/Mile
Rate 2
Cost In Cash
Cost In Rewards (pt/mi)
Rewards Taxes/Fees
Rewards Cash Value: - cents
Per Point/Mile
Rate 3
Cost In Cash
Cost In Rewards (pt/mi)
Rewards Taxes/Fees
Rewards Cash Value: - cents
Per Point/Mile

Calculator Example

Below is an example of how to use the calculator Points and Miles Cash Value calculator listed above. For the example, I'll use Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines gives you three ways to pay for your flight. Those ways are:

  • All Cash
  • Cash + Skymiles
  • All Skymiles

For this example, I will take a look at a flight from Columbus Airport to Los Angeles. Delta makes it relatively easy to switch between between flights with their 'Show Price In' option at the top of search result pages. Let's take a look at some prices.

Delta CMH to LAX Cash
Cash Option: Main Cabin costs $345.
Delta CMH to LAX SkyMiles
Skymiles Option: Main Cabin will cost you 22,000 miles plus $11.20 in taxes/fees.
Delta CMH to LAX
Miles+Cash Option: Main Cabin will cost you 12,000 miles plus $191.20.

Now that you know the cash value of the flight, you can calculate how much your Skymiles will be worth for the All Miles and Miles+Cash redemptions. So using the calculator above and looking strickly at Main Cabin prices, you would plug in the numbers like so:

Points and Miles Calculator
Plug in the cash value at the top of each section. Then fill in the two options for using Miles.

In this case, using all miles will give your Skymiles a value of 1.52 cents each while using the Miles+Cash option will give you a value of 1.28 cents. I peg Skymiles at around 1.2 cents each so both redemptions are good, but using all miles would give your Skymiles great value.

TPC Points & Miles Cash Value

I cover a fair share of rewards programs across this site. I calculate the average value of points and miles by going to each loyalty program's website indivudally and running calculations based on the redemption options they have available. While it's possible to get an average value for most redemptions, there are some that change depending on different factors so you'll always want to double check yourself to see how much points and miles could be worth to you. There's also some redemptions that I just don't have access to either because I'm not a member of said program, it is unavailable to me due to not having enough points/miles, I'm not in a region in which I can join the program, or various other reasons. I try my best to keep the values listed below up to date and to not over-evaluate rewards by giving them high values that can be hard to obtain.

Remember that the values in the table below are my own average values and that these may be different depending on how you redeem your points. With some rewards points and miles, you can get a lot more in value with a little bit of research so these values aren't set in stone.

Where available, you can click on a program to learn more about earning, redeeming, and transferring rewards with that program.

List of Values

The list of values is based on the region selected. Again, I do not have the value of all currencies for every region. These are based on average values that I've come up with when comparing the cost in cash versus the cost in rewards. You may be able to squeeze more or less value out of points and miles depending on the redemption.

Select the proper region to see how much The Point Calculator values points for the list rewards programs.