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American Airlines Credit Card Comparisons

Calculate total AAdvantage Miles and compare American Airlines credit cards side by side based on your spend with AA, card benefits, and annual fees.

American Airlines has a total of seven credit cards which consists of 5 credit cards offered by CitiBank and 2 credit cards offered by Barclays. All of the card earns AAdvantage Miles per $1 spent and several cards grant additional perks and benefits.

You can use this page to compare American Airlines credit cards side-by-side against each other. If you're looking to compare any of the cards below against credit cards outside of American Airlines, you'll need to jump over to that card's AAdvantage Miles Calculator.

Barclays AA Cards

Barclays offers one American Airlines personal card and one American Airlines business card. Both cards are great options for those that enjoy flying AA.

Aviator Red

The Aviator Red is an entry-level credit card that is similar to Citi's AAdvantage Platinum Select Card.

Aviator Red Benefits:

  • 2x AAdvantage Miles on AA spend
  • First Checked Bag Free
  • Anniversary Companion Certificate w/ $20,000 Spend
  • Preferred Boarding
  • 25% Off In-Flight Food & Beverage
  • Annual $25 In-Flight Wi-Fi Credits

The Aviator Red offers a solid standard sign up bonus of around 60,000 AAdvantage Miles and an introductory Companion Certificate for a companion to fly with you at $99 (plus taxes/fees) which makes it a very appealing card. It has a $95 annual fee.

Aviator Business Card

The Aviator Business Card is Barclay's AAdvantage business card that is similar to the CitiBusiness Platinum Select Card.

Aviator Business Card Benefits:

  • 2x Miles On AA Spend
  • 2x Miles On Office Supply Stores Spend
  • 2x Miles On Telecommunication Spend
  • 2x Miles On Rental Car Spend
  • First Checked Bag Free
  • Preferred Boarding
  • 25% Off In-Flight Food & Beverage
  • Annual Companion Certificate w/ $30,000 Spend
  • 5% AAdvantage Mileage Bonus
  • Earn EQDs w/ $25k Spend

The Aviator Business Card is great for any business that wants to earn AA miles spending across business-travel categories. The card also offers an annual companion certificate that is good for 1 guest to travel for $99. The ability to earn an $3,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) with $25,000 in spend per calendar year is also a nice touch for the businesses (or individuals) that can reach such.

The Barclays Aviator Red is a great entry-level AA credit card.

Citi AA Cards

Citi offers five American Airlines credit cards which consists of four personal cards and one business card.

Executive Card

The Executive Card is AA's premium-luxury travel card. It has a $450 annual fee, but comes loaded with benefits that can be worth it for those who want all the perks when flying American Airlines.

Executive Card Benefits:

  • 2x Miles On AA Spend
  • Admiral Club Access
  • Global Entry/PreCheck Credit
  • EQM/Miles Boost with Heavy Spend
  • 25% Off In-Flight Food & Beverage
  • First Checked Bag Free
  • AA Priority Perks
  • AA Reduced Mileage Awards

The main selling point of this card is the Admirals Club membership which would normally cost you around $400. The pricing of the Executive Card is in line with other premium airline cards such as the Delta Reserve AMEX and United MileagePlus Club Card.

Platinum Select Card

The Platinum Select Card is Citi's entry level card for those looking to earn great benefits when flying American Airlines. The card is comparable to Barclay's Aviator Red card which offers many of the same benefits.

Platinum Select Benefits:

  • 2x Miles On AA Spend
  • 2x Miles On Restaurant Spend
  • 2x Miles On Gas Station Spend
  • First Checked Bag Free
  • Preferred Boarding
  • 25% Off In-Flight Food & Beverage
  • $125 AA Flight Discount

If you're trying to decide between Citi's Platinum Select and Barclay's Aviator Red, you will need to weigh the benefits of the $125 Flight Discount and extra bonus categories against the annual companion certificate.

aa credit card benefits
Most of the AA credit cards feature great perks such a free checked bag, preferred boarding, and savings on in-flight purchases!

MileUp Card

The MileUp Card is a no-annual fee AA credit card offered by CitiBank. It's great for anyone looking to earn AAdvantage Miles on grocery purchases.

MileUp Benefits:

  • 2x Miles On AA Spend
  • 2x Miles On Grocery Spend
  • 25% Off In-Flight Food & Beverage

If you're looking for a fee free AA credit card or want to downgrade a higher tier AA credit card, this is the best option.

Gold Card

The Gold Card is another no-annual fee AA credit card offered by Citi. Unlike the other AA credit cards, it has no bonus categories and has almost no benefits.

Gold Benefits:

  • 1x All Spend
  • 25% Off In-Flight Food & Beverage

If you're only going to use the card for in-flight purchases of food and beverages only, this is not a bad card to have.

CitiBusiness Platinum Select Card

The CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Select is Citi's AA business card. It's an alternative to Barclay's Aviator Business Card and features benefits that are similar to the personal AA Platinum Select Card.

CitiBusiness Platinum Select Benefits:

  • 2x Miles AA Spend
  • 2x Cable/Satellite Spend
  • 2x Gas Spend
  • 2x Telecommunications Spend
  • 2x Rental Car Spend
  • First Checked Bag Free
  • Preferred Boarding
  • Companion Certificates w/ $30,000 Spend
  • 10% Discount on AA Vacations
  • 25% Off In-Flight Food & Beverage
  • 25% Off In-Flight Wi-Fi

The benefit that stands out most on this card is the 25% off in-flight Wi-Fi which can be a big thing if you frequently pay for Wi-Fi flying American Airlines.

Comparing the AA business cards, there's slight differences in the bonus categories along with some perks specific to each card such as the WiFi & AA Vacations discount on the CitiBusiness Card and the mileage bonus & EQD earning on Barclay's AA business card.

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