Avios Points Value

Avios can be redeemed for an average of 1.2 cents each for most flights. Get the list of redemption options for Avios.
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Avios is the rewards currency of British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus, and the Avios Program which consists of Aer Lingus and Vueling. Redeeming your Avios across these programs will operate differently depending on the rewards program you're signed up for. Within these three programs, Avios can generally be redeemed for free flights across Avios-earning airlines, oneworld Alliance airlines, car rentals, and hotels. Depending on the program, you'll also have additional redemption options that allow you to use Avios for seat upgrades, onboard food, and much more.

Avios Value Calculator

The cash value of Avios will heavily depend on which rewards program you're earning them with and how you redeem them. For the most part, you should easily be able to get at least 1.2 to 1.5 cents per Avios without much effort regardless of the rewards program.

The Avios Cash Value calculator calculates the average value of Avios for the redemptions listed. Values are just rough estimates based on me testing various flights with each of the airlines in the Avios rewards program. If you know the cash value of a flight and the cost in Avios (or Avios & Money), you can use the Avios & Money Calculator at the far bottom of this page to do the calculations for you.

Avios Value Calculator

Enter any amount of miles to see the average cash value.
Award Flights (Research/First-Business Class)
1.5+ cents
Award Flights (Average)
1.2 cents
Upgrades To Business
2.0 - 3.0+ cents
$0 - $0+
Hotels, Car Hire (Rental Car)
0.6 - 1.0 cent
$0 - $0


British Airways Avios are earned under the British Airways Executive Club rewards program. Redeeming these miles are done through the British Airways website. These Avios are commonly referred to as BA Avios.

British Airways Reward Flights

Avios earned with British Airways can be used to book reward flights with British Airways, oneworld Alliance partners, and several partner/codeshare airlines. You can use your BA Avios to book with the airlines listed below.

oneworld Alliance:

Other Partners:

  • Aer Lingus
  • airBaltic
  • Bangkok Airways
  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Fiji Airways
  • Loganair
  • Vistara
  • Vueling

When booking award flights with BA Avios, you can do so through the British Airways website. Flight results will show availability for British Airways and all partner airlines on one page.

british airways flights one page
Book partner flights directly through the ba.com website.

With such a wide variety of airlines that you can redeem Avios on, you should easily be able to redeem Avios for around 1.2 cents or higher without too much of an issue. Typically, most flights that I mapped out (usually from the US to Europe or US to Asia) gave me a value of around 1.3 to 1.5 cents per Avios. I was also able to find some redemptions that offered a higher value than 1.5 cents per Avios for first/business class flights.

In order to compare the cash price and Avios price, you'll have to have two different windows opened as there is no easy way to switch the view between both.

BA Upgrade With Avios

BA Avios can be used to upgrade a cash booking to the next cabin whenever there's availability. This can be done on selected fares with British Airways, Iberia, and American Airlines. You can upgrade an existing booking or upgrade at the time of booking and it doesn't matter if it's a one-way or roundtrip. The cost of the upgrade will vary, but it will be based on the Avios costs for reward flights in the cabins you are upgrading from and to. It will also depend on whether your flight is scheduled on a peak or off-peak date.

Basically, you can search your flight and look at the cost in Avios between the class you're in and the one you'll be upgraded to. That will give you an idea (if not the exact) cost of the upgrade.

BA Avios Part Payment

When making a cash booking with British Airways, you'll be given the chance to use your Avios to reduce the price of your flight. This can be done on all British Airways flights, American Airlines flights between the UK and North America, and on British Airways codeshare flights with the following airlines:

  • Air Baltic
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Fiji Airways
  • Finnair
  • Flybe
  • Japan Airlines
  • Loganair
  • Qantas
  • Qatar
  • S7
  • Vistara
ba avios part payment
You'll get better value when you use lower amounts of Avios.

When booking your cash flight, you'll be able to choose the option you want (assuming you have enough Avios). The value you get out of this option will vary, but you will typically get more value when you choose to redeem less Avios.

BA Hotels and Cars

British Airways Avios can be used to book hotels and rent cars through the British Airways Hotels and Cars Portal. Hotels will give your BA Avios around 0.6 cents in value while car rentals average out around 0.7 cents each.

book hotel with ba avios
Book your hotel stay using Avios.

When selecting a hotel through the portal, you'll be shown the average cost per night in Avios for the hotel along with a bunch of Avios & Money options. The majority of the Avios & Money options seem to give a lower value. Some options that I tested gave me as low as 0.1 cents per Avios which is quite terrible, but I was also able to find some that gave value as high as 0.7 cents per Avios and actually came out better than paying all Avios.

book london hotel with avios
You'll have a lot of Avios & Money options to choose from.

If you plan on using your BA Avios to book a hotel stay and you want the best value, you'll want to calculate the value of each option because you never know which one could be a winner. To make this task easier, the Avios & Money Calculator at the bottom of this page can lend a hand.

ba avios car rental
Rent cars with BA Avios.

Renting cars through the portal will behave the same as booking hotels. After doing a search, you'll be shown the cost of the rental in all Avios as well as be given several Avios & Money options to choose from. With the car rental options, I found the Avios & Money options to still give around the same value as paying all Avios. Still... you'll want to calculate the value of the Avios & Money options one-by-one if you want to make sure you're getting a great deal.

You can use the Avios & Money Calculator located at the bottom of this page to calculate the cash value you'll get out of these redemptions.

ba avios car rental manchester
Choose to pay in all Avios or one of the many Avios & Money options.

BA Onboard Food

BA Avios can be used for the Marks & Spencer brand on board menu in economy (Euro Traveller) cabin to and from London Heathrow and London Gatwick. The value you get out of this will depend on what you have a taste or thirst for.

ba avios food and drink


Iberia Avios are earned under the Iberia Plus rewards program. Redeeming these Avios are done through the Iberia website.

Iberia Reward Flights

Iberia Avios can be used to book award flights with Iberia, oneworld airlines, and other select airlines. Iberia's partners consist of:

The cost in Avios for a flight operated by Iberia will depend on whether the flight is on an off-peak or peak day. Iberia has a calendar that lays out the days on their Using My Avios page.

ibera peak off-peak calendar
Peak and off-peak calendar for Iberia.

Avios & Money

When booking flights on Iberia.com or through the service center, you'll have the option to pay in Avios & Money. This option will be available for flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum, and Vueling. You can also book Avios & Money options through British Airways, but you'll need to do so through the Iberia Call Center.

iberia avios and money options
You can pay with Avios & money to knock down the cost of your flight.

As with other options, paying in Avios & Money will typically give you a better value than paying in all Avios. You can use the Avios & Money Calculator to calculate the value of your Avios for these type of redemptions.

Seat Upgrades

Iberia Avios can be used to upgrade your economy tickets (fares Y, B, and H) to business class (based on availability). The value of upgrading your tickets will vary depending on the flight.

Iberia Hotels & Cars

Iberia Avios can be used to book hotels and rental cars through the Iberia Avios & Money Portal. Using your Avios through the portal will give your Avios an average value of 0.6 cents each.

iberia book hotel with avios
Book car rentals and hotels with Avios.

When booking with Avios, you'll be given the option of Avios & Money. The Avios & Money options will typically give you more value as you pay less Avios. If you don't mind paying a little bit more in cash and saving some Avios, you'll come out ahead in the long run by choosing the Avios & Money option.

You can use the Avios & Money Calculator located at the far bottom of this page to calculate the cash value of your Avios based on the total cost in cash and the cost in Avios & Money.


Aer Lingus Avios are earned under the AerClub Loyalty rewards program. They can be redeemed directly through the Aer Lingus website or through Avios.com for hotels and car rentals.

Aer Lingus Reward Flights

Avios earned with Aer Lingus can be used to book reward travel with Aer Lingus and AerClub airline partners. AerClub airline partners include:

Reward flights start as low as 8,000 Avios for a roundtrip ticket during off-peak season. The Avios you spend on reward flights with Aer Lingus will depend on the distance flown, whether your flight is peak or off-peak, and the fare class.

Aer Lingus posts the cost of all their flights in Avios by Zone for off-peak and peak flights (they also have an Off-Peak/Peak Calendar), so if you're looking to spend some Avios on trips, they make it pretty easy to see how many Avios it will cost you. The value of your Avios will vary depending on your route and the off-peak/peak season.

Looking at a week long trip at the end of September (off-peak), cash prices for a roundtrip flight between New York (JFK) and Dublin hover around $792.

aer lingus jfk to dub
Fly from New York (JFK) to Dublin (DUB) for around $792.

Redeeming Avios for the same flight would cost you 26,000 Avios plus $222.86 in taxes, fees, and carrier charges. That means this redemption would give Avios a value of 2.1 cents (USD) each which is fantastic.

aer lingus jfk to dub avios
You'll get a value of 2.1 cents out of your Avios for this redemption.

When booking flights with Avios, you also have the chance to choose other payment options which consists of multiple Avios & Money options that offers you the chance to use a lower amount of Avios in exchange for paying a little more in cash. These options will give your Avios a lot more value than paying in all Avios. When using Avios for flights, the program tends to give you more value per Avios when you dish out smaller amounts rather than paying in all Avios.

Looking at the same New York to Dublin flight, you can book it for as low as 9,100 Avios plus $422.86 in taxes, fees, and charges. This gives your Avios a value of 4 cent each which is superb.

aer lingus jfk to dub avios options
You'll get a value of 4 cents per Avios when you choose to use the lowest amount of Avios.

You end up paying a lot more in cash, but you'll get a lot more value out of your Avios. Plus, you'll still earn Avios on the cash portion of the payment which means you're earning and redeeming Avios at the same time.

If you need to calculate the payment options listed under the Avios & Money section, you can use the Avios & Money Calculator located on this page under the BA Avios section.

Aer Lingus Pay With Avios

Aer Lingus Avios can be used to get money off the cost of an Aer Lingus, CityJet, ASL or Aer Lingus Regional flight booked. This option will appear on the payment page when purchasing airfare and will only appear if you have at least 500 Avios in your account. Discounts are dependent on total trip expenditure so the costs and value of using Avios will vary. If you have a few Avios sitting in your account and you want to use them to shave down the cost of your trip, this is not a bad route to take.

pay with avios
Use your Avios to get money off your next flight.

Upgrade To Business Class

Avios can be used to upgrade flights between Ireland and North America to business class. This can be done for Aer Lingus transatlantic economy flights already booked on aerlingus.com. As with flight redemptions, the amount of value you get out of upgrading will vary based on the route and whether you're booking during off-peak or peak season. Upgrades for a one-way flight start as low as 37,000 Avios and cost as much as 55,000 Avios.

avios upgrade to business class
Use Avios to upgrade your ticket and fly business class.

As an example, the difference in prices between flying economy and business class between Chicago and Dublin ranged from $900 to $1,500 during off-peak. Putting up 37,000 Avios to upgrade a flight with a difference of $900 would give your Avios a value of 2.4 cents each. Doing the same for a $1,500 upgrade difference would give you 4 cents per Avios.

Avios Hotels & Cars

Avios can be used to book hotel stays and rent cars using the Avios Hotels, Cars, & More Portal. This same portal is used by those that are part of the Vueling Club rewards program and it behaves the same as the portals used by British Airways and Iberia.

sofitel amsterdam booking avios
Receive a discount at some hotels for long/extended stays.

Booking through this portal will give your Avios a value of around 0.6 cents with the ability to get a better value on Avios & Money bookings. Using Avios & Money, you can pay as little as 1,000 Avios.

Booking cars will give you around the same value as booking hotels which is 0.6 cents per Avios. You'll typically get more value out of your Avios by going for the Avios & Money options.

aer lingus book budget rental avios
Book car rentals with Avis and Budget using Avios.


Vueling Avios are earned under the Vueling Club rewards program. Redeeming Avios earned with Vueling are done either directly through the Vueling website or through Avios.com.

Vueling Reward Flights

Avios earned within Vueling Club can be used to pay part or the entire cost of your flight. This applies to flights booked on Vueling.com for travel on Vueling or Iberia. The option to pay in Avios will pop up as an option after you have selected your flights. You must have enough Avios in your account in order to view the discount option.

no avios vueling flight
I have Avios with BA and Aer Lingus, but not with Vueling.

Along with applying your Vueling Avios towards flights, you can also apply them to pay for the extras you've added to the trip. This can be done under the 'Manage Your Booking' section after you have already paid for your Vueling flight.

Avios Hotels & Cars

Vueling Avios can be used on Avios.com to book hotels and pay for car rentals worldwide with Avis and Budget. This is the same Avios Hotels, Cars, & More Portal that Aer Lingus AerClub members can use. This will give your Vueling Avios around 0.6 cents in value.

Avios & Money Calculator

When redeeming Avios for hotel, car rental, and flight options, you're given the option to pay with a mix of Avios and cash. Depending on the redemption, you'll usually get a better option when paying Avios & Money compared to paying all Avios.

If you know the full cost of the redemption in cash (including fees/taxes), you can enter in the Avios & Money amounts in the table and it will output the value of your Avios. This will help you easily calculate which redemption gives you the best value.

Avios & Money Value Calculator
Total Cost In Cash
Cost In Avios
Cash, Taxes, & Fees
Avios Cash Value: - cents
Per Avios


Avios can be quite valuable if you frequently fly with British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, Vueling, or any of the oneworld Alliance partners. With so many redemption options and the easy value you can squeeze out of every point, you're sure to find yourself savings lots of money on flights, hotels, and car rentals if you choose to earn Avios.

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