Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX Card Calculator

Card Details & SkyMiles Calculator
3x Delta Purchases
First Class Complimentary Companion Certificate
Delta SkyClub One-Time Guest Passes
Delta SkyClub Access
Status Boost
Complimentary Upgrades & Upgrade Priority
20% Off Delta In-Flight Purchases
Pay With Miles
MQD Waiver
Centurion Lounge Access
Global Entry / TSA PreCheck
1st Checked Bag Free

Review the benefits of the Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX (2020), calculate how many SkyMiles you can earn based on your spend, and compare against top cards.

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card is Delta's premium credit card. I find this card to be for people who want to either spend their way to Delta Medallion Status or for those who want to enjoy at least one first class flight per year with the First Class Companion Pass. The card itself has a high pricing point of $550, but the benefits of the card can easily make up for that fee and more.

Bonus Categories

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX Card features one bonus category which is Delta purchases. There is no limit to the amount of bonus SkyMiles you can earn using your card on Delta purchases and no limit to the amount of SkyMiles you can earn using the card overall.

  • 3x Delta Airlines
    • Includes:
      • Purchases via, phone reservations and the ticket counter
      • Upgrades
      • Miles
      • Seat Selection
      • Delta Sky Club® membership or passes
      • Pre-purchased meals
      • In-flight purchases of food, alcoholic beverages and audio headsets on Delta-operated flights
    • In-flight purchases of wireless internet access is not counted as a Delta purchase.
  • 1x Non-Category

Perks & Benefits

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX Card offers the most perks benefits when flying Delta compared to the other Delta AMEX personal cards. This includes a first class compainion pass, Delta SkyClub membership, Centurion Lounge access, and much more.

  • Annual First Class Companion Pass
    • Annual benefit starting on your first card anniversary, and every card anniversary from then on.
    • Companion can travel along with you on a First Class (or Main Cabin... but don't do that) booking for just the cost of taxes and fees.
    • Applies to travel between the 48 contiguous states; if you live in a non-contiguous state, it's good for travel to the continguous states.
  • Complimentary Delta SkyClub Access
    • Applies to you and additional Reserve card members.
    • Must be traveling on a same-day Delta-marketed or -operated flight.
    • If you or an additional card member is traveling on a Delta partner flight, you'll be charged a reduced fee of $39 per person, per location on the Reserve Card.
  • 2 Delta SkyClub One-Time Guest Passes
    • Receive two one-time guest passes for complimentary access to the Delta SkyClub annually.
    • Good for one year.
    • Guests using the pass must be traveling on a same-day Delta-marketed or -operated flight.
  • Centurion Lounge Access
    • Complimentary access to American Express Centurion Lounges when flying on a same-day Delta-marketed or -operated flight.
    • Must book your flight on a U.S. issued American Express Card.
    • You can bring up to two guests for $50 per guest, per location.
    • You can obtain complimentary Centurion Lounge access with the AMEX Platinum and AMEX Business Platinum cards.
  • Status Boost
    • Earn 15,000 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) for every $30,000 in spend ran across the card.
    • Can earn the status boost four times per calendar year for a total of 60,000 MQMs after $120,000 in spend.
    • Status Boost can be stacked with Status Boosts earned from other Delta AMEX credit cards.
  • Complimentary Upgrades & Upgrade Priority
    • Offers better chance to receive complimentary upgrades over non-cardholders with the same Medallion level as you.
    • If you're a non-Medallion member, you'll be eligible for complimentary upgrades.
  • Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Credit
    • Global Entry is for speeding through customs when re-entering the states; also grants TSA PreCheck if approved.
    • TSA PreCheck is for expedited screening through TSA checkpoints.
  • Medallion Qualification Dollar (MQD) Waiver
    • Spending $25,000 will waive the MQD requirement for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Medallion Status.
    • Spending $250,000 will waive the MQD requirement for Diamond Medallion Status.
    • Credit card spend between all of your Delta AMEX cards will count as long as you have at least a personal or business version of the Delta Platinum or Delta Reserve AMEX cards.
  • First Checked Bag Free
    • Applies to you and up to 8 other people traveling in the same reservation.
    • You do not have to use the card to get the free checked bag; card just has to be attached to your SkyMiles account.
    • Saves you minimally $25-$30 per one-way trip or $50-$60 roundtrip.
  • 20% Off In-Flight Purchases
    • Applies to Delta-operated flights.
    • Discount is issued in the form of a statement credit.
    • Qualifying purchases include pre-purchased meals and in-flight purchases of food, alcoholic beverages, and audio headsets.
  • Pay With Miles
    • Use Delta SkyMiles to lower the price of your airfare.
    • Redeem in 5,000-SkyMile increments which equals $50 off.
    • Gives your SkyMiles a value of 1 cent each.
  • ShopRunner Membership
  • AMEX Benefits
    • American Express Experiences
    • American Express Presale(s)
    • American Express Seating
    • AMEX Offers
  • Protections and Insurance

Sign Up Bonus (SUB)

The standard sign up bonus for the Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX Card is 30,000 SkyMiles and 10,000 MQMs. While the 10,000 MQMs can be a great push towards obtaining Medallion Status, this is a relatively low sign up bonus as you will not typically get too far with 30,000 SkyMiles

I've seen promotion bonuses for the Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX Card as high as 70,000 SkyMiles though it has been rare. I wouldn't recommend that you hold your breath waiting for that type of sign up bonus, but you should at least wait for some kind of elevated bonus (even if only 40k-50k miles) if you're in no rush to apply for the card.


Annual Fee

The annual fee for the Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX is $550. This falls in line with other premium travel cards such as the AMEX Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve. The card itself doesn't offer any credits like the two aforementioned cards, so how much you value the benefits of the Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX is what it will come down to.

In my opinion, the First Class Companion Pass can easily cover most of not the entire fee of the card if used right. If you don't find much value in the companion pass, the other Reserve card specific benefits such as Delta SkyClub access, Centurion Lounge access, status boost, and upgrade priority can also have help add easy value to the card.

Authorized User Fee

The authorized user fee to add additional cardholders is $0 while the authorized user fee to add additional Reserve Cards is $175 per user. Regular additional cardholders will not gain any real benefits outside of helping you build up your Delta SkyMiles when they use the card to make purchases. When you add an authorized user as a Reserve Card member, they will gain access to the Delta SkyClub. If a friend or family member is consistently paying $39 to enter the SkyClub, you might want to start considering adding them as an additional Reserve cardholder.

Foreign Transaction Fee

There is no foreign transaction fee for using the Delta SkyMiles Reserve AMEX Card which means you will not be charged a fee when using the card for international shopping and travel. The card doesn't really feature anything that can be useful for international purchases, so while it is nice to not be charged a foreign transaction fee, this isn't the best card to use for non-category spend.

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