Virgin Atlantic Points Value

Calculate the average cash value of Virgin Points (formerly known as Flying Club Miles) earned with Virgin Atlantic and get the list of redemption options.

Virgin Atlantic Points are valued around 1.2 cents each when used to book award flights with Virgin Atlantic though you can get a higher value if you put in a little bit of each effort. Along with booking award flights, points can be used for chauffeur service, Virgin Atlantic's popular clubhouse spas, and with a handful of spending partners featuring airlines, hotels, Virgin Group partners, and more.

Virgin Atlantic Points Value Calculator

Use the Virgin Atlantic Points Value Calculator to calculate the average cash value of Virgin Points based on the redemption options listed. Average values (denoted by '~') are based on how much The Point Calculator values that redemption after some research and number crunching. You can put any value in the field below.

Virgin Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Flights (Research)
~1.4 cents
~1.2 cents
Gift Cards
0.44 cents
EuroStar e-Voucher
0.44 cents

Virgin Atlantic Flights

Flying Club Miles are generally worth 1.2 cents each when used to book award travel, but can be work a lot more or a lot less depending on a great deal of factors. Look at the flight costs between Detroit (DTW) and London-Heathrow (LHR) below.

flight detroit to london heathrow miles
Cost in Flying Club Miles + Taxes/Fees

flight detroit to london heathrow cash
Cost in Cash

The first three days gives your Flying Club Miles a value of more than 5 cents per point while the end of the week gives you a value of about 1 cent each. For me personally, I find that booking one-way trips with Virgin Atlantic gives you more options and a little bit more value than just your standard round-trip.

one way flight detroit to london miles
One Way from Detroit to London

one way flight london to detroit miles
One Way from London to Detroit

I can book a one way flight on August 16th for 22,500 Flying Club Miles and $200 and a one-way ticket back for 27,500 miles and 137.32 Great British Pounds ($180 USD). This costs me a total of 50,000 Flying Club Miles and $380 which saves me 5,000 miles and $143 when compared to the round trip price. This also gives my points a value of 1.38 cents each.

Airline Partners

Flying Club Miles can be used to book airfare on several other airlines. This includes:

You can find the redemption tables on Virgin Atlantic's Airline Partners page.

Hotel Partners

Flying Club Miles can be used to book hotels through You can redeem your miles for Kaligo e-vouchers through the Flying Club helpline. Each voucher is worth 1 night and the cost in points will depend on the type of hotel room. Standard rooms are 20,000 miles per night, premium rooms are 30,000 miles, and luxury rooms are 40,000 miles. Room types are determined by Kaligo, so you will want to slide to there website to see what hotels are considered standard, premium, and luxury.

Virgin Vacations

Flying Club Members can use their miles on vouchers towards Virgin Vacation packages. Vouchers cost between 15,000 and 75,000 Flying Club miles and can be redeemed in values of $100, $300, or $500 on any Virgin Vacation package.

Sir Richard Branson Locations

Flying Club Members can use their miles to pay for stays at Sir Richard Brandon resorts and safari camps. This includes:

  • Mont Rochelle
  • Kasbah Tamadot
  • The Lodge Verbier
  • Mahali Mzuri
  • Ulusaba

Virgin Gift Card

Flying Club Members can redeem their miles for a Virgin Gift Card. 12,500 Miles will get you a £50 Virgin Gift Card ($56). This gives your Flying Club Miles a value of about 0.448 cents per mile.

Virgin Galactic

Flying Club Members will be able to redeem their miles for a trip to space. You will need to have 2,000,000 Flying Club Miles in your account to be eligble. Virgin Galactic typically charges $250,000 miles per seat, so you're looking at a value of 1.25 cent per point which is pretty good! All jokes aside, you will need to earn these 2 million miles on Virgin Atlantic Flights only. Miles earned outside of flying Virgin Atlantic will not be redeemable for Virgin Galactic flights.

virgin atlantic trip to space
Redeem 2,000,000 miles for a trip to space!

Virgin Balloon Flights

Flying Club Members in the United Kingdom can redeem 30,000 Flying Club Miles to fly in a Virgin hot air balloon over the English Countryside. This can be booked calling the Flying Club Helpline or by going to

Virgin Flying Without Fear

Flying Club Members can redeem 40,000 miles for a one day course that focuses on helping people beat their fears of flying. At the end of the course you're receive a booklet, CD, and 2,000 of your Flying Club Miles back.

Other Redemptions

Flying Club Miles can be donated to WE (formerly Free The Children) which inspires young people to develop as socially conscious global citizens and become agents of change for their peers around the world. Donated Miles are used to fly volunteers to destinations where Virgin Atlantic operates.

Flying Club Miles can be used on Eurostar to travel to over 100 destinations across Europe. You can use your miles to purchase Eurostar e-vouchers. A £50 Eurostar e-voucher will cost you 12,500 miles.

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