Extended Warranty

Using a credit card that offers extended warranty can add on to the manufacturer's original warranty. Get the list of cards that offer this perk.
Last Updated 2020-10-27

Extended warranty insurance extends the manufacturer's original warranty by a certain amount of time which is usually one year. This gives you extra time in the case that the item you purchased breaks, malfunctions, or quits working. Warranties will usually cover the cost of parts and labor to repair your purchased items.

In order to be eligible, you'll want to pay for the item(s) using the credit card that is offering the extended warranty. You'll want to check what items are and aren't covered with the extended warranty insurance.

Credit Cards With Extended Warranty

Listed below are all of the cards in the database that have Extended Warranty. You can click on a card to learn more and calculate total rewards and cash value based on spend, benefits, and fees.

Bank (Holder)

The bank issuing the card.


The network the card is tied to.

Card Type

The type of card such as co-branded airline cards, hotel cards, cruise line cards, and bank rewards cards.

Rewards Type

The type of rewards the card earns.


Toggle the showing of personal/consumer and business credit cards.

Annual Fee (Range)

The range of fees you're willing to pay to wield such cards.

Foreign Transaction Fee

The percentage of fees you'll pay on the dollar when you use the card outside of it's region.
Do note that this list may take a few seconds to search the database. Once the results are listed, you can click on the Rewards Calculator to get more details and calculate rewards.
These results are meant to be used as a reference. Benefits and perks on some of the listed cards may change before I'm able to update them. You'll want to check the terms, conditions, and full summary of any rewards card that you apply for to make sure that it features the perks and benefits that you're looking for.
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