Priority Pass

Benefit Details & Credit Cards That Offer It

Priority Pass membership grants you access to more than 1,300 lounge worldwide. Get the details on the program and the list of cards that offer membership.

Priority Pass is a network of over 1,300 lounges around the world. Access to Priority Pass can be gained through select credit cards that offers membership, credit cards that offer complimentary passes, or you can pay for membership through the

With the Priority Pass network, you'll be able to escape the noise and busyness of the airport by relaxing in a lounge that gives you access to:

  • Complimentary Drinks & Beverages
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Showers (at select locations)
  • Stocked Bars
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Charging Stations

In addition to enjoying lounge access, you'll also be given airport dining, retail and spa discounts. These coupons and discount codes can easily be redeemed via the Priority Pass app or with your digital account.

Buying Priority Pass Membership

Unlike Mastercard Airport Experience By LoungeKey which requires you to have an eligible Mastercard, Priority Pass allows you to buy membership. This gives you a little bit more flexibility in the case that you can just purchase membership and not have to add another credit card to your wallet just for membership.

Membership comes in three different flavors.

  • Standard Membership
    • Membership will cost you US$99 annually.
    • You'll have to pay US$32 per visit.
    • Guests will need to pay US$32 per visit.
  • Standard Plus Membership
    • Membership will cost you US$299 annually.
    • You'll get 10 free visits, then you'll have to pay US$32 per visit.
    • Guests will need to pay US$32 per visit.
  • Prestige Membership
    • Membership will cost you US$429 annually.
    • You get unlimited visits for free.
    • Guests will need to pay US$32 per visit.

These are all reasonable prices and the membership that's best for you will depend on how often you plan on visiting Priority Pass lounges. The table below shows how much it will cost you based on the number of visits. Guests are not includes since they'll need to pay the same US$32 no matter which membership you have.

Priority Pass Costs (in USD)
Visits Standard Standard+ Prestige
5 Visits $259 $299 $429
10 Visits $419 $299 $429
15 Visits $579 $459 $429
20 Visits $739 $619 $429

If you only plan on visiting a few times standard membership can be worth it, but you can see that once you start to frequent the lounges Standard Plus and Prestige start to become the better options. I recommend visiting the Priority Pass website to check out the locations of their lounges. If they're located in airports you frequent visit or airports you plan on visiting, grabbing up membership can be worth it.

If you plan on going for Priority Pass Prestige Membership, it's generally better (at least in my opinion) to pick up a credit card that offers Priority Pass complimentary. This is because the annual fee for most cards that offer Priority Pass will cost around the same and you'll also receive several other benefits that can be useful when traveling or making purchases.

Priority Pass Select

Priority Pass Select Membership is a special membership that is offered to those who have membership through a U.S. Financial Institution. Most cards that offer Select allows you to enter any of the 1,300+ lounges in the network free of charge, similar to Prestige membership.

Credit Cards With Priority Pass

Listed below are all of the cards from the database that offers some type of Priority Pass access. You can click on a card to learn more and calculate total rewards and cash value based on spend, benefits, and fees.

Bank (Holder)

The bank issuing the card.


The network the card is tied to.

Card Type

The type of card such as co-branded airline cards, hotel cards, cruise line cards, and bank rewards cards.

Rewards Type

The type of rewards the card earns.


Toggle the showing of personal/consumer and business credit cards.

Annual Fee (Range)

The range of fees you're willing to pay to wield such cards.

Foreign Transaction Fee

The percentage of fees you'll pay on the dollar when you use the card outside of it's region.
Do note that this list may take a few seconds to search the database. Once the results are listed, you can click on the Rewards Calculator to get more details and calculate rewards.
These results are meant to be used as a reference. Benefits and perks on some of the listed cards may change before I'm able to update them. You'll want to check the terms, conditions, and full summary of any rewards card that you apply for to make sure that it features the perks and benefits that you're looking for.
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