Best Credit Cards For Lists

Calculators for finding the best credit cards based on your spend across different categories, retail stores, airlines, and hotels. Compare results.

Finding the best credit card for anything requires you to know how much you spend across any given category. Sure someone can always give you great recommendations on the best credit cards, but what's best for them may not be the best for you.

The calculators on this page will give you a list of the best credit cards for based on your spend across different categories. Each credit cards (with the exception of a very small few) has their own Rewards Calculator which will allow you to calculate the cash value of the card based on your spend, how much you value card benefits, annual fees, sign up bonuses, authorized user fees, and much more. You can even factor in elite status with hotel rewards programs!

Best Credit Cards By Category

If you're looking for the best credit cards for earning on spend across top categories, the list below has you covered. Each page lists 50 credit cards that offer the best estimated return based off your spend and the average value of the rewards the card offers.

These calculators will usually not consist of co-branded credit cards unless they earn a great return on general spend for the given category.

get best credit cards by spend
Find out which cards earns you the most rewards based on your monthly, yearly, or quarterly spend across different categories.

Best Credit Cards By Multi-Category

Get a list of the 50 best credit cards for general spend across different category combinations. Results will feature credit card combinations, trifectas, quadfectas, and other -fectas along with common card pairings.

Best Credit Cards By Store/Retailer

Get a list of the 50 best credit cards for specific stores and retailers. Co-branded credit cards will generally appear in these lists if it earns a good enough return. These lists allow you to see how store cards stack up against all other rewards cards when used at a specific retailer.

Remember that store cards typically offer additional benefits such as birthday gifts, coupons, special financing and more. You'll want to take that into consideration when calculating the cash value. Also note that Store Cards typically have high interest rates. Always pay off your store cards in full!

Best Credit Cards By Hotel

Get a list of the best credit cards for earning hotel rewards points with your favorite hotel loyalty programs. Enter your spend with the hotel along and several other categories along with how much you value hotel rewards points to get a list of credit cards with the highest estimated return based on spend, the value of rewards, annual credits, and annual fees. Transfer partner credit cards are also included.

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