Best Credit Cards For Amazon Purchases

A list of the best credit cards for Amazon purchases based on your spend pulled from a database of 250+ cards. Compare results. Updates automatically.

Amazon is one of the big four next to Facebook, Apple, and Google. If you enjoy spending on Amazon's website, you'll have a good handful of options to earn an easy 3% to 5% on your spend.

Amazon has five credit cards under their belt that's divided between Synchrony, Chase Bank, and American Express. Regardless of which card you own, you'll earn 5% cash back as an Amazon Prime member and 3% cash back as a non-Amazon Prime member. The earnings will adjust automatically based on your membership with Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, Amazon's credit cards should be your goal as none of their cards have annual fees.

The Bank of America Cash Rewards Card offers 3% cash back on Online Shopping which includes purchases made on If you have between $25k to $100k to invest with Bank of America or their partners, you can earn as high as 5.25% cash back per $1 spent. Even by just having a Bank of America checking or savings account, you can earn a 10% boost which nets you a 3.3% return.

While these options aren't included in the calculator below, honorable mention goes to the Discover IT Card and Chase Freedom Flex Card which are 5% cash back cards with quarterly rotating categories. Both cards typically feature at least once during the year in which you can earn 5% and that's usually during the last quarter of the year (October-December) which can be good for holiday shopping. Discover even matches the cash back you earn the first year meaning you can earn 10% cash back on up to $1,500 spent during each quarter.

Outside of those options, your other best bets consist of credit cards that offer rewards in which you can get more than a 1 cent per point return. This includes cards like the American Express Blue Business Plus which earns Membership Rewards Points redeemable for as high as 2+ cents each or Chase's Ink Business Cash or Freedom Unlimited cash back cards in which both are capable of being converted to Ultimate Rewards Points redeemable at 1.25 to 2+ cents each if you own at least one Ultimate Rewards Points earning card.

Best Cards By Category Calculator

The Best Credit Cards By Category Calculator below will find the best credit cards for the listed categories based on your spend and the filter options selected. This will output a list of up to 50 credit cards sorted by total return.

Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits, and fees.

I recommend using the Rewards Calculator which allows you to compare results side by side other cards, factor in sign up bonuses, add authorized users, select elite status (hotel cards), and much more.

Category Spend

Enter your spend per month, year, or quarter for the listed categories. You can then click Get The Best Cards to get the list of results.


Spend Duration

You can set the duration of the spend for the categories listed above. If you're looking for the best card for only n-months worth of spend, this is where you change the option. If you want to calculate based on a full year, you can leave it set to a duration of 'year'.

Adjust Transferable Points

Some rewards programs allow you to transfer your earned points to airline, hotel, and other loyalty programs. These programs will generally have higher point values when doing such. Since these matter so much when choosing a credit card, you can enter your own point value for these programs to include in the calculations. You can set any of the currencies listed below to 0 to calculate based on the non-transfer value (in which most are 1 cent per point with the exception of Chase's 1.25/1.5 cent redemptions).
When transferring to other programs, you should be able to get 1 to 2 cents in value for most of the programs listed below, so I defaulted most to a low average of 1.5 cents. You can click on the to learn more about the value of the currency (opens in a new tab/window).

Include Annual Credits/Bonuses

Several credit cards feature annual bonuses. These are usually anniversary bonuses for having the card, airline credits, hotel credits, and more. If you want these included in the calculation, you can check thy box below.


The bank that issues the card. De-select the banks that you do not want in the results.


The network that the card is tied to such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX.

Card Type

The type of card such as a co-branded airline card, bank rewards card, or cash back card. Do note that some store cards will appear under cash back if you're able to redeem cash back like a normal cash back credit card.

Reward Type

The type of rewards the card earns. This will either be points, miles, or cash back.


Toggle the showing of personal or business cards in the results. Card combinations are also featured on this site. The combo option is only available if it's more than one category you're enter spend for.

Annual Fee

The range of fees you're willing to pay to wield such awesome credit cards. The First Year Free (FYF) / First Year Reduced (FYR) option will only show FYF/FYR cards that has an second year (and onward) annual fee that falls within the range you entered.

Income Requirements

Some credit cards require a certain amount of annual individual or household income. Enter a max income or enter -1 to show all cards.

Foreign Transaction Fees

Toggle whether to include credit cards that have a foreign transaction fee, foreign conversion fee, or any other type of charge that has to do with making purchases outside of the region.


Do note that results may take a few seconds to generate after doing a search.
You can click on the 'Rewards Calculator' for any of the cards listed in the results to calculate even more accurate results. You'll be able to enter spend for other categories, toggle fees, add authorized users, and more.
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