American Express Cash Back Calculators

Calculate how much AMEX cash back you can earn with American Express credit cards and compare the results side by side top rewards credit cards.

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American Express offers many cash back credit cards that can earn you a little bit of extra money back in your pocket on everyday spend. Many of AMEX's credit cards features benefits such as purchase protection and travel coverage. A lot of their cards also give you access to AMEX Offers which gives you the ability to earn lots of additional cash back and save money.

Credit Card Rewards Calculators

The American Express Cash Back Calculators will calculate how much cash back you can earn based on your monthly and yearly spend across categories. Each calculator will also output the cash value of the card based on your spend, how much you value the card benefits, and annual fees.

Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits and fees.

You can compare the results side by side any credit cards featured on the site to find out which earns you the most rewards and the best return. All spend entered (primary/first column only) will carry over to all credit card calculators on the website.

AMEX Cash Back Credit Card Calculators

AMEX has a total of 4 cash back credit cards which consists of 3 personal cards and 1 business card. The Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred are two of the most popular cash back credit cards for grocery spend. The Cash Magnet Card and Blue Business Cash Card are flat rate earnings cards which can pair well with the Blue Cash cards.

Cash back earned with the Blue Cash Everyday, Blue Cash Preferred, and Cash Magnet Card are referred to as Reward Dollars. One Rewards Dollar is equal to $1 in cash back and you must have at least $25 in rewards dollars to be able to redeem rewards. You can cash in your Rewards Dollars for a statement credit, gift cards, and merchandise. Do note that merchandise tends to be a little bit higher than normal retail price, so I'd recommend purchasing merchandise through other means and applying your rewards dollars toward a statement credit to your card.

The SimplyCash Plus Business Card, Blue Business Cash Card, and Plum Card apply cash back that you've earned directly to the statement. It's automatic, so you will not have the ability to choose what you want to use your rewards for like you can the personal cards.

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