Capital One Cash Back Calculators

Calculate how much cash back you can earn with Capital One cash back credit cards and compare the results side-by-side top rewards cards.

Capital One is an American bank headquartered out of McLean, Virginia that offers financial services primarily to the United States, but also Canada and the United Kingdom. They are most know for there credit re-building cards as well as their straightforward and easy to use rewards programs.

Capital One Cash Back Credit Card Calculators

Learn about the earning rates, benefits, sign up bonus, and annual fees of Capital One cash back credit cards. Calculate how much cash back you can earn with Capital One based on your spend and compare the results side by side any cards featured on the site.

Capital One Quicksilver One Card

Capital One Quicksilver One Card Calculator

Earns 1.5% cash back on all purchases, but has an annual fee. Considered a credit rebuilding card for those with low credit scores. Pairs well with the Savor or Savor One Card.

About Capital One Cash Back

Capital One cash back earned in the United States can be redeemed towards account credits, be offered as a check, be used for gift cards, or be transferred to another Capital One account holder. Cash back earned is pooled together, so those who have multiple Capital One cash back cards will be able to see all of their earnings in one place. If you happen to have a Venture or Spark Miles card attached to the same login, you'll be able to easily see those rewards as well.

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