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Maximize your credit card and travel rewards with our comprehensive guides and point calculators. Our resources will help you understand the value of your rewards, transfer points effectively, and choose the best credit cards for earning rewards. With our expert advice, you'll become a savvy rewards program user in no time.
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Travel credit card points calculators

Calculator: Best Travel Credit Cards

Get our top picks for best travel credit cards and use our calculator to find out which credit cards earn you the most points and miles.

Best Credit Cards Calculator

Travel Credit Card List

View the full list of travel credit cards this site covers and calculate how many points you can earn with them.

Travel Credit Card Calculators

Travel points and miles value calculators

What Are Travel Points & Miles Worth?

View our average valuations for points and miles earned with credit card and travel rewards programs.

Points to Dollars Calculator: Rewards Points Value

Calculate the average dollar value of any amount of points based on our valuations for all rewards programs covered on the site.

AMEX Points Value Calculator: What Are Your Points Worth?

Chase Points Value Calculator: What Are Your Points Worth?

Venture Miles Value Calculator: How Much Are Miles Worth?

Citi Points Value Calculator: How Much Are Points Worth?

Travel rewards transfer calculators

Points & Miles Transfer Partner Calculator

View the list of transfer partners and calculate the conversion of points and miles for over 80 partner rewards programs all in one place.

Conversion Calculator

AMEX Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

Chase Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

Capital One Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

Citi Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

All travel rewards programs

American Express Membership Rewards Points Calculators

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Calculators

Citi ThankYou Rewards Points Calculators

Capital One Miles Calculators

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Our Credit Card Rewards calculator can help you find the credit cards that will earn you the most points, miles and cash back based on your monthly and yearly spending habits. Simply enter your spend amounts into our tool and let our tool do the work for you!