Cruise Rewards Credit Card Calculators

Get a list of U.S. cruise line credit cards, calculate how many points you can earn based on spend with each, and compare them side by side top cards.
Updated 2021-01-05 By Robert Flowers III

Most cruise lines (especially the ones listed on this page) requires you to have a co-branded cruise line credit card to earn rewards. For example, you need to own the Barclays Carnival FunPoints Mastercard in order to earn rewards with Carnival Cruise Line or own the NCL Mastercard to earn WorldPoints with Norwegian. Cruise line rewards points will typically have the best value when redeemed for high costing cruises. If you don't spend a lot directly with cruise lines and don't plan on redeeming your points for expensive cruises, a cruise line credit card will probably not be the best option for earning rewards.

You can click on any of the cards listed on this page to learn more about them, calculate total rewards based on spend, and compare them against top rewards cards featured on the site.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival FunPoints Mastercard Card

Carnival FunPoints Mastercard Calculator

Earns 2 FunPoints per $1 spent on Carnival and World's Leading Cruise Lines partners and 1 FunPoint per $1 spent on everything else. Benefits include a 10% FunPoint refund on Carnival shore excursions and the ability to earn FunPoints on balance transfers.

Celebrity Cruise Line

Holland America Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL Mastercard Card

NCL Mastercard Calculator

Earns 3 WorldPoints per $1 spent with Norwegian Cruise Line and 1 point per $1 spent everywhere else. Get up to a 75% point bonus with the Bank of America Client Bonus benefit. No annual fee.

Princess Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

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