Norwegian Worldpoints Value

Norwegian WorldPoints can only be earned with the NCL Mastercard. Get the details on the redemption options and how you can get 1.5+ cents per WorldPoint.
Updated 2020-01-04 By Robert Flowers III

Norwegian WorldPoints earned with the NCL Mastercard can be redeemed for onboard credits, room upgrades, and to reduce the cost or pay for an entire cruise. Most redemptions will give you a value of 1 cents each, but you can get a slightly higher return for redemptions that do not have a set value such as redeeming your points for a 3- or 4-day Bahamas cruise.

Norwegian WorldPoints Value Calculator

Use the Norwegian WorldPoints Value Calculator to calculate the average cash value of WorldPoints based on redemption options. Average values (denoted by '~') are based on the average of multilpe cruise itineraries. Other redemption values are exactly from the NCL reward chart. You can enter any amount of Norwegian WorldPoints in the calculator below.

Norwegian WorldPoints Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
7-Day Cruises
~1.1 to 1.8 cents
$0 - $0
3- To 4-Day Cruises
~1 to 1.25 cents
$0 - $0
Onboard Credits
1 cent
Cash Off A Cruise
1 cent
Room Upgrades
~0.5 to 1.5+ cents
$0 - $0+

7-Day Cruise Redemptions

Norwegian WorldPoints can be redeemed towards a 7-day Caribbean Cruise or 7-day Mexican Riviera Cruise. Points redeemed towards these type of cruises are for two individuals. The cost of the redemption will depend on the stateroom type selected.

NCL 7-Day Cruises - Caribbean or Mexican Riviera
WorldPoints Redemption
137,900 Points Inside Stateroom
157,900 Points Oceanview Stateroom
227,900 Points Balcony Stateroom
+40,000 Points 3rd To 8th Add'l Guests

Redeeming your Norwegian WorldPoints for 7-day cruises will usually give you the best value depending on the price. I was able to find 7-day cruises for as cheap as $479 per person and as expensive as $1,308 per person for inside staterooms on Caribbean and Mexican Rivera destination cruises. The more expensive the cruise, the better value you will get from your points. The cheapest cruise of $479 would only cost you a total of $958 for two which will give your a horrible value of 0.6 cents per WorldPoint. The most expensive cruise of $1,308 would cost $2,616 for two people and would give your WorldPoint a value of 1.8 cents per point which is superb.

NCL 7-day cruise example
7-day cruises are generally the most expensive and will give you great value.

If you have points left over and you have extra guests that want to tag along, you can tack on 40,000 Points for every additional guest you want to bring. This can add more value to your points depending on the overall cost per person.

3- To 4-Day Cruise Redemptions

3- to 4-day cruises with Norwegian will end up being a lot cheaper than 7-day cruises. Even with that being the case, you can still get a value of at least a little over 1 cent booking these smaller cruises. The table below applies to 3- to 4-day cruises in the Bahamas.

NCL 3- & 4-Day Cruises - Bahamas
WorldPoints Redemption
80,000 Points Inside Stateroom
90,000 Points Oceanview Stateroom
110,000 Points Balcony Stateroom
+35,500 Points 3rd To 8th Add'l Guests

The cheapest inside stateroom prices for Bahamas destination cruises in 2020/2021 I was able to find was $239 per person and the most expensive was $692 per person. For two people, this gives WorldPoints a value of 0.59 cents for the low cost cruise and 1.7 cents for the most expensive cruise.

You can add on additional guests for the cost of 35,500 Points which again can be a great deal depending on the cost of the cruise per person.

ncl 4 day bahamas from miami
Use your WorldPoints to pay for an entire NCL cruise.

Onboard Credits

Norwegian WorldPoints can be used for Onboard Credits when sailing Norwegian. This redemption will give you a value of 1 cent per WorldPoint. There's several redemption levels in which you can redeem your WorldPoints for Onboard Credits. Those redemptions are:

NCL Onboard Credit Redemptions
WorldPoints Redemption
5,000 Points $50 USD Onboard Credit
10,000 Points $100 USD Onboard Credit
15,000 Points $150 USD Onboard Credit
20,000 Points $200 USD Onboard Credit
25,000 Points $250 USD Onboard Credit
50,000 Points $500 USD Onboard Credit
100,000 Points $1,000 USD Onboard Credit
200,000 Points $2,000 USD Onboard Credit

Onboard credits will always give you 1 cent in value. This is a solid option if you don't book cruises that will normally give you 1 cent or more in value (such as cheaper cruises).

Travel Discounts

Norwegian WorldPoints can be used to shave down the cost of your cruise. This will give you a value of 1 cent per point. Redemptions are available at the following denominations of points:

NCL Travel Discounts - Redemptions
WorldPoints Redemption
10,000 Points $100 USD Off Any Cruise
$50 Per Person
15,000 Points $150 USD Off Any Cruise
$75 Per Person
20,000 Points $200 USD Off Any Cruise
$100 Per Person
40,000 Points $400 USD Off Any Cruise
$200 Per Person
50,000 Points $500 USD Off Any Cruise
$250 Per Person
100,000 Points $1,000 USD Off Any Cruise
$500 Per Person
200,000 Points $2,000 USD Off Any Cruise
$1,000 Per Person

Stateroom Upgrades

Norwegian WorldPoints can be used for stateroom upgrades. The value that you get out of upgrades will depend on the cost of the room. Upgrades will either apply to the same category meta (i.e. the different types of available rooms under a category) or allow you to switch between metas (i.e. stateroom to a balcony). The following redemptions are available when it comes to stateroom upgrades:

NCL Stateroom Upgrades - Redemption
WorldPoints Redemption
10,000 Points Up To 2-Category Upgrade On 5-Day Or Longer Cruise
Within The Same Category Meta
20,000 Points Up To 4-Category Upgrade On 5-Day Or Longer Cruise
Within The Same Category Meta
30,000 Points Inside To Oceanview Or Oceanview To Balcony Stateroom Upgrade On 5-Day Or Longer Cruise
Single Meta Upgrade
60,000 Points Inside To Balcony Stateroom Upgrade On 5-Day Or Longer Cruise
Double Meta Upgrade

With the room upgrades, I recommend trying to get as close to 1 cent in value as possible. For example, 30,000 Points is easily equal to $300 with other redemptions. So if you were to try to upgrade from inside to oceanview or oceanview to balcony, you'll want to make sure the upgrade is at least worth $300 (or $150 per person). Look at the price chart for a 7-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Miami:

cruise cost
A few good redemptions available for this cruise

There's three upgrades that can earn you great value which are all Oceanview to Balcony upgrades. These upgrades will cost you 30,000 WorldPoints which is $300 in value or $150 in value per person.

The cruise starting January 19 has an Oceanview to Balcony upgrade for an additional $200 per person. This is total of $400 for two people which would only cost you 30,000 WorldPoints. That gives this redemption a value of 1.3 cents per WorldPoint.

The cruise starting January 26 has an Oceanview to Balcony upgrade for $230 more per person. That's a total of $460 for two which gives your WorldPoints a value of 1.5 cents each based on the same 30,000-point redemption.

Lastly, the cruise starting February 16 has an Oceanview to Balcony upgrade for an additional $150 per person which is a total of $300. At 30,000 WorldPoints, this gives you a value of 1 cent each per WorldPoint.


NCL WorldPoints can have some great redemption value if you take the time do a few calculations. If you cruise NCL often, it's possible you could benefit from picking up the NCL Mastercard which is the only way to earn WorldPoints. The NCL Mastercard earns 3 WorldPoints per $1 spent on Norwegian Cruise Line purchases which includes cruise fares. If you're going for redemptions as high as 1.5 cents per WorldPoint, you'll be getting a solid 4.5% return on purchases made with Norwegian and 1.5% return on all non-Norwegian purchases with the card.

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