Best Western Points Value

Cash Value Calculator & Redemption Options

Best Western Points can be redeemed for an average of 0.6 cents per point for free nights and 0.4 cents for other redemptions. Get the details on how to redeem for max value, calculate the average cash value, and get the list of redemption options.

The Point Calculator values Best Western Points to be worth an average of around 0.6 cents when used to book free nights at Best Western Hotels. In addition to free nights, you have several other options when redeeming Best Western Points which includes gift cards, car rentals, entertainment awards, and even transferring points to airline partners. Transferring points aside, these remaining redemptions will give you around an average of 0.4 cents per point.

Best Western Points Value Calculator

The Best Western Value Calculator will calculate the average cash value of your Best Western Points based on how much we value Best Western Points. Averages are calculated by testing a numerous amount of redemption options and averaging the value of the rewards. For the cash cost of redemptions, we also include taxes, fees, and surcharges to give you a better idea of how much your points are worth.

You can enter any value of Best Western Points in the calculator below to calculate the average value. Each of the options listed in the table are covered in detail in the following sections.

Best Western Points Value Calculator
Enter any amount of Best Western Points below.
BW Points
Free Night Awards
0.5 to 0.7 cents
$0 - $0
Best Western Travel Awards
0.41 to 0.45 cents
$0 - $0
Charitable Donation Awards
0.4 cents
Gift Cards
0.38 - 0.41 cents
$0 - $0
BW Transfer Partners
5:1 Transfer (Most Partners)

Redeem Best Western Points For Free Nights

When you're redeeming your points for free nights, you should easily be able to get at least a Best Western Points value of 0.6 cents. It's possible to get lower value and it's possible to get as high as 1 cent in value. For example, when searching for hotels around Columbus, Ohio I was able to find redemptions as low as 0.43 cents each.

B.R. Guest Zanesville Ohio
This hotel costs $86 after taxes/fees which will give you a redemption value of 0.43 cents.

I was also able to find redemptions as high as 1.13 cents each.

Lakewood Inn Hebron Ohio
This is $113 after taxes which will give you a great value of 1.13 cents per point.

Most of the other redemptions in the area produced an average value of 0.5 to 0.6 cents each which isn't too bad.

How To Redeem Points For Hotels

Redeeming your Best Western Points for hotel stays is pretty simple and doesn't require too much. To get started, you'll want to pull up Once you're at the home page, enter the proper search criteria and select "Best Western Reward Points" under the Rate option.

best western award search

Once you conduct your search, you'll get a list of results sorted by distance from the destination.

best western search results
You'll have lots of filter options.

You can then choose the property by clicking View Rooms and find the room type and rewards rate you want to book. You'll then be asked to sign in (if not already signed in). You'll enter the requested personal information and book your hotel.

Best Western Rewards Rate
Select a rate, fill out the requested information, and book your free night!

Getting The Best Value For Your Points

Redeeming for a Best Western Points value of 0.6 cents is relatively easy to do, but you'll always want to run the calculations because it's possible to get a lower value. Best Western allows you to easily flip-flop between the standard rate (or any other rate such as AAA, AARP, etc.) and the Best Western Rewards Points rate.

select Best Western Rate

The best thing to do is to jot down the prices of the hotels that you don't mind staying at. Do note that the prices Best Western lists on the search results page is the base rate. It does not include taxes/fees so the total cash cost of the hotel will be higher than what is displayed.

lakewood inn total best western
Don't forget that you'll be paying fees/taxes on the base rate shown!

You can get the value of the redemptions by taking the cash cost and dividing by the cost in points. For example, a hotel with a cash cost of $125 and a point cost of 20,000 points would give you a Best Western Points value of 0.625 cents each ($125 / 20,000).

If you don't have a calculator on hand, you can use the Points & Miles Cash Value Calculator to plug in the values and get the cost of your points (rounded to the nearest hundredth).

points and miles value
Calculate the value of your points for up to three hotels at a time.

Opening up each result in your search could take awhile if you're trying to get the exact value. If you want to scan across the rates a little faster, the table below lists an estimate of what to look for with respect to cost in cash and cost in points. Based on the number of points it costs, the table lists the per night price you'll want to aim for to get at least 0.6 cents in value. So for example, 12,000-point hotels that cost more than $65 per night will give you an estimate value of 0.6 cents.

Cost in Points Min Cash Price To Aim For
Based on 0.6 cents in value
10,000 Points ~$55 Per Night
12,000 Points ~$65 Per Night
16,000 Points ~$81 Per Night
20,000 Points ~$102 Per Night
24,000 Points ~$123 Per Night
28,000 Points ~$143 Per Night
32,000 Points ~164 Per Night
36,000 Points ~184 Per Night
56,000 Points ~286 Per Night

The point values seem random, but these are the most common point values seen when dealing with Best Western. There may be some redemption amounts missing. For the most part, you'll find that most Best Western Hotels hover around the 12,000 to 24,000 points range. Hotels that cost 36,000 points or more are usually in high traffic/popular areas.

miami beach 56000 point hotel
This Miami Beach hotel costs a whopping 56,000 points per night.

Best Western Redemption Mall

If you're looking for other redemption options, the Best Western Redemption Mall is the place to go. The redemption mall covers pretty much all of the remaining options which includes:

  • Airline & Partner Rewards
  • Charitable Donations
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Gas & Auto Rewards
  • Global Free Room Nights
  • Membership
  • Merchandise Rewards
  • Shopping
  • Travel Gift Card

The value you get out of your points will depend on the redemption.

Airline & Partner Rewards

The Airline & Partner Rewards section of the Best Western Redemption Mall lists all of Best Western's transfer partners. This section allows you to turn your Best Western Points into airline miles with the following airlines:

Most of these transfer partners are 5:1 meaning every 5 Best Western Rewards Points will equal 1 airline mile when transferred, but there are a few exceptions. Best Western Rewards members can earn up to 25 Best Western Points per $1 spent when staying at hotels. This equals up to a max of 5 airline miles per $1 spent with Best Western for most of these partners which isn't bad at all.

best western transfer partners
Specify how many blocks of 5,000 points you want to transfer to airline partners.

The amount of value you get out of transferring Best Western Points will depend on how much you value airline miles with the frequent flyer programs listed. 5 Best Western Points will have an average value of 3 cents when used for free nights at Best Western Hotels. A single mile could be worth 3 or more cent depending on the redemption (especially for first/business class redemptions), but generally you'll find that miles will average out around 1.2-1.4 cents for basic redemptions.

You can use the Best Western Transfer Partner Calculator to calculate the transfer of points to partners and learn the full details on transferring your points.

Best Western Points can be donated to several charities through the Best Western Redemption Mall. Each 500-point block of Best Western Points redeemed will be worth a $2 donate to the selected charity. You can donate Best Western Points to the following charities:

  • American Red Cross
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • Solider On Fund
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • KIVA
  • National Children's Cancer Society
  • Hotels for Herod
  • Best Western Better World Fund
  • Best Western Scholarship Program

Donating will give you a Best Western Points value of 0.4 cents each. This is around the average value you'll get for most Best Western Redemptions outside of using them for free nights.

best western donate points charity
Donate 500-point blocks of Best Western Points to your favorite charity.

Gift Cards

Best Western Points can be redeemed in the Redemption Mall for a numerous amount of $25 gift cards that includes dining, gas, auto, shopping, and entertainment. Redeeming for gift cards will give you a Best Western Points value of around 0.38 to 0.41 cents per point. The gift cards listed will be a mix of USA and Canada gift cards so be sure to note that when redeeming.

I do want to point out that within the list of gift cards available on through the Best Western Redemption Mall, $50 gift certificates for several car agencies are available. This includes:

National offers a slightly better price of 12,000 points for a $50 certificate, while the other three agencies will cost you a slightly higher price of 12,400 points.

best western gift card redemptions
Redeem your Best Western Points for all kinds of gift cards through the Redemption Mall.

Along with gift cards, you will also find a few ticket redemptions. This includes tickets to attractions such as Seaworld and national parks.

Global Free Room Nights Voucher

Best Western Rewards Points can be redeemed for Global Free Room Night Vouchers at a 1:1 ratio. This voucher allows you to enjoy a free room night at any Best Western hotel in Asia, Australia, Europe, Central America, North America and South America. You can redeem your points for this voucher in 12 different increments ranging from 5,000- to 70,000-point vouchers. When using this vouchers, you'll want to call the hotel in advance to ensure availability. Advance hotel reservations are required to use Global Free Room Night Vouchers.

best western global free nights voucher
Turn your points into free night vouchers and use them globally for free nights at Best Western hotels.

Best Western Travel Card

Best Western Rewards Points can be turned into Best Western Travel Cards. Travel Cards are usable at Best Western locations worldwide for any eligible service managed or operated by a Best Western hotel. You'll get a Best Western Points value of 0.41 to 0.45 cents each depending on the redemption. Best Western offers both virtual and physical travel cards in U.S. and Canada versions. If you go this route, the gift cards marked with "(Elite Offer)" will give you the best value for your points.

best western travel card
Be sure to keep your eye for Elite Offers as they will give you more bang for your point.


You should be able to easily squeeze out an average value of 0.6 cents per Best Western Point when redeeming your points for free nights. Transferring your Best Western Points to your favorite frequent flyer program is also a solid redemption option if you need to top off your account or you just prefer to earn airline miles. Other redemptions will give around a value of 0.4 cents per point which isn't too much lower than the average value. Overall, the Best Western Rewards Program has a good amount of redemptions and offers a great return on your spend.

Best Western Points Value FAQ

How many points do you need for a free room at Best Western?

You can use your points to redeem a room at Best Western for as low as 8,000 points per night.

How do you get Best Western Reward points?

Best Western Reward Points can be earned from staying at Best Western hotels, using Best Western credit cards, and spending with their partners.

What the best value I can get out of my Best Western points?

The average value hovers around 0.6 cents, but it's possible to get as high as one cent per point with some redemptions.

Can you use Best Western Points to book car rentals?

Not directly. You can redeem Best Western Points for $50 gift certificates for Avis, Alamo, Budget, and National.

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