Best Western Elite Status

Benefits & How To Qualify

Best Western will shower you in benefits for signing up and offer complete benifits when you hit Gold status. From there, you'll earn lots of points.

Earning elite status with Best Western grants benefits such as early check-in and late check-out, room upgrades, a gift or points upon arrival, and lots of bonus Best Western Points. The Best Western Rewards program features a 5-tier system consisting of Blue, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Diamond Select status.

How To Qualify For Status

Best Western offers three different ways to qualify for any given tier of elite status in their rewards program. Those three ways are:

  1. Nights spent at Best Western during the calendar year
  2. Qualifying stays at Best Western during the calendar year
  3. Base Points earned at Best Western during the calendar year

Each tier will require you to meet at least one of the three requirements specified to be granted the benefits that comes with that tier. Once you obtain Best Western Elite status, you will retain that status and the perks of that status for the remainder of the year. Whichever status you end the calendar year with will also be given to you the entire next year. You'll need to re-qualify for status every year. Listed below are the definitions of Best Western's Nights, Qualifying Stays, and Base Point qualifications.

best western elite status benefits
You'll receive most of the perks when you hit Gold Status. From there, you'll be earning bonus points.

Best Western Stays

A Best Western stay is considered to be from the time you check-in until the time you check-out. So if you were to check in on Monday and checkout on Wednesday, you would earn one stay. If you were to check in March 1st and check out March 15th, that would count as one stay. The amount of actual days/nights of your stay doesn't matter. Qualifying for status by stays can be useful for those who find themselves spending 1-2 nights at a hotel consistently. So you could stay at a Best Western hotel for 1 day, 40 times during the year and earn Best Western Diamond Select status. This is 10 days shorter than the 50 nights requirement for Diamond Select.

best western booking stays example
This Feb 1 to Feb 6 booking would count as 1 stay.

Best Western Nights

Nights at are counted as the number of nights you stay at a Best Western brand hotel. So if you booked a Monday to Thursday reservation, you would earn 3 elite nights towards status. This is because you stayed at the hotel Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night. Since you check out at some point on Thursday morning/afternoon, it would not count as a day. Nights is the most common way to qualify for elite status in hotel loyalty programs.

best western booking stays example
This same Feb 1 to Feb 6 booking would count as 5 nights.

Best Western Base Points

The last way to qualify for elite status with Best Western is based on how many base points you earn staying at Best Western. Best Western members will earn 10 base points per $1 spent on base cost of the room. This is the cost of the room before taxes are added. When booking your room, Best Western will show you the price before taxes. Multiple that number by 10 and that's how many base points you will earn for the stay.

best western base rate highlight
You would earn 809 Base Points off this 1 day stay. The $11.54 in taxes do not count towards Base Points.

Earning Credit On Stays

In order to earn stays, nights, and base points towards earning elite status, you'll need to have a Best Western Rewards account. On top of that, you'll need to book your stays direct. Booking through third party sites (i.e. Expedia,, Orbitz) will not count. If you have elite status and book through a third party, you will usually not receive any points and will not be granted the benefits of elite status.

When you book direct and stay at a Best Western Hotel, you will earn stays, nights, and base points at the same time. So if you booked a stay at a Best Western Hotel from February 1 to February 6 that costs you $300 before taxes, you would earn the following towards elite status:

  • 1 Stay
  • 5 Nights
  • 3,000 Base Points

It doesn't matter which method you use to reach each tier as long as you hit at least one of the requirements.

Best Western Blue

Signing up for a Best Western Rewards account will automatically give make you a blue member in the program. Surprisingly, this will grant you most of the benefits offered by Best Western. Signing up for an account is free, so I highly recommend doing so before booking a stay.

How To Sign Up For A Best Western Rewards Account

  1. Head to
  2. Click Best Western Rewards at the top of the page.
  3. You will see the option to Join For Free in the center of the page.
  4. Enter your personal information which includes name, email, and address.
  5. Click Join.

Once you sign up, you'll be given the following benefits:

  • Ability To Earn/Redeem Points
  • Points Never Expire
  • No Blackout Dates
  • Early Check-In
  • Late Check-Out

Having a Best Western account will allow you to earn and redeem your Best Western Points. If you don't plan on frequently staying at Best Western brand hotels and don't see yourself earning enough points to redeem them for a free night or transfer them to partners, you might want to change your account preferences to airline miles. This allows you to automatically earn airline miles on every stay rather than earning Best Western Points. Redemptions for Charity start at 500 Best Western Points and all other redemptions start at 5,000 Best Western Points (4,200 for Canadian redemptions).

transfer Best Western Points
Start transferring Best Western Points to airline miles at 5,000 points.

Signing up will also you to partake in early check-in as well as late check-out. This benefit is based on availability so it will not always be available. With this benefit being available to everyone, I'm sure that with higher status comes a higher success rate.

Best Western Gold

Best Western Gold elite status is the second tier in the Best Western Rewards Program. In order to earn Gold, you will need to meet one of the following requirements:

Best Western Gold isn't too hard to hit for anyone that has dedicated some time to Best Western brand hotels. Those who can't reach the nights, stays, or base points requirements can take a shortcut to Best Western Gold status by picking up the no-annual fee Best Western Mastercard. Having the card grants complimentary status, so you don't have to worry about hitting any kind of requirements outside of keeping the card in good standing (i.e. paying on time).

best western mastercard
The Best Western Mastercard offers 16,000 bonus points after your first purchase.

Best Western Gold elite members will receive a 10% bonus. This means you will earn 1 additional point per $1 spent at Best Western for a total of 11 points. Do note that bonus points are not base points and they will not count towards earning elite status. If the base cost of your stay is $125, you will earn 1,250 base points ($125 x 10 base points) plus a 10% bonus which comes out to be 125 points ($125 x 1 additional point). The benefit of earning bonus points is to build your points faster and thus earn free nights faster.

best western bowling green
Earn your points faster to redeem them for rewards faster.

When you check into a Best Western brand hotel as a Gold member or higher, you will be given a welcome gift. If you don't want the gift, you can choose to earn extra points which will be 500-600. The gift is usually going to be some type of snack or beverage though it depends on the hotel.

Another plus to earning Best Western Gold is that you will be eligible for complimentary room upgrade. This is a big perk for those who go for hotel elite status. Upgrades with Best Western will include rooms with desirable views, rooms on high floors, corner rooms, rooms with special amenities or those in proximity to special amenities, or suites. Do note that Best Western does not give room upgrades at their BW Premier Collection® Licensed Hotels.

best western plus whirlpool suite university inn
You could pay for the cheapest room and end up in the best room with complimentary upgrades.

Remember that complimentary upgrades are complimentary and that they are subject to availability. Do not assume that you will be upgraded 100% of the time or 50% of the time... some people don't even reach 25% of the time. It's a luck of the draw and depends on a ton of factors including:

  • The busyness of the hotel
  • What time you check-in versus other members that are also competing for upgrades
  • The person that's checking you in (and the mood they may be in)
  • Your mood and how you present yourself

Yes, even your own attitude and vibes can turn the tides of a complimentary room upgrade. If you're pressed about receiving an upgrade, the best thing you can do is ask while checking in. If they say no, then better luck next time. If they say yet, then congratulations.

Best Western Platinum

Best Western Platinum is the third tier in the Best Western Rewards Program. You can obtain the power of Platinum after you meet one of the following requirements:

The requirements for Best Western Platinum is pretty low compared to platinum status across other hotel loyalty programs. This makes sense since you will only be earning a higher bonus on points on earned as you work your way up the ladder.

Once you acquire Best Western Platinum, you'll earn a 15% bonus on points. This gives you a whole 0.5 points over Best Western Gold. Big difference? Not at all. You'll earn a total of 11.5 points per $1 spent which is split up into 10 base points and 1.5 elite points.

If you find Best Western Platinum hard to reach, you can pick up the Best Western Premium Mastercard which grants complimentary Platinum status. So you'll earn 10 points per $1 spent using the card and the 11.5 points you'll earn between base and elite points for a total of 21.5 points. If you plan on spending at least $5,000 across the card (any kind of spend), you can benefit from picking up the card. If you don't plan on spending that much, you may want to stick with the no-annual fee Best Western Mastercard.

Best Western Diamond

Fourth in line is Best Western Diamond. Diamond is obtained after meeting one of the following requirements:

  • 30 Nights
  • 20 Stays
  • 30,000 Points

To reach Diamond Elite you'll have double your efforts of Best Western Gold. And for your double effort, you'll get a 30% bonus on points earned per $1 spent at at Best Western which is double the bonus of Best Western Gold. This gives you an additional 3 Best Western Points for a total of 13 when staying at Best Western brand hotels. Outside of better treatment when it comes to upgrades and the occasional recognition by staff, this is all you'll earn for achieving Best Western Diamond Elite.

Best Western Diamond Select

The highest status you can obtain in the Best Western Rewards program is Best Western Diamond Select. This status can be obtained after meeting one of the following requirements:

  • 50 Nights
  • 40 Stays
  • 50,000 Points

Once you've become Best Western Diamond Select, you'll be give the highest bonus of 50% which will earn you an additional 5 Best Western Points on top of the base rate which is a total of 15. If you're a Best Western high (yearly) spender, combine this status with the 10-point per $1 earning Best Western Premium Mastercard and you'll be earning a total of 25 Best Western Points per $1 spent at their brand. Promotions aside, that's the highest you can earn with the highest elite status and their highest earning credit card.


Elite status with Best Western is heavily focused around point earning. All benefits of earning status are given out by the time you reach Best Western Gold and the only benefit that comes with the next three tiers of status are bonus points. Outside of points, all of the tiers are pretty much on the same level.

If you want to calculate how many Best Western Points you can earn based on spend, elite status, and whether or not you use a Best Western credit card, you can check out How To Calculate Best Western Points.


How long does Best Western status last?

Best Western status lasts for the remainder of the year it was earned in and all of the following year.

What are the levels of Best Western Rewards?

The levels of Best Western Rewards are blue, gold, platinum, diamond, and diamond select.

Is Best Western Diamond Select status worth it?

If you're looking to earn the most points per $1 spent at Best Western hotels then it can be worth it. Other than that, it's not much that comes with the status.

How many points does it cost for a free night at Best Western?

Best Western free nights start as cheap as 8,000 points.

How does the Best Western Rewards program work?

As you book direct and stay at Best Western brand hotels, you'll earn Best Western Points as well as elite status with the program. Points earned can then be redeemed for free nights and much more.

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