Transferring Points To Choice Privileges

Details on transferring points to your Choice Privileges account including point transfer calculator and the best transfer options.
Updated 2020-10-06 By Robert Flowers III

There's a handful of rewards programs that allow you to transfer points directly to your Choice Privileges account. This allows you to earn Choice Points using transfer partner credit cards by running spend through them and earning large signup bonuses which can get you a large amount of points really fast.

Point Transfer Options

You can transfer points to your Choice Privileges account using three programs. Those programs are:

  • American Express Membership Rewards
  • Amtrak Guest Rewards
  • Diners Club Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards

When it comes to building up your Choice points, your best bet will be the AMEX Membership Rewards program. AMEX offers a wide selection of different credit cards that you can use to build your points which includes cards that feature bonus categories like grocery, airfare, gas, and dining. On top of that, transfers are 1:1 meaning you can transfer 1 Membership Reward Point for 1 Choice Point.

Amtrak Guest Rewards

Amtrak Guest Rewards is solid rewards program for topping off your Choice Privileges account. Amtrak Points transfer to Choice at a nice 3:1 ratio giving you 3 Choice Points for every Amtrak point transferred. This allows you to earn a significant amount of points if you're traveling on Amtrak or using their Amtrak World Elite Mastercard to earn big on Amtrak ticket purchases and general travel spend.

Diners Club Rewards

Diners Club Rewards members can transfer 1,250 Diners Club Rewards Points for 2,400 Choice Privileges Points. Diners Club credit cards are not currently open to new applicants (and haven't been for some time), so the transfers to this program are not discussed in detail here.

How To Transfer Points To Choice

Transferring rewards to your Choice account is pretty easy to do across all partners. Do note that you may need your Choice Privileges membership number handy depending on the partner.

How To Transfer AMEX Points To Choice

In order to transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points to Choice, you'll need to have your accounts linked. If they're not linked, you'll be given the option to do so before transferring points.

You can transfer AMEX Membership Rewards to Choice Privileges Points with the following steps:

  1. Go to, select 'Membership Rewards' from the drop down and log in to your account.
  2. Click 'Transfer Points' and then click 'View All'.
  3. Find Choice Privileges and click 'Transfer Points'.
    • If the option is not listed, you will need to click on Choice Privileges and follow the steps to link your account.
  4. Enter how many AMEX Points you want to transfer to your Choice Privileges account.
  5. Agree to the terms and click Transfer.
transfer amex points to choice

How To Transfer Amtrak Points To Choice

In order to transfer Amtrak Guest Rewards Points to Choice, you will need to have elite status with Amtrak or own the Amtrak World Elite Mastercard with a net retail spend of $20,000 or more on the card per year. If you do not meet either of these requirements, you will not be able to transfer points from Amtrak to Choice or any of their other partners.

You can transfer your Amtrak Guest Rewards Point to Choice Privileges using the following steps:

  1. Head to the Amtrak Hotels, Cars, and Cruises page.
  2. Select 'Hotels', find Choice Privileges, and click 'Show More'.
  3. Click 'Redeem' (You may need to sign into your Amtrak Guest Rewards).
  4. Select how many 5,000-point blocks of Amtrak Points you want to transfer to your Choice Privileges account.
  5. Review the transaction and confirm the transfer.

Transfer Points To Choice Calculator

The Transfer Points To Choice Calculator will calculate the transfer of points to your Choice Privileges account from transfer partners. Enter any amount of Choice Points to see how many rewards points/miles you would need to transfer from the partner programs to equal the amount you specified.


Earning With Partner Credit Cards

Choice Privileges Points can be earned using transfer partner credit cards. What's great about this is that you can easily earn tens of thousands of Choice Privileges Points using sign up bonuses on these partner credit cards. Just be sure to note that Choice Points are worth 0.6 cents each on average whereas AMEX Membership Rewards are worth 1 cent or more and Amtrak Guest Rewards are worth 2 cents or more. So it's possible to lose overall value when transferring.

The list of credit cards in the table below earns points with a program that allows you to transfer points to the Choice Privileges Program. The earning rates for transfer partner credit cards are based on the transfer ratio when converting rewards to Choice Privileges Points. You can click on a card's Rewards Calculator to learn more as well as calculate how many points you can earn based on your spend.

Transfer Partner Credit Cards

You can click on a credit card below to learn more and calculate total value based on spend, card benefits, and fees.
The card section above may be scrollable.


There's only a few programs that you can use to transfer points to your Choice Privileges account, but they're all solid options that can earn you a great deal of points if you're looking to beef up your balance.

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