Hilton Honors Status

Benefits & How To Qualify

The Hilton Honors program offers lots of useful perks and benefits at each level of status. Get the details on each level and how to easily earn status.

The Hilton Honors loyalty program features a four level program which contains Member, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each Hilton Honors level features a bunch of useful perks and benefits ranging from bonus Hilton Honors Points to free room upgrades. Obtaining Hilton Honors status is easy thanks to Hilton's credit cards which offer complimentary elite status ranging from Hilton Silver up to the highest of Hilton Diamond.

How To Qualify

Each level of Hilton Honors status has a certain requirement you must reach. You're given three requirement options at each level and you must reach at least one of them to obtain status. You can obtain status based on the number of:

  • Nights stayed at Hilton Hotels during the calendar year
  • Stays at Hilton Hotels during the calendar year
  • Hilton Base Points earned at Hilton Hotels during the calendar year

Hilton Night

A night is defined as a night-to-day cycle spent at a Hilton hotel. So if you check in on a Monday and check-out the following Wednesday, that would be 2 nights. You spent the night at Hilton on Monday and Tuesday. You then checked out Wednesday morning.

Hilton Stay

A stay is defined as a completed check-in to check-out cycle. If you check-in on a Monday and check-out the following Wednesday, that would count as 1 stay. The amount of days in between doesn't matter when it comes to completing a stay.

Hilton Base Points

Hilton base points are earned on the base room rate and any other eligible room charges. As a member, you can earn 10 Hilton Honors Base Points per $1 spent at Hilton brand hotels (except Tru & Home2 which you'll earn 5 points). So if the total room charge for your hotel is $100, you would earn 1,000 Hilton Honors base points. Bonus points earned from Hilton Honors status and using Hilton Credit Cards do not count as base points.

Hilton Honors Member

When you sign up for a Hilton Honors account you will automatically receive a good handful of useful benefits. Signing up is free and recommend doing so before reserving/staying at a Hilton Hotel even if it's just once a year.

Sign Up For Free: Hilton Honors Account

Hilton Member Benefits

  • Hilton Honors Discount Rate
  • Ability To Earn & Redeem Points
  • No Resort Fees On Reward Stays
  • Digital Check-In
  • Choose Your Room
  • Digital Key
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hilton Honors Experiences

Discount Rate

You will receive exclusive discounts when booking rooms. This is usually a few dollars off the nightly price which can save a good amount of money over time.

Earn & Redeem Points

You will be able to earn Hilton Honors Points when staying at Hilton brand hotels. You'll earn 10 base Hilton Honors Points per $1 spent (5 base points for Tru & Home2).

This means you'll also be able to earn points with Hilton credit cards, spending with Hilton's travel partners, Hilton's transfer partners, and you'll be able to buy Hilton Honors Points if you're a few points short.

hilton credit card
Easily earn a good amount of Hilton Honors Points using any of Hilton's four credit cards.

No Resort Fees On Reward Stays

Resort fees are a bummer. Luckily, you can at least avoid them on stays at resorts when you book using Hilton Honors Points. This helps to make your trip more on points and less on your cash.

Digital Check-In

Avoid the hassle of the front desk and digitally check-in on your mobile device.

Choose Your Room

One of my favorite benefits is the Choose Your Room benefit. In the Hilton mobile app, you'll be able to pull up a floor plan of the Hilton hotel you're staying at. You'll then be able to select which room you want to stay in assuming it falls into the room type you originally reserved. So you can choose a room by the elevator, at the end of the hall, or by the famous ice machine.

Digital Key

The digital key allows you to unlock your room door using your phone. If you're not one to run your phone battery down to zero before returning to your hotel room, this is a nice benefit.

hilton honors experiences
Use your Hilton Honors Points for exclusive events with Hilton Honors Experiences.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Paying for Wi-Fi now-a-days is no good. As a basic member you'll receive complimentary Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to the world without burning through your own data plan.

Hilton Honors Experiences

The Hilton Honors Experiences program allows you to bid Hilton Honors Points for top shelf and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This includes private events, chef tasting, special dinners, and much more.

Hilton Honors Silver

Hilton Honors Silver is the second level in the Hilton Honors program. It adds a handful of useful benefits on top of what you'll already receive as a Hilton Honors member.

You can qualify for Silver by meeting one of the following requirements during the calendar year:

  • 4 Stays at Hilton Hotels
  • 10 Nights at Hilton Hotels
  • Be a Hilton Honors Card member

The Hilton Honors Card offers complimentary Hilton Silver status. It has no annual fee so it's a great way to always have Silver status without worrying about meeting a certain amount of stays or nights at Hilton hotels.

Hilton Honors Silver Benefits

  • 20% Bonus Points On Stays
  • Fifth Night Free On Reward Stays
  • Two Free Bottles of Water
  • Elite Rollover Nights
  • Benefits of Hilton Honors Member

20% Bonus Points

Your Hilton Honors stays will become a little more rewardful when you receive an extra 20% bonus points. This gives you a total of 12 points per $1 spent.

Do note that you'll still earn 10 Hilton Honors Base Points per $1. You'll just earn an extra 2 bonus Hilton Honors Points per $1 to go along with it.

(You would earn 6 points total at Tru & Home2 brands.)

5th night free
Book a 5-day consecutive stay with Hilton Honors Points and get the fifth night free!

5th Night Free

This is another popular benefit of the Hilton Honors program that you are given once you obtain Hilton Silver status. When you book a 5-day consecutive stay (or longer) with Hilton Honors Points, you'll get your 5th night free. So you'll only have to use four nights worth of points to stay for a total of five. This not only keeps Hilton Honors Points in your account, it boosts the value of Hilton Honors Points.

Two Free Bottles of Water

Quench your thirst when you arrive in your room with two free bottles of water as a Hilton Silver member. This doesn't seem like a big perk, but it really is. It's the simple things in life.

Elite Rollover Nights

Rollover nights allow you to rollover your unused nights towards elite status to the next calendar year. So for example, if you stayed 20 nights at Hilton Hotels during the calendar year, you would end up with Hilton Honors silver. Gold requires 40 nights which you didn't hit. So when the next calendar year starts, the 10 nights you earned over the requirements for Silver will rollover. This means you'll start the new calendar year with 10 nights which, in this example, re-qualifies you for Silver status again.

The Hilton Conrad Maldives is a great property to use the 5th night free perk on

Hilton Honors Gold Status

Hilton Honors Gold is the third level in the Hilton Honors program. With Gold, you'll start to really feel the benefits of the program with a large jump in bonus points, room upgrades, and free continental breakfast.

There's a bunch of way you can obtain Hilton Honors Gold Status by either staying at Hilton hotels or by using credit cards. You can obtain Gold status by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • 20 Stays at Hilton Hotels
  • 40 Nights at Hilton Hotels
  • 75,000 Hilton Honors Base Points
  • Be a Hilton Honors Card member and spend $20,000 on the card
  • Be a Hilton Surpass Card member
  • Be a Hilton Business Card member
  • Be an American Express Platinum Card member
  • Be an American Express Business Platinum Card member

The Hilton Surpass Card and Hilton Business Card offers complimentary Hilton Honors Gold for just being a cardholder. This allows you to easily skip the 20 stays or 40 nights that's required. Both cards have a $95 fee, but they come with a bunch of benefits that easily overrides that cost.

If you want to take the no-annual fee route, you can run $20,000 in spend across the Hilton Honors Card during the calendar year to obtain Hilton Honors Gold.

lounge access amex platinum
Get access to over 1,200 lounges worldwide with the AMEX Platinum and AMEX Business Platinum cards.

Elite traveler? The American Express Platinum Card and American Express Business Platinum Card are premium, luxury travel cards that offers top notch travel benefits. Amongst those travel benefits is complimentary Hilton Honors Gold Status as well as complimentary Marriott Bonvoy Gold Status.

Hilton Honors Gold Benefits

  • 80% Bonus Points On Stays
  • Space-Available Room Upgrades
  • Free Continental Breakfast
  • Milestone Bonuses
  • Benefits of Hilton Honors Silver & Member

80% Bonus Points

There's a big jump in bonus points between Hilton Honors Silver and Hilton Honors Gold. You'll earn a bonus 80% as a Gold member which gives you 8 additional bonus points on top of the 10 base points you'll normally receive per $1 spent. That's a total of 18 points per $1 spent which is quite nice.

(You would earn 9 points total at Tru & Home2 brands.)

hilton curio miami beach
Receive complimentary room upgrades as a Hilton Honors Gold benefit.

Room Upgrades

As a Hilton Honors Gold member, you'll receive complimentary room upgrades if there's space available to do such. These upgrades will be to a preferred room which are considered to be a corner room, a room with a nice view, or something else that makes the room stand out from the standard rooms at the hotel. This is a common benefit of hotel loyalty programs and a benefit that many people, including myself, enjoys when it happens.

Free Continental Breakfast

You'll be able to wake up to free continental breakfast as a Hilton Honors Gold member. The guest registered to your room will also be able to partake in the complimentary benefit.

Milestone Bonuses

If you plan on reaching milestones of more than 40 nights, you're in luck. You will earn 10,000 bonus Hilton Honors Points for every 10 nights you stay at Hilton Hotels after you've stayed 40 nights in a calendar year.

Hilton Ocean Point Resort & Spa, Miami Beach.

Hilton Honors Diamond Status

The fourth and highest tier in the Hilton Honors program is Hilton Honors Diamond Status. Diamond offers the most points on stays and grants access to a few useful benefits.

There's a few ways you can earn Hilton Honors Diamond status on stays at Hilton and with Hilton credit cards. You can qualify for Diamond when you meet on of the following requirements:

  • 30 Stays at Hilton Hotels
  • 60 Nights at Hilton Hotels
  • 120,000 Hilton Honors Base Points
  • Be a Hilton Aspire Card member
  • Be a Hilton Surpass Card member and spend $40,000 on the card
  • Be a Hilton Business Card member and spend $40,000 on the card

If you have the ability to run $40,000 in spend across the Hilton Surpass or Hilton Business cards, you can earn Hilton Diamond status. You can also pick up the premium Hilton Aspire Card which grants complimentary Hilton Diamond status along with a bunch of useful benefits for anyone that spends a lot of time at Hilton brand hotels.

Hilton Honors Diamond Benefits

  • 100% Bonus Points On Stays
  • Executive Lounge Access
  • Diamond Status Extension
  • Premium Wi-Fi
  • 48-Hour Room Guarantee
  • Elite Status Gifting
  • Benefits of Hilton Honors Gold, Silver, & Member

100% Bonus Points

You'll earn the highest amount of 20 Hilton Honors Points per $1 spent thanks to the 100% point bonus. That's 10 Hilton Base Points plus 10 additional bonus Hilton Honors Points. Combine this with the Hilton Aspire Card and you're looking at a total of 34 Hilton Honors Points per $1 spent which is one of the best returns you can earn in a hotel loyalty program.

Executive Lounge Access

As a Hilton Diamond member, you'll be able to relax and enjoy food & beverages in Hilton's Executive Lounge.

Diamond Status Extension

Couldn't reach Diamond status again for whatever reason? You'll be able to get a one-time extension on your status as long as you've been a Diamond Member for 3 years and have either stayed 250 lifetime nights or earned 500,000 Hilton Base Points during your time as a Hilton Honors member.

48-Hour Room Guarantee

If you have a last minute booking, you can rest assured with Hilton's 48-hour room guarantee.

Elite Status Gifting

Once you hit 60 nights during the calendar year, you'll be able to gift Hilton Honors Gold to any member. If you hit 100 nights, that gift will be upgrade to Hilton Honors Diamond status.

Hilton Daytona Beach Ocean Walk Village


Hilton Honors status offers lots of great benefits if you frequently stay at Hilton hotels. To make matters better, you can reach every level of status just by holding different Hilton Credit Cards which is something you can't do in other hotel loyalty programs.

Want to know more about how points are calculated? Check out the breakdown on How To Calculate Hilton Honors Points. You'll get the details on earning Base Points, Elite Status Points, and Credit Card Points. You'll also be able to calculate how many Hilton Honors Points you can earn based on your spend at Hilton properties, Hilton elite status, and whether or not you use a Hilton credit card.

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