Hotel Rewards Points Calculators

Hotel Points Calculators for earning on stays based on status, earning with credit cards, redeeming for max value, and transferring to/from programs.

Hotel rewards points are primarily earned by booking hotel stays directly with the hotel. Points can then be applied towards free nights, transferred to partners similar to bank rewards points, or used for other redemptions like room upgrades. Earning hotel rewards points is relatively easy to do thanks to the number of travel partners most hotel brands have, the bonuses offered by elite status, the earnings of co-branded hotel credit cards, and the ability to transfer points from other reward programs to your hotel loyalty account.

Accor Hotels

Accor does not have any credit cards for U.S.-based members. If you're looking to earn Accor Points, your best bet for building up points on everyday spend is by using transfer partners like Capital One.

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Best Western Hotels

Best Western has two credit cards that you can use to earn Best Western Rewards Points on everyday spend. The Best Western Premium Mastercard is the best choice for those who spend a lot of time at Best Western hotels and want to maximize their earnings. The card also grants Platinum Status and comes with anniversary points with bonus spend. The no fee version is a solid option, but the return is much lower.

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Best Western Premium Mastercard Best Western Premium Mastercard Calculator
Best Western Mastercard Best Western Mastercard Calculator

Choice Hotels

Choice offers one co-branded Barclays credit card that can help you maximize your Choice Privileges Points on everyday spend. The card earns 5x points across Choice Properties, buying Choice Points through the Buy Points Portal, and buying Choice gift cards. It also grants complimentary status and awards annual anniversary points making it a solid option for those who love Choice Hotels.

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Drury Hotels

Drury offers one credit card for those looking to maximize their earnings in the Drury Rewards Program. It offers a pretty nice 5x on Drury spending along with a decent return on gas, restaurant, and utility spend. Best of all, it has no annual fee.

Drury Rewards
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Drury Rewards Visa Card Drury Rewards Visa Card Calculator

Hilton Hotels

Hilton has a total of four credit cards available consisting of 3 personal cards and 1 business card. The Hilton Honors Card is the no-annual fee card, the Hilton Honors Surpass is the mid-tier card, and the Hilton Aspire is the premium card. Each tier earns you a different level of complimentary Hilton Honors status along with more points and better benefits with Hilton. The Hilton Honors Business Card closely mirrors the mid-tier Hilton Honors Surpass, but comes with slightly different bonus categories that are focused around businesses.

Hilton Honors
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Hilton Honors Business Card Hilton Honors Business Card Calculator

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt has one credit card called the Chase World of Hyatt Card. It offers a great amount of Hyatt Points on Hyatt spend and offers additional benefits such as an annual free night, complimentary elite status, and more. If you stay at Hyatt Hotels frequently and you want to maximize your Hyatt earnings, I recommend picking up the card.

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IHG Hotel

IHG offers two Chase bank credit cards. The IHG Premier Card offers the best earning rate of 10x on IHG purchases along with complimentary status, a free night annually, and more. The IHG Traveler Card is the no-annual fee version and offers a lower earning rate of 5x. Due to the free annual night, the IHG Premier Card will generally always be the better option.

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IHG Premier Card IHG Premier Card Calculator
IHG Traveler Card IHG Traveler Card Calculator

Marriott Hotels

Marriott currently has four credit cards available. Chase Bank holds two personal cards which consists of the no-annual fee card and the entry level Marriott card. American Express holds the business card and Marriott's premium card. Not including the no-annual fee Marriott Bonvoy Bold Card, you really can't go wrong with any of the cards as they all offer a great 6x earning on Marriott spend, a free annual night, and other great benefits.

Marriott Bonvoy
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Marriott Bonvoy Bold Marriott Bonvoy Bold Card Calculator
Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card Calculator
Marriott Brilliant AMEX Card Marriott Brilliant AMEX Card Calculator
Marriott Business AMEX Card Marriott Business AMEX Card Calculator

Radisson Hotels

Radisson offers two personal credit cards. For those looking to rake in the maximum amount of points, the Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature will be the way to go as it offers 10x on Radisson and 5x on all other purchases. It also comes with a bunch of useful benefits including travel and purchase protections/insurance.

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Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature Card Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature Card Calculator
Radisson Rewards Visa Card Radisson Rewards Visa Card Calculator

Red Lion Hotels

Red Lion does not offer any co-branded credit cards. When you stay at Red Lion hotels you'll earn Hello Bucks which can be used towards free nights at Red Lion brand hotels. Red Lion also has a few partners in which you can either earn extra Hello Bucks or save money with.

Hello Rewards
Red Lion Hello Rewards

Red Roof

Red Roof no longer offers any co-branded credit cards, so you'll need to stay at Red Roof brand hotels in order to build your RediRewards Points balance. Points can be redeemed for free nights, discounts, or gift cards.

Red Roof RediRewards
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Wyndham Hotels

Wyndham has two credit cards that you can use to earn Wyndham Rewards Points on everyday spending. The Wyndham Rewards (Platinum) Card offers the highest earnings of 5x on Wyndham spend along with complimentary Platinum status and annual bonus points. The Wyndham Rewards (Gold) Card has no annual fee, but offers a slightly lower earning rate of 3x on Wyndham purchases and complimentary Gold status.

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