Hotel Points Calculators: Value, Transfers & Credit Cards

Calculate & Compare Rewards
Hotel Points Calculators for earning with credit cards, transferring points to hotel loyalty programs, and calculating the dollar value of points.

Use our hotel points calculators to calculate the cash value of points, the transfer of points to and from hotel loyalty programs, and how much you can earn with credit cards.

Types of Hotel Point Calculators:
  • VALUE Calculators: Calculate the cash value of hotel points and get the details on redemption options.
  • TRANSFER Calculators: Calculate the transfer of rewards to and from hotel loyalty programs and get the list of partners.
  • BUYING REWARDS Calculators: Calculate the cost to buy points with your favorite hotel loyalty programs.
  • CREDIT CARDS Calculators: Calculate how many points you can earn with credit cards and the cash value of the credit card based on the spend amounts you enter into our calculator, how much you value card benefits, and annual fees. Plus, compare up to two credit cards side by side.

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