Buy Hyatt Points And Get 25% Off

Hyatt Buy Points Promotion

Get the details on Hyatt's 25% discount on points and learn how to take advantage of this promotion by buying Hyatt Points at 1.8 cents each.

World of Hyatt members can buy Hyatt Points for 25% off through February 29, 2020. This is equal to buying points at 1.8 cents each.

buy hyatt points 25 percent off

In order to partake in the savings, you will need to buy at least 5,000 Hyatt Points. Anything under that and you'll be paying the standard price of 2.4 cents per point which is pretty high.

Points Purchases Cost Per Point
1,000-4,000 Points 2.4 Cents
5,000-55,000 Points 1.8 Cents

How To Benefit From This Promotion

Hyatt Points are some of the most valuable hotel points on the market. It is very easy to get a value of 2 cents or higher when redeeming Hyatt Points, so being able to buy them at 1.8 cents each is a good deal.

Listed below are some of the common award prices for Hyatt Hotels, how much it will cost you to buy that many points with this promotion, and the maximum amount of free nights you can buy. This promotion does not alter the cap so you'll still only be able to buy 55,000 Hyatt Points per calendar year.

Award Rate Cost # Free Nights
5,000 $90 11
8,000 $144 6
12,000 $216 4
15,000 $270 3
20,000 $360 2
25,000 $450 2
30,000 $540 1

The table above will help you determine if buying points for your stay is the better option over paying cash. For example, if you find a hotel that has an award redemption rate of 5,000 Hyatt Points and the hotel normally costs $120 per night, you'll save money buying points because the points required would only cost you $90.

If the prices in cash is relatively close to the cost of buying points, paying cash will be the better option because you'll earn Hyatt Points on your stay which will net you a higher return on your spend. So if a 5,000-point hotel costs you $95 per night, you would earn at least 475 Hyatt Points which is worth around $9 (or more) giving you a net cost of $86. It's a small difference, but it is one that you should be aware of.

Now let's look at a few examples of popular Hyatt hotels.

hyatt house fort lauderdale

The Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale is a popular Hyatt hotel close to the cruise ports for Miami. This hotel typically goes for around $300+ per night before taxes. You can save yourself over $100 per night purchasing points versus paying cash.

grand hyatt kauai resort and spa

If you're trying to escape the cold winter weather or you just want to get away, Hawaii has a fair handful of properties that will give you great value when redeeming points. The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa runs between $600-$800 depending on the dates. The hotel itself costs 25,000 points per night which will run you $450. In this instance, buying points can easily save you a couple hundred dollars.

park hyatt maldives

If you want to experience the Maldives, the Park Hyatt Maldives will cost you 30,000 points per night. You will not be able to buy enough points for 2 nights, but you can top off your account by transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to your Hyatt account or grabbing up sign up bonuses from either the Hyatt credit card or any of the Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards. Remember that Ultimate Rewards Points can be converted to World of Hyatt Points at a 1:1 ratio.

hyatt regency atlanta

The best value will come from some of the lower cost hotels as you can save a good amount of money across multiple days. For example, the Hyatt Regency Atlanta is a 8,000-point per night hotel that will typically run you around $270 per night. A 5-night stay will run you $1,601 after taxes.

hyatt regency atlanta cash cost

Instead of dishing out that large amount, you can buy 40,000 Hyatt Points through this promotion for $720 and save a whopping $881.

hyatt regency atlanta points

If you have Hyatt stays coming up, be sure to compare the costs in points and the cost in cash against the table up above to make sure you're getting the best value.

Buy Hyatt Points

If you've found an excellent redemption and you're ready to purchase some Hyatt Points, you can do so in a few short steps. Do note that you will need your World of Hyatt number and email address associated with your World of Hyatt account.

How To Buy Hyatt Points

  1. Head to Hyatt's Buy Points page.
  2. Select how many Hyatt Points you wish to buy.
  3. Log into your name, Hyatt account number, and email.
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. Review your order and agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Click Purchase Bonus Points.

That's all there is to it. Remember that you will need to purchase at least 5,000 Hyatt Points to get the 25% discount and that you can only buy up to a maximum of 55,000 Hyatt Points per calendar year. Purchased points should post to your account immediately, but you should allow up to 48 hours. keep track programs
Outside of buying points, you can also use to keep track of 90+ rewards programs.

Points are purchased through the storefront, so this will not be labeled as a "Hyatt" purchase. This will not trigger the Hyatt category on the Hyatt credit card and will not trigger hotel or travel categories featured on other travel cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or American Express Green Card. You'll want to use a card that generates valuable points/miles for you or a card that offers 1.5% (or higher) in cash back.

pointscom hyatt topcashback is featured on the TopCashback portal. This allows you to earn cash back on top off the points you're purchasing and the rewards your rewards credit card will earn you. It's an easy way to triple dip. So with the 2.5% cash back offer, if you were to purchase 40,000 Hyatt Points you would receive:

  • 40,000 Hyatt Points
  • $18 in cash back through TopCashback (2.5% of $720)
  • Rewards from the credit card you used to pay

I recommend reading up on booking travel with cash back portals. You can also read my TopCashback Review. Signing up for a TopCashback account is free, so it's a win-win situation.


When it comes to buying points & miles, Hyatt is probably the most acceptable program to do such with. Hyatt Points are extremely valuable and can be redeemed for an easy 2 cents more per point without much research.

As per the usual, make sure that buying the points is worth it. While this is a solid deal, I do not recommend buying points just to buy points. Be sure to plan out your method of execution and have a plan your points before you purchase. If you find yourself consistently lacking Hyatt Points, you will want to consider either picking up the Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card or picking up an Ultimate Rewards Credit Card that earns points transferable to the World of Hyatt program.

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