Radisson Rewards Points Transfer Calculator

Radisson Points Calculator

Calculate the transfer of Radisson Rewards Points to airline miles and get a side by side comparison of Radisson's partners against Marriott and Hilton.

Radisson Rewards Points are primarily redeemed for free nights at Radisson Hotels, but they can also be transferred to airline miles. While I don't recommend using Radisson as your primary source of earning frequent flyer miles, the ability to transfer your points can help if you're a few miles short of a redemption. Radisson's transfer partners features a few airlines in which the major rewards programs do not transfer to which could make help earn you some miles in the harder to reach frequent flyer programs.

Radisson Transfer Partners

Radisson Rewards Points can be transfered to a little over 20 different airlines at the a ratio of 10 points for 1 airline mile. You can transfer in 2,000-, 50,000-, and 100,000-point increments.

When staying at Radisson Hotel, base member will earn 20 Radisson Rewards Points per $1 spent which is equal to 2 airline miles. With a mixture of Radisson credit cards and Radisson elite status, members can earn up to 45 Radisson Points per $1 spent which is a max of 4.5 airline miles.

The Radisson Rewards Points Calculator below will calculate the transfer of your Radisson Points to airline miles in all listed programs. You can click on any of the available loyalty programs to learn more about that programs rewards along with how to earn and redeem them.

Radisson SkyTeam Alliance Partners

Radisson Rewards Points can be transferred to five airline that are part of the SkyTeam alliance. Those airlines are:

  • Aeromexico Airlines
  • Air France
  • Czech Air
  • Delta Airline
  • KLM

The only SkyTeam airline that stands out on this list is Czech Air. Radisson is one of the only programs that allow you to transfer your points to OK Plus Miles. So if you need to top off your account with Czech, Radisson is a good way to do so.

Air France and KLM are the transfer partners of every major program (AMEX, Chase, Citi, Capital One) so there's no shortage of ways to earn miles transferring to their Flying Blue Program.

Delta Airlines Skymiles are best earned using AMEX Membership Rewards while Aeromexico Miles can be earned through several transfer partners with AMEX and Marriott being the best choices.

skyteam alliance
The SkyTeam Alliance

Radisson oneworld Alliance Partners

Radisson Rewards features four oneworld airline in which points can be transferred to. Those airlines are:

  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • LATAM (Multiplus)

When it comes to major point transfer programs, British Airways Avios can be earned with both AMEX & Chase while Cathay Pacific Asia Miles can be earned with AMEX, Citi, and Capital One. Both American Airlines and LATAM features hotel transfer partners only in which the best partner for both is Marriott Bonvoy.

oneworld alliance
The oneworld Alliance.

Radisson Star Alliance Partners

Radisson Rewards Points can be transferred to six Star Alliance airlines. Those airlines are:

  • Air Canada
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Scandinavian Air (SAS)
  • Singapore Airlines
  • United Airlines

Scandinavian Air is going to be the hardest Star Alliance partner to earn miles with due to having limited partners that transfers to Euro Bonus Extra Points. If you're looking to earn points with Scandinavian, you'll want to consider Radisson as your hotel chain. The remaining programs are all covered by at least one major program.

star alliance
The Star Alliance.

Other Radisson Airline Partners

It can be hard to earn Gulf Air Miles & Points and Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles. This makes both airlines decent transfer partners of Radisson if you're looking to up your rewards with either airline.


Radisson Rewards Points can be transferred to a large amount of airline partners which can be great if you want to top off one of your frequent flyer accounts. While the radio of 10:1 sounds terrible, remember that you earn 20 base points per $1 spent which comes out to being 2 airline miles per $1 spent with Radisson which falls in line with most hotels.

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