How To Calculate Red Roof RediRewards

Get the details on how Red Roof's RediRewards Points are calculated on stays at Red Roof brand hotels.

Getting Started & Things To Note

You don't have many choices when it comes to earning RediRewards Points. They can pretty much only be earned staying at Red Roof brand hotels. But even still, there's a few things you have to make sure of if you're to start earning points.

Sign Up For A RediRewards Account

In order to earn Red Roof RediRewards, you will need a Red Roof account. This is easy to do through the Red Roof website.

  1. Head to
  2. Click Sign In and select Join.
  3. Enter your name and email.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Enter your birth date.
  6. Click Join.

You will sign in with the email you provided and the password you created. You can retrieve your RediRewards account number from the main page after you sign in at any time.

Book Direct With Red Roof

If you want to earn Red Roof RediRewards Points, you will need to book directly with Red Roof. You can do that by going to or booking over the phone. When booking online, you will want to make sure you are logged into your account. Booking through third parties such as, Expedia, or Orbitz will not earn you points.

Red Roof Brand Hotels

Red Roof has four brands that you can book stays at to earn points. Those brands are:

  • Red Roof Inn
  • Red Roof PLUS+
  • The Red Collection
  • HomeTowne Studios

Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, and The Red Collection are easily bookable from the landing page of In order to book HomeTowne Studios, you will need to click on the special link located on the landing page.

How To Calculate Red Roof RediRewards Points

Red Roof RediRewards Points are earned based on your spend at Red Roof brand hotels. You will earn 10 RediRewards Points per $1 spent on the room charges at Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, and The Red Collection. For stays at HomeTowne Studios, you will only earn 5 RediRewards Points per $1 spent. So if you were to spend $100 on the room charges (base cost) at a Red Roof Inn, you would earn 1,000 RediRewards Points. That same spend would only eran 500 RediRewards Points at a HomeTowne Studios.

Red Roof will show you the room charges on the payment page:

Red Roof Final Price
Multiply the room charges by 5 or 10 to find out how many RediRewards Points you will earn based on brand.

Red Roof does not offer elite status and they do not offer a co-branded credit card, so you will strictly earn points based on money spent at Red Roof brand hotels.

Calculate Red Roof RediRewards Points

If you want to know how many points you can earn on your next Red Roof Inn stay, you can use the calculator below to estimate the amount. The calculator will only take into account base spend (total room charge) since there is no elite status or Red Roof credit cards.

Point Value
Status Points Earned Value of Points
RediRewards Member Earning Rates
RediRewards Member 0 Points 0 Cash Value


There's no other options when it comes to building your Red Roof Inn RediRewards Points. Unfortuntely their program does not offer elite status and credit cards which usually lends a big helping hand in earning points. I recommend picking up a credit card that earns big on travel spending to help earn more from staying at Red Roof brand hotels.

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