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Buying, Exchanging, & Managing Points is the top source for buying and exchanging rewards. You can also keep track of all your loyalty programs in one spot.

If you've ever purchased, gifted, or even transferred rewards points and miles, you've probably run across the name or logo. They are one of the global leader in loyalty currency management and many of your favorite rewards programs use them when it comes to buying and/or gifting rewards.

Buying Points & Miles

When buying or gift points and miles, this will usually be done through a storefront for a particular programs website. The web address bar will usually feature '' followed by the name of the program. You'll also see the 'Powered By' logo somewhere on the page. page

Buying and gifting points and miles is something that you have to approach carefully. You can snag some superb deals and save some serious money buying rewards, especially when they're on sale if you know what you're doing and know what to look for. You can also throw money down the drain with absolute ease if you're not careful when buying points and miles as the cost of rewards can be 2 to 3 times what they're worth on average.

You can check out the Buying Points & Miles Guide to see examples on when buying rewards are worth it. The guide also lists all active point and mile promotions as well as a list of all programs that allow you to purchase rewards.

Exchanging Points & Miles

If you have a free account, you'll be able to exchange rewards between programs or redeem rewards for gift cards. This will usually give you a very bad return, BUT it can be useful if your points are about to expire or you have no plan on using the rewards. Moving them to another program or exchanging them for a gift card at a bad rate is better than not using them at all.

You exchange points and miles between the programs listed below. Do note that not all programs in the list are able to be exchanged between one another.

With a account you can also exchange your points for a large selection of gift cards. This can be done with the following programs:

Again, these options will generally give you bad value for your points and miles, but can be worth it if you don't plan on using the rewards or if they're about to expire. programs
Keep track of 90+ programs in one spot.

Managing Points & Miles

Probably one of the best reasons to have a account is due to the ability to view all of your rewards programs in one spot using the Loyalty Wallet. The Loyalty Wallet keeps track of more than 90 different programs across airline, hotel, travel, retail, and even food. Some of the programs you can keep track of are:

This is a great way to monitor all of your rewards in one place without jumping site to site. It's very useful and it updates daily so you don't have to worry outdated information.

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