Learn the benefits of booking travel through Agoda. Learn about earning and redeeming AgodaCash and how you can earn points and miles with Agoda PointsMAX. is an online travel agency that specializes in hotel, home, and other accommodation bookings. They also allow you to book flights, car rentals, and airport transfers. They are a solid option for anyone looking to save money on hotel bookings. Signing up for an rewards account comes with many benefits including the ability to earn AgodaCash and points/miles with your favorite loyalty programs through Agoda PointsMAX. You can then pair AgodaCash and the PointsMAX program with a cash back portal and the reward from your credit card to easy quadruple dip on rewards.

Booking With Agoda

Agoda allows you to book properties, flights, and airport transfers. They also have a separate portal for both car rentals and things to do (experiences). Bookings made through Agoda can earn you AgodaCash and points/miles with your favorite loyalty program.

booking Agoda
Enter your destination/property, the dates, and specify the number of people staying.

Booking Rooms

When searching through their Hotels+Homes option, you'll be given a list of hotels and hotels in the area specified. You'll get the details such as the cost, ratings, how much AgodaCash you'll earn, any specials going on, a bunch of pictures, and more.

Nashville Agoda
Lots of information is given!

Once you choose a property, you'll be given the ability to pick the room type. It will show you the price per night, how many people the room sleeps, and a list of details on what the room offers.

Nashville Agoda Bode 2 Bedroom
Choose your room type.

Once you choose your room type, you will be walked through inputing your information (if you're not signed in). This includes your name, email, and payment information. This page will list out the final price less any specials going on and it will let you know how much AgodaCash you'll earn.

Nashville Agoda Bode Final Cost
The final cost of the Bode Nashville.

How Does It Compare To Other Sites?

The listing above was for a one-week stay (Sunday to Saturday) at the Bode Nashville for 2 adults and 2 children. When searching other popular online travel agencies, these are the prices I receive for the same booking:

Bode Nashville
Hotel Booking Results
68.33 AgodaCash
$1,708.17 Website
No Rewards
$1,793.23 Website
Credit towards Rewards
$1,793.21 Website
No Rewards
$1,793.25 Website
3,586 Expedia Points
$1,793.21 Website
Bode (Book Direct)
No Rewards
$1,899.00 -

Agoda provides the best pricing which saves you about $85 compared to the average selling price of the other online travel agencies while also offering $68 in AgodaCash. Booking direct through Bode is the worst option since you'll dish out $100 more than the average selling price and you'll receive no rewards since they don't have a rewards program.

Booking Flights

Agoda allows you to book round-trip, one-way, and multi-city flights through their portal. It works just like any other search engine where you'll enter your origin and destination airport, specify the dates, select the cabin class, and the number of travelers.

Agoda Flights
Flying with Agoda.

When you run your search, you'll get a list of airlines sorted by best flights. Some flights will be all on one airline while others will consist of a combination of flights between different airlines.

Agoda Flights CMH
The best results will be at the top.

When you're searching for flights, Agoda allows you to compare prices side by side with Priceline, CheapOAir, and CheapTickets. This can possibly help you find better prices without jumping portal to portal. In the case of this flight from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia, both Priceline and CheapOAir could save you a few dollars.

compare agoda flights
Both Priceline and CheapOAir provides some solid options that are in-line with Agoda's prices.

Once you select a flight with Agoda, you'll be taken to the airline's website in a new tab/window. This allows you to book your flight as normal. If you have multiple airlines in the flight itinerary, Agoda will give you a link to book each segment separately by airline.

Agoda two airline flights
Book your trip there on Delta through their website and book your trip back through the American Airlines website.

You'll want to make sure you're signed up for the frequent flyer programs of each airline you're booking with so that you can receive airline miles and credit for your flight. You can check on your booking directly through the websites you purchased them through. So if I wanted to check on the status of my Delta flight and maybe change something, I can go to and do such.

One thing to note is that some airlines offer Basic Economy which is the lowest pricing available. Booking basic economy fares will usually result in you not being able to pick your seat or check bags. It usually limits you to 1 carry-on item and you'll get your seat assignment at check-in. You'll want to take this into consideration as it's a different product than regular Economy.

delta basic economy vs main cabin
It's usually a big difference between basic economy and economy pricing.

How Does It Compare To Other Sites?

Agoda allows you to compare flights side-by-side with Priceline, CheapOAir, and CheapTickets which can help save you a little bit of additional time. If you're looking to book with a specific airline (or trying to avoid others), you'll have to take the time to go through the search options and do some research. If you're just looking for the cheapest possible flight, then it'll be easy to use these online travel agency booking portals to do such.

Let's look at flights from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia for mid-November. The list below doesn't even scratch the surface of all of the travel sites that allow you to search flights. Listed below are some of the more popular options.

Columbus to Atlanta
Top 3 Prices for CMH to ATL in mid-November
CheapFlightNow $186-$210 Website
Orbitz $197-$204 Website
Travelocity $198-$205 Website
Expedia $198-$207 Website
Priceline $203-$218 Website
CheapOAir $207-$218 Website
Agoda $218-$227 Website
CheapBestFares $227-$237 Website

The best price is offered by CheapFlightNow with Orbitz and Travelocity following in close second. Agoda and CheapBestFares have the highest prices on these flights.

Remember that the prices of flights fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. Generally, there's no airline or online travel agency that always has the best price available. A flight to a different location on different dates could yield totally different results in which Agoda is on top and CheapFlightNow is the most expensive. If you're looking for the cheapest price, it's best to look around and compare results.

Booking Airport Transfers

Agoda allows you to book airport transfers. This is a great option for anyone wanting to between the airport and another destination without worrying about renting a car. Agoda's portal, ran by Mozio, gives you a list of airport transfer agencies sorted by vehicle/ride type and price.

Agoda Airport Transfer
Get a list of airport transport options to choose from.

Agoda's list will feature local airport transport companies as well as globe companies such as GroundLink. Once you choose a ride, you'll be able to enter your information such as name, email, pick-up/drop-off details, flight information and more. These services also generally allow 24-hour cancellation.

Agoda Airport Transfer Final Price
Enter in your details and book your airport transfer.

How Does It Compare To Other To Booking Direct?

Booking the same GroundLink itinerary directly through their website comes out to be $132.50 which is a savings of $2.90 which isn't much, but you can add to that using promo coupons and cash back portals. I was able to apply a 10% off coupon and get an additional 1.5% cash back by using Rakuten. When booking through Agoda, you're not given the chance to specify whether or not you have an account with GroundLink or any other airport transfer program. Make sure that you're not missing out on extra savings by checking directly with the airport transfer company first.

Booking Car Rentals

Agoda's car rental portal is ran by This allows you to search for rental cars with a wide range of suppliers including worldwide rentals. You'll get results from companies such as:

You'll get a list of results that you can sort by best deals or by cheapest deals. It will let you know the details of each car, how to get to the pick up location, and a breakdown of any costs that are due.

Agoda Select Car Rental
Pick the car that you need for your travels

You'll also be shown the lowest price for each rental car agency so that you have a general idea of who has the lowest prices versus who has the highest.

Agoda List of Car Rental Prices
This week rental is cheapest for Routes Car Rental and most expensive for Ace.

Once you pick the car you want, you'll be asked to finalize the rental. This includes entering your personal info, adding any additional perks (GPA, car seat, etc.), and deciding on any coverage. If your rental is 'Book Now, Pay Later', you're be asked to confirm all your info and you'll be done. If it's not and you have money due up front, you'll be asked to enter your credit card information to pay whatever is due.

Agoda does not give you the ability to enter in your membership number for any rental car program. This means you will more than likely not get any credit booking through Agoda. rental car programs generally offer points per $1 spent on rentals that can be applied towards free rentals. Common perks include complimentary upgrades, the ability to skip the line and walk directly to your car, and the ability to earn airline miles and hotel points with every rental. You'll want to make sure you're not missing out when booking your next rental car. Always check the price of booking direct.

How Does Agoda's Car Rental Prices Compare?

The prices listed in the screens-hot above is for a mid-November rental from Atlanta Hartsfield International (ATL). While it will take forever to compare bookings from other websites, lets look at how some of these prices compare to booking direct.

Columbus to Atlanta
Top 3 Prices for CMH to ATL in mid-November
Company Agoda Price Direct Booking Price
Ace $709 $729.62
Alamo $334 $387.77
Avis $324 $376
Budget $278 $160
Dollar $169 $256
Enterprise $374 $434
Hertz $407 $267.10
Routes $147 $204
Thrifty $169 $271

When booking through Agoda, the cheapest rental for a one-week rental from Atlanta Airport looks to be Routes Car Rental. When booking direct, the cheapest car rental comes out to be Budget. For the most part, the list shows that booking direct is a lot more expensive than booking through Agoda. Do note that this will not always be the case as you can see with Budget and Hertz. Prices are going to depend on what's available, the time of year, and many other factors. Check out our list of 2019 Car Rental Agencies to get a list of car rental companies and the different ways you can book direct as well as through portals.


AgodaCash is earned by booking hotels, resorts, hostels, and other forms of accommodations on During your booking, Agoda will let you know if you're earning rewards and it will let you know upfront how much AgodaCash you'll be earning.

AgodaCash Earning Rates
Eligible bookings will tell you if you're going to be earning AgodaCash.

When you're signed in, you'll be able to see how much Agoda cash you have available to use. It will be displayed in the top corner of the screen.

AgodaCash Menu
You'll always know how much AgodaCash you have when signed in.

You can can get even more details on your AgodaCash when you click on the AgodaCash menu option. It will show you how much AgodaCash you have available, how much you AgodaCash you've redeemed, and if you've let any of your AgodaCash expire.

AgodaCash Show Amount
You'll always know how much AgodaCash you have when signed in.

AgodaCash can be redeemed on eligible bookings during payment. Once you get to the payment page, you'll be given the option to redeem any amount of your earned cash. There's no minimums when it comes to booking with AgodaCash.

Agoda PointsMAX

Want to earn points and miles when you book accommodations on Then PointsMAX is what you're looking for. It's a pretty easy program to operate. You'll sign into your Agoda account, click on PointsMAX, and select the airline that you wish to earn rewards for. This lets you earn rewards with more than 40 loyalty programs when booking with over 500,000 hotels. Do note that you will need your loyalty program's membership number when booking.

You can earn rewards with the following Agoda PointsMAX partners:

Once you select a PointsMAX partner, you'll be taken back to the homepage but it will reflect the partner that you have chosen. This will be by mentioning the rewards program in the center of the top page image or you can click on the menu option and see the icon of the rewards program next to the words 'PointsMAX'.

Agoda Hawaiian Airlines PointMAX
It's easy to see which loyalty program you've chosen for PointsMAX.

Once your favorite frequent flyer program is selected, you'll book your travel through Agoda as you normally would. You will get a list of results with details on how many points/miles you'll earn with earn with the PointsMAX program.

Agoda PointMAX earn
Know how many miles you'll earn before booking your room.

Be sure to use PointsMAX to maximize the amount of earning you can receive. You can do this by starting your Agoda booking through a cash back portal like Rakuten. You will then be earning Rakuten cash back, AgodaCash, miles/points with PointsMAX, and whatever rewards your credit card offers when paying for the booking.

Other Things To Know

If you're planing on making a booking through do note that their payment methods consist of:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Discover is not accepted so you'll want to make sure you have one of the card options listed above.

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