Earning and Redeeming Orbitz Orbucks

Orbucks Calculators
Details on earning and redeeming Orbucks in the Orbitz Rewards program. Calculate the cash value of Orbucks based on redemption value.
Last Updated 2021-01-12

Orbucks is the rewards currency of the Orbitz Rewards program. They can be only be earned spending with Orbitz and can only be redeemed towards hotels booked through Orbitz. Orbucks are worth their face value meaning that 1 Orbuck is equal to 1 U.S. Dollar.

Earning Orbucks

Orbitz Orbucks are earned by booking different forms of travel through the Orbitz website and by using the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card.

Booking Travel With Orbitz

Orbitz Orbucks can be earned booking hotels, flights and vacation packages on orbitz.com. The amount of Orbucks you earn will depend on the type of travel you're booking.

Earning Orbitz Orbucks On Travel
Travel Type Points Earned
Hotel Bookings
Orbitz Mobile App
5% Back
Hotel Bookings
3% Back
Flights 1% Back
+ Frequent Flyer Miles
Vacations 1% Back
+ Frequent Flyer Miles
Car Rental 0% Back

You will not earn Orbucks on car rentals, activities, and travel insurance bookings. If you're looking to earn on a car rental, I recommend booking direct to earn rewards points or airline miles on your rentals.

Orbitz Rewards Dining

You can can earn 5% back when eating out at your favorite local restaurants through the Orbitz Rewards Dining program. This program behaves like other dining programs in which you:

  1. Register credit/debit cards to your Orbitz Rewards dining account.
  2. Use those registered cards to pay for your meal at restaurants participating in the Orbitz Rewards Dining program
  3. Earn Orbucks.

The good thing about dining rewards programs is that it's an easy way to double dip on rewards. You'll earn Orbucks spending through the portal and you'll earn rewards using your credit card.

Orbitz Rewards Visa

If you want to earn Orbucks on everyday purchases, you can use the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card. It earns 5% back on Orbit purchases and 2% back on everything else. It's a solid option if you don't mind your rewards being strickly tied to the Orbiz Rewards program

Redeeming Orbucks

Orbitz Orbucks behave the same as cash back. One Orbucks dollar has a cash value of 1 United Stated dollar. This makes redeeming Orbucks very easy to understand. Orbucks can only be redeemed on hotels booked through the orbitz.com and they can be used anytime so you don't have to worry about blackout dates. You can choose to apply Orbucks to your next hotel booking or let them build up, but do note that Orbucks earned through bookings expire after 365 days so don't wait too long to use them.

Orbitz Orbucks Value Calculator

While the calculation of Orbucks to cash value is pretty easy, you can use the Orbitz Orbucks Value Calculator below to do the calculating for you.

Orbitz Orbucks Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Hotel Redemptions
1 Orbucks = US $1
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