TopCashback Review

A quick review of the TopCashback program which includes signing up, how to earn cash back shopping at your favorite stores online, and how to get paid.

TopCashback is a cash back portal and shopping rewards website. They receive a referral commission rate for driving traffic and sales to a store's website and then give the entire commission rate back to you, the member. TopCashback makes their money off of the extra bonuses they earn from hitting sales targets and from the various advertising banners listed around their site and in their newsletters. While this is a slightly different model compared to other cash back sites, from the member's point-of-view it behaves like any other cash back portal.

Sign Up For TopCashback

In order to start swimming in cash back, you'll need to sign up for a TopCashback account. Signing up for an account is free, easy and only requires a few pieces of information. There's no debit/credit card info needed which is great.

Sign Up For TopCashback

  1. Head to
  2. Click Sign Up located at the top of the page.
  3. Enter an email and create a password.
  4. Click Join TopCashback.

Once that's done, you'll have yourself a TopCashback account and you'll start being able to earn cash back. You'll still have a few steps you'll want to take care of under your profile which includes:

  • Creating a username
  • Creating a security question
  • Entering in how you want to get paid
  • Setting up email and notification preferences

You can reach these options by going to Account and selecting My Profile. You'll see a Complete Your Profile option to the right if you have not finished everything.

topcashback complete profile
Be sure to complete your profile!

Consider signing up for TopCashback through The Point Calculator to help the site out.

How To Earn With TopCashback

Now that you've created your TopCashback account, it's time to start earning cash back at your favorite retailers. You'll want to start your shopping session at and search for the store of your choosing using the search bar at the top of the page. If your store is available to earn cash back it will appear in the list along with similar stores.

topcashback search results
Search for your favorite stores.

Clicking on the store will take you to that store's page which will give you several pieces of information which includes:

  • Details on the retailer
  • How much cash back you'll earn
  • Terms & Conditions of earning cash back with that store
  • Tracking statistics

When you're ready to earn cash back for that store, you'll click on Get Cashback Now. This will open up a new tab/window and start loading the shopping session.

topcashback portal loading
The new session will fire up in a new tab/window.

You'll then be dropped off on the front page of the store website. From there you can shop as normal. Log into your account, browse through the site, and checkout. You'll want to make sure that you keep all of your shopping in that specific window or group of tabs. Closing out the window will kill the session and your purchase will not earn cash back with TopCashback.

topcashback drop off avis
The session loaded and dropped me off on the homepage.

Once you make a purchase on the store site, TopCashback will be notified and you will see the balance reflected in your cash back balance. You'll want to browse through the terms and conditions to know exactly when your cash back will be reflected as well as to make sure your purchase is actually eligible to receive cash back.

TopCashback Toolbar/Extension

Similar to other cash back portals, TopCashback offers a cash back toolbar. This toolbar will notify you when you're on a site that is eligible to earn cash back with TopCashback. It works as a great reminder tool and can help you earn cash back on sites you didn't know was eligible.

Another plus to the TopCashback toolbar is that it allows you to active your browsing session in the same window. You can click on Active Now and the new session will boot up. This saves you time from having to go back to the TopCashback website to activate the session.

The TopCashback browser extension toolbar is available for Chrome and Firefox. It's free to use and free to download.

How You Get Paid With TopCashback

One of the great benefits of TopCashback is that you can request your earned cash back at anytime. There's no payment schedules or dates that you have to wait for. There's several ways you can get paid with TopCashback:

  • Directly into your bank (US banks only)
  • Directly to your PayPal account
  • To a Yandex.Money account (International)
  • A gift card or prepaid card
topcashback gift card options
Redeeming for gift cards and prepaid Visa cards will earn you bonus cash back.

Bank Account Direct Deposit

TopCashback allows you to get paid by direct deposit into your account. Do note that you will need a US bank account to use this option. Cash back received in this manner will be at the exact value. So if you have $10 in your account and you request a payout into your bank account, you will receive $10. You can set up your payout details under your profile. This payout method does require your bank info. You'll need:

  • Account holders name
  • Account name
  • Bank Routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Account type (checking/savings)

After you set up your account to allow transfers to your bank, do note that cash back withdraws will be locked for 72 hours.


Getting paid through PayPal is one of the most common ways of getting paid for any cash back portal. Selecting this option will have your payout go directly into your PayPal account. There's no charge for this an you'll receive the exact value of your cash back. Once the payout hits your account, you can use PayPal as you normally would. This means either using the PayPal debit card to make purchases, making purchases on other websites using PayPal, or you can transfer the funds to your bank account.

Registering with PayPal will only require your PayPal email address. As with the Bank Account method, withdrawing cash back will be locked for 72 hours.

topcashback paypal option
The PayPal option only requires your email address.

Do note that transferring funds to your bank account from PayPal will cost for instant transfers. If you're willing to wait a few business days, the transfer from PayPal to your bank account will be free. If you're thinking about transferring your cash to PayPal and then to your bank account, you may want to consider just doing the Bank Account method. This cuts out the middle step and you'll get your money faster without any fees.


Those who have a Yandex Money account can have their TopCashback payout put directly into their account. Yandex Money runs services for both individual and business for accepting and making payments. In order to receive your payments in this method, you will just need your Yandex Money Wallet Number. As with the other payment methods, cash back withdrawals will be locked for 72 hours.

Gift Cards & Prepaid Cards

If you choose to get paid by gift card or prepaid card, you'll earn bonus cash back on your balance. You can receive the following gift cards and prepaid cards as a payout for TopCashback:

  • Virtual Visa Prepaid Card
  • American Express Reward Card
  • Gift Card
  • Walmart eGift Card
  • Target eGift Card
  • Gap eGift Card
  • Sephora eGift Card
  • eGift Card
  • Petco Gift Card
  • Staples eGift Card
  • Nike Digital Gift Card
  • Applebees eGift Card

This is going to be the best option when it comes to getting the most value out of the cash back you've earned with TopCashback. Bonus cash back offered for these options are as high as a 10% bonus.


Overall, TopCashback is a simple and straightforward cash back portal. You'll earn cash back by clicking through to stores using their links and making purchases. You can then request your TopCashback payout at anytime with a handful of different ways to get paid. I highly recommend the use of cash back portals when making any kind of purchases especially travel purchases. Not using cash back portals leaves easy money on the table.

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