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Calculate total rewards with different store credit cards based on monthly/yearly spend, card benefits, and annual fees. Compare results!

Store Credit Cards can be very rewarding for those that spend a lot of money at a specific retailer. The plus to store cards usually comes in the form of high returns, lots of coupons, additional perks, special financing, early access to sales/events, and much more. The drawback to store cards is that they are unforgiving when it comes to interest rates. Store cards offer some of the highest rates this side of the galaxy and failing to pay your cards every month will eat away your rewards faster than you can earn them.

If you're not down with paying off your statement IN FULL every month, I do not recommend that you pick up a store card since the interest collected will cancel out your rewards.

Store Rewards Programs

Listed below are store rewards programs that are covered on the site. Store rewards programs are typically pretty simple and straightforward so most of these pages just cover earning and redeeming rewards as well as earning status in the program if possible. All available store rewards credit card calculators with the program will also be listed.


Amazon has five credit cards that can earn you Amazon Points (which is technically just cash back). Chase holds the personal versions of the Prime and non-Prime cards while AMEX holds the business versions of the Prime and non-Prime cards. You can also sweep up the Amazon Prime Store Card if you want a card tied to your account specifically for Amazon purchases only.

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Amazon Prime Store Card Amazon Prime Store Card Calculator
Chase Amazon Card Chase Amazon Card Calculator
Chase Amazon Prime Card Chase Amazon Prime Card Calculator
Amazon Business AMEX Card Amazon Business AMEX Card Calculator
Amazon Business Prime AMEX Card Amazon Business Prime AMEX Card Calculator

American Eagle

The American Eagle RealRewards program features two credit cards consisting of a Visa Card and a store card. Both are solid options if you frequently shop at American Eagle, Aerie, and AEO Factory and want to earn rewards specific to American Eagle brand stores.

American Eagle RealRewards
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American Eagle-Aerie RealRewards Visa Card American Eagle-Aerie RealRewards Visa Card Calculator
American Eagle-Aerie RealRewards Store Card American Eagle-Aerie RealRewards Store Card Calculator

Apple Daily Cash & Apple Rewards

Apple has two credit cards that are part of two separate rewards programs. The Barclays Apple Rewards Card gives you access to the Apple Rewards program in which you can build up rewards redeemable towards Apple and iTunes gift cards. The program also offers special financing on Apple purchases which is great if you're trying to spread out the payments on large purchases. The Apple Card is a cash back card that is available through Apple Pay and rewards you 2%-3% when using Apple Pay to make purchases. The card offers Daily Cash which is cash back that is available for you to use once the transaction has posted unlike traditional cards which makes you wait until the statement closes.

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Apple Card Apple Card Daily Cash Calculator
Barclays Apple Rewards Card Barclays Apple Rewards Card Calculator

At Home

At Home offers a Mastercard and Store card that you can use to earn At Home Rewards Points. Both cards offers 5x on At Home purchases which is equal to 5% back making it a great option for those who spend a lot of money at At Home stores.

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At Home Mastercard At Home Mastercard Calculator
At Home Store Card At Home Store Card Calculator

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble (BN) has one credit card called the Barnes and Noble Mastercard. It offers a 5% discount on BN purchases and earns BN Points for all non-BN purchases. BN points can be redeemed for Barnes and Noble gift cards.

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Barnes & Noble Mastercard Barnes & Noble Mastercard Calculator

Best Buy

Best Buy has a Visa card and a store card that you can use to earn Best Buy Rewards Points. Both cards offer 5%-6% back on Best Buy purchases depending on your elite status in the program. You can also opt for Best Buy Flexible Financing instead of the cash back if you want to finance a large purchase.

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Best Buy Visa Card Best Buy Visa Card Calculator
Best Buy Store Card Best Buy Store Card Calculator

BJ's Wholesale Club

BJ's has offers two credit cards which is based on your BJ's membership level. BJ's Inner Circle members will be given the BJ's Perks Plus Mastercard which earns 3% cash back on BJ's purchases while BJ's Perks Rewards members will be given the BJ's Perks Elite Mastercard which earns 5% cash back on BJ's purchases.

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BJ's Perks Plus Mastercard BJ's Perks Plus Mastercard Calculator
BJ's Perks Elite Mastercard BJ's Perks Elite Mastercard Calculator


Costco has two credit cards consisting of one personal card and one business card. In terms of rewards, both cards are the same. They offer a great return on both gas station, travel, and restaurant spend along with a solid return on Costco spending as well. Neither card has an annual fee attached to it, but you'll need to have a Costco Membership.

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Costco Anywhere Visa Card Costco Anywhere Visa Card Calculator
Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card Calculator

Gap Inc.

Gap has Visa credit cards specific to each of their top brands as well as store versions. They also offer tiered version of several of those cards which also has a Visa and store version. Basically, if you're looking to pick up any Gap Inc. Credit Card, you'll want to get the card that is specific to the brand you spend at the most.

Gap Rewards
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Athleta Visa Card Athleta Visa Card Calculator
Athleta Visa Store Card Athleta Visa Store Card Calculator
Banana Republic Visa Card Banana Republic Visa Card Calculator
Banada Republic Store Card Banana Republic Store Card Calculator
Banana Republic Luxe Card Banana Republic Luxe Visa Card Calculator
Banana Republic Luxe Store Card Banana Republic Luxe Store Card Calculator
Gap Credit Card Gap Visa Card Calculator
Gap Store Card Gap Store Card Calculator
Gap Silver Visa Card Gap Silver Visa Card Calculator
Gap Silver Store Card Gap Silver Store Card Calculator
Old Navy Visa Card Old Navy Visa Card Calculator
Old Navy Store Card Old Navy Store Card Calculator
Navyist Visa Card Navyist Visa Card Calculator
Navyist Store Card Navyist Store Card Calculator


JCPenney offers the JCPenney Store Card which earns JCPenney Points. These points can be redeemed for $10 Rewards Certificates once you've built up 200 points. JCPenney also has a non-store card floating out in the cosmos, but the details on it is hard to find.

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JCPenney Credit Card JCPenney Credit Card Calculator


Kroger has two credit cards and one debit card. The Kroger REWARDS Mastercard and Kroger REWARDS PrePaid Visa cards offer bonus Kroger Points on Kroger Brand products and Kroger Family store purchases as well as fuel discounts. The Kroger REWARDS Debit Card offers fuel discounts and exclusive offers on Kroger Brand items.

Kroger Points Calculators
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Kroger REWARDS Mastercard Kroger REWARDS Mastercard Calculator
Kroger REWARDS PrePaid Visa Card Kroger REWARDS PrePaid Visa Card Calculator


Lowe's offers one personal store card and one business AMEX card. The Lowe's Store Card offers 5% back on Lowe's purchases and provides access to special financing and project financing. The Lowe's AMEX Business Card earns Lowe's Rewards Points on purchases as well as provides 5% back on Lowe's purchases and grants access to Lowe's Pro Services. Both cards have no annual fee.

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Lowe's Store Card Lowe's Store Card Calculator
Lowe's Business AMEX Card Lowe's Business AMEX Card Calculator


Macy's has a store card and an AMEX card that allows you to earn Star Rewards Points on purchases. In order to take full advantage of the Macy's Star Rewards program, you'll need to own one of these cards since your status in the program is based on how much spend you run through them. Both cards can earn you as anywhere from 2x to 5x Star Points per $1 spent at Macy's which is great for anyone that frequently shops there.

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Macy's AMEX Card Macy's AMEX Card Calculator
Macy's Store Card Macy's Store Card Calculator

Sam's Club

Sam's Club offers the Sam's Club Mastercard which is a great card for those who travel as it offers high returns on gas station, dining, and travel purchases. The card itself does not feature Sam's Club as a bonus category, so you'll earn 1% cash back when shopping at Sam's Club.

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Sam's Club Mastercard Sam's Club Mastercard Calculator


Target offers the Target RedCard which earns 5% back on Target purchases along with, 2-day free shipping, exclusive deals and more. You'll also get 5% back at Starbucks located inside of Target stores.

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Target RedCard Target RedCard Calculator


Verizon offers the Verizon Visa Card for those who want to earn rewards that are redeemable directly with Verizon. The card earns a great return across multiple categories and is a great fit for anyone who don't mind earning Verizon Dollars. Verizon Dollars are worth face value.

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Verizon Visa Card Verizon Visa Card Calculator


Walmart has a Mastercard and a store card that you can use to earn Walmart Rewards Points. Both cards offer a great return on and Walmart Mobile App purchases while offering decent returns on in-store Walmart purchases and at Walmart/Murphy Gas Stations. If you shop online with Walmart, you'll want to consider picking up this card in order to maximize your rewards.

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Walmart Mastercard Walmart Mastercard Calculator
Walmart Store Card Walmart Store Card Calculator

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