Points and Miles Transfer Calculator

Calculate the conversion of reward points and miles to other programs and get a list of the best credit cards for transferring points between programs.

Several rewards programs allows you to transfer your earned points and miles to other rewards programs. These types of programs offers the most flexibility in terms of how you can redeem your rewards and are generally the most popular programs due to such. This page lists the most popular rewards programs that allow you to transfer points to other programs and lists some of the best cards with each programs. You can also use the Points and Miles Transfer Calculator to calculate the transfer of points between programs.

Points and Miles Transfer Calculator

The Points and Miles Transfer Calculator will calculate the transfer of rewards points between the top rewards programs. If you want to search all transfer partners regardless of program popularity, you can use the Search By Transfer Partner tool.

Rewards Programs

Select a program from the list below and get a list of that programs transfer partners. Enter any value into the field to see how many rewards you'll have when transferred to that partner.

American Express Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards is one of the top reward programs in the United States alongside Chase and Citi. They have great handful of cards that focus on earning points on grocery, dining, gas, and travel. They also have several solid business cards that offer great earnings on everyday expenses.

Citi ThankYou Rewards

The Citi ThankYou Rewards Program is another solid option for anyone trying to build up airline miles. Citi's airline partners has a focus on top international airlines such Emirates, Etihad, and Singapore. Anyone trying to score reward flights on five-star airlines will greatly benefit from the ThankYou Rewards Program since Citi's line up of cards offer an easy 2x to 5x points across various categories. Do note that you'll need to own either the Citi Prestige or Citi Premier card to transfer points to all of Citi's airline partners. Those with either card will also be able to convert and transfer the cash back earned with the Citi Double Cash to all partners.

Capital One Rewards

Capital One Rewards offers the ability to transfer Venture Miles (earned with personal cards) and Spark Miles (earned with business cards) to several airline and hotel reward programs. The rewards earned in these Capital One Rewards Programs are best used for wiping away travel purchases made to Venture and Spark credit cards, but you have the option to transfer your miles if wish. It's not a program in which the focus is earning points to transfer.

Search By Transfer Partners

If the program you're looking for isn't listed here, you can find it using the Search By Transfer Partners tool which features over 80 programs. The tool will display all of the credit cards you can use to earn rewards with a program directly and all credit cards you can earn rewards using transfer partners.

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