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Based on our valuations, Amtrak Guest Rewards points are worth about 2.5 cents each on average when redeemed for rail travel with Amtrak. This means that 1,000 Amtrak are worth about $25 in travel value.

Amtrak Points Value

Here are The Point Calculator's valuations for Amtrak Guest Rewards points based on redemption:

Redemption option Redemption value in cents
Redeeming points for Amtrak Travel 2.5 - 2.8
Redeeming points for gift cards 0.83 - 1

Amtrak Travel: 2.5 cents to 2.8 cents per point.

Amtrak Guest Rewards points will have the best value when redeemed for award travel with Amtrak. This will give your points about 2.5 cents in value (or higher).

During testing for multiple itineraries with for standard rail, Auto Train, and Acela travel, all redemptions offered between 2.5 and 2.8 cents in value except for one which offered 1.5 cents in value.

You can use our Use Points or Pay Cash? calculator if you need to determine the cash value of a redemption you're looking at.

Gift Cards: 0.83 cents to 1 cent per point.

You can redeem your Amtrak Guest Rewards Points for gift cards will give you up to 1 cent in value per point. $50 gift cards offers a value of 0.83 cents per Amtrak Point while $100+ gift cards offer up to 1 cent in value.

Obviously this isn't the best redemption since you can get more than double the value when redeeming points for award rail travel, but it's still a decent redemption as long as you get at least a $100 denomination gift card.

Amtrak Points To Dollars

Use our Amtrak Point Value Calculator to estimate how much your points are worth in cash, whether you decide to redeem those points for rail travel or gift cards. This will give you an idea of the average value for all the redemption options available with your Amtrak Guest Rewards points.

Enter any amount of Amtrak Points to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Amtrak Rail Travel $0 - $0
Gift Cards $0 - $0

How many points do you need for a free train ride?

The amount of points you'll need for free travel with Amtrak will vary. Reward redemptions start at 800 points. Here's the estimated cost in points for ticket prices based on our valuation of 2.5 cents per point. Note that these are rough estimates and that standard rail will generally cost a few less points.

Ticket cost Estimated points needed for free ticket
$50 2,000 points
$100 4,000 points
$150 6,000 points
$200 8,000 points
$250 10,000 points
$300 12,000 points
$350 14,000 points
$400 16,000 points
$450 18,000 points
$500 20,000 points
$1,000 40,000 points

Use Amtrak Points or Pay Cash?

Use our Amtrak Points or Cash Calculator to determine the cash value of a redemption based on the cost in cash versus the cost in Amtrak Guest Rewards points. This tool is useful when trying to decide whether a redemption is worth it or not.

Cost of Redemption In Cash
Enter how much the redemption would cost you if you paid cash.
Cost of Redemption In Points
Enter how much the redemption would cost you in Amtrak Guest Rewards points plus any taxes/fees you might have to pay.
Cost in points
Redemption Value
This is how much your Amtrak Guest Rewards points would be worth based on the values entered above.
- Cents Per Point
The Point Calculator values Amtrak Points at 2.5 cents each on average.

Earn More Amtrak Points

Outside of traveling Amtrak and spending with their partners, you can earn a large sum of points using Amtrak credit cards. These cards not only allow you to earn up to 3X points on your purchases, but they also grant several benefits when traveling with Amtrak.

  • Earn 3X points on Amtrak travel, included onboard purchases, 2X points on dining, travel, transit, and rideshare, and 1X points on everything else.
  • 20% rebate on onboard food and beverage purchases
  • Round-trip companion coupon upon account opening and card anniversary
  • One-class upgrade upon account opening and card anniversary
  • Station lounge pass upon account opening and card anniversary
  • Earns 2X points on Amtrak travel and on dining, and 1X points on everything else.
  • 10% rebate on onboard food and beverage purchases
  • No annual fee.


How much are Amtrak Points worth?

The Point Calculator values Amtrak points at 2.5 cents each on average meaning that 1,000 points is equal to about $25 in rail travel.

Can you redeem Amtrak points for gift cards?

Amtrak points can be redeemed for gift cards starting at 6,000 points for a $50 gift card.

How much is 1,000 Amtrak points worth?

Based on our valuations, 1,000 Amtrak points are worth $25 in rail travel with Amtrak.

How many Amtrak points do you need for a free train ride?

Reward travel for Amtrak begins at just 800 points.

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