Amtrak Points Value Calculator: How Much Are They Worth?

Rewards Value Calculator
Calculate the average dollar value of Amtrak Guest Rewards Points when redeemed for travel and get the rundown on what you can redeem them for.
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Amtrak Guest Rewards Points are worth an average of 2 cents each when redeemed for rail travel through Amtrak. Along with redeeming them for rail travel, you can also use points for gift cards and transfer them to partners.

How much are Amtrak points worth?

The Point Calculator values Amtrak points at 2 cents each when redeemed for award rail travel with Amtrak. This means that 10,000 points are worth around $20 on average.

Amtrak points value

Redemption Options Redemption Value (in cents)
Redeeming points for Amtrak Travel 2 - 3
Redeeming points for gift cards 0.83 - 1

Redeem points for Amtrak travel

You'll get the best value out of your Amtrak Guest Rewards Points when you redeem them for award rail travel with Amtrak which will give you a value of at least 2 cents per point minimum. I actually could not find any travel that gave me less than 2 cents per point.

As an example, look at this Amtrak travel between Tampa and Atlanta.

tampa to atlanta amtrak tampa to atlanta cash
These redemptions offer superb value!

These redemptions offer values of 2.7-2.8 cents per point which is magnificent.

Redeeming point for gift cards

You can redeem your Amtrak Guest Rewards Points for gift cards will give you up to 1 cent in value per point. $50 gift cards offer a value of 0.83 cents per Amtrak Point while $100+ gift cards offer 1 cent in value.

Obviously this isn't the best redemption since you can get double to triple the value when redeeming points for award rail travel, but it's still a decent redemption as long as you get at least a $100 denomination gift card.

Amtrak points to dollars

Use the Amtrak Points Value Calculator to calculate the average dollar value of Amtrak Guest Rewards Points when redeemed for Amtrak Travel and gift cards.

Enter any amount of Amtrak Points to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Amtrak Rail Travel $0 to $0
Gift Cards $0 - $0

Amtrak redemption value calculator

If you're searching for rail travel through Amtrak's website, you can use the redemption value calculator to calculate the cash value of your Amtrak Guest Rewards Points if you know both the cost in cash and cost in Amtrak Points.

Cost of Redemption In Cash
Enter how much the redemption would cost you if you paid cash.
Cost of Redemption In Points
Enter how much the redemption would cost you in Amtrak Guest Rewards points plus any taxes/fees you might have to pay.
Cost in points
Redemption Value
This is how much your Amtrak Guest Rewards points would be worth based on the values entered above.
- Cents Per Point


How much are Amtrak Points worth?

Amtrak Points are worth about 2 cents each but can be redeemed for higher value with minimal effort and research.

What can Amtrak Points be used for?

Amtrak Points can be used for free rail travel on Amtrak and for gift cards. They can also be transferred to a handful of partner rewards programs such as Choice Privileges and Hilton Honors.

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